Monday, November 03, 2008

Tee up!

Last week Projectmuffstit asked me to do up a few shots using a white tee... Brilliant, isn't it? The white tee is like one of the most staple items of the wardrobe, along with the denim jeans, the white dress shirt, the black pencil skirt? :P

Anyway, people, do look out for the Contest Tee-Up that they are running, and maybe submit your own look to win a vintage blazer and some discounts from their online shop? ;)

So anyway, as I was saying, me + white tee = went a little overboard with the number of looks, heh.

The bare minimums WTF:

Topshop men's white V-neck tee.
The same tee is worn in all the shots.

Look 1:

Colorful sequined beanie: Topshop
Pleather leggings
Faded denim jacket: Topshop
Necklaces: Assorted
Studded heels: Zara

These shoes are the ones I mentioned that I got here! :))) I have been basically obsessing over the original Burberry ones since the first time I saw them... I pretty much can't afford the real thing, but I was so desperate I wanted to buy a pair of look-alikes from Pedder Red!! Not that these Zara ones were that cheap. -_- But I love them to death. :D

Look 2:

Faded denim high waisted shorts: Miss Selfridge
Black leather studded bag: Kate Moss for Topshop
Studded bangle: Topshop
Black suede fringe boots: Online

I am becoming quite the shoe freak... Loving these moccasins-like fringe shoes! :)

Look 3:

Silver turban headband: Forever 21
Dust green/gray tutu: Zara
Satin pink top with embroided hem (worn underneath, embroidered hem peeking out): Bysi, Singapore
Green and white diamante cuff: Miss Selfridge
Pink patent ballet flats with diamantes: Woolworth, Melbourne

Some thing I always try to do is to make sure that my work wardrobe can be used for daily wear, whilst my play clothes can be worn for work as well. And this is a classic example-- the pink satin top that I layered underneath has the most gorgeous embroidered hemline, and I wasn't going to let it go to waste! :P

Am I weird that frivalously colored shoes make me happy? ;)

Look 4:

Plastic frames: Thrifted
Woolly tweed shorts: (OU)
Black satin bow hairclip with lace trimmings (clipped onto shirt sleeve): Vintage, from the 50's
Bag: Kate Spade
Gray knee-high socks
Tan brogues: Thrifted

Happy nerdy leg in the sun.

Look 5:


Black brocade skirt with underlying tulle layers: River Island
Sky blue silk obi belt: Topshop
Black lace gloves: Sungei Wang
Metallic pink pumps: Sunway Pyramid

Damn, the tulles of my skirt can't be seen! And the main reason why I hauled the skirt home despite its hefty price tag was precisely because of the tulle layers. -_-

My Topshop obi belt was bought back when Topshop just opened in M'sia.. Easily 8-10 years ago? I LOVE it when I re-use things from the past!! Or maybe I was just a really fashionable kid, hoho.

Hope you all enjoyed looking through as much as I enjoyed putting these looks together. I have a sudden craving for more white tees in my wardrobe now!! What about you? :P


Joshua said...

I want everything in Look 4! :D

But the shoes are seriously the bomb.

Katie ♥ said...

oooh you got studded platforms! i've been lusting after the burberry prorsum ones for ages but the price tag is astronomical, sigh. How much did you pay for the Zara ones! :)

Katie ♥ said...

oh btw i hope you don't think i'm being gushy but it's safe to say you are a fashion inspiration for girls everywhere! :P

HAHA did you take a picture of yourself in your undies ar wtff :D

Anonymous said...


And where did you get the pleather leggings, yea?

Anonymous said...

erm, i don't have a white tee, or a white dress shirt, or a black pencil skirt.. the only thing i have are the jeans lol.

the zara shoes are hot!! i love how you're totally rocking the punk rock look.. the pleather leggings are sweeeet!

xiang yun said...

omggg my favourite looks are numbers 1 and 5. Look 5 is so glamorous yet has some kind of casual-ness to it. Love it!! =]

I love you and your sisters' fahion sense!

devina said...

i love your look 4 ! and seeing you play with your basic white shirt reminds me that there is this back to basic contest in ! you should go try :D

revel in me said...

joshua: You can borrow my vintage bow hairclip! *grudging wtf* Hahaha!

katie: Yaaa I did momentarily toyed with the idea of buying the burberry ones (I was THAT convinced they were my dream shoes!), and risk paying them off for the next 6 months wtf. But oh well, these zara ones work well too, and more money to shop then, heehee! Oh, they cost half a grand! T_T

And awww, that's the sweetest thing anyone can say about my style! <333 And you'so smart! is all I can say to your 2nd question wtf *shifty eyes*

joyce: I LOVE THEM TOO! <3333 Everytime I look at them I get a mini orgasm, teehee. Oh my leggings is more of lame than pleather, to think of it.. I got it from Lacquer & Lace, but they no longer stock this legging anymore!

irene: HAHAHAHA! Nevermind, I am sure you look rocking hot without so-called basics anyway! And to tell you a secret, I only got my pencil skirt and white dress shirt after I started work, so there! :P

xiang yun: THANK YOU!!! I think they are my fave looks too!!! Like, more me.. Colorful and a little crazy, hehe. :P

devina: You like the nerdy me eh! :P Ohhhh, it's really flattering that you think I can go enter, but everyone on lookbook is too gorgeous!! T___T

$ouLphate said...

i love all the looks! you did a fantastic job.. i hope you win! and lovely studded heels i've seen them to at zara! great blog, i've linked you if you dont mind.. xoxo

Anonymous said...

The studded heels and fringe booties get my vote! You look amazing in every shot and I had to do a double take because I thought they were different girls! What versatile style!

Anonymous said...

i love the River Island tulle skirt! :D perfect shape and oh so versatile! :D

and RM 500 for a pair of shoes! for that price they had better be comfy!

Anonymous said...

i looove the 1st look and those studded heels are love! but clearly i don't think i can afford it so need to find alternatives heheh. thanks for the inspiration :)

Alice said...

I like your shoes especially from the first look. I love high heeled shoes, but walking is not so easy then;)

Great outfits!:)

yiqin; said...

The sequin beanie & fringe boots are amazing.

EKA NAZHWA said...

you're so cute! :D anyways, ilke everyone else, i'm loving yr studded heels too. been wanting to get a knock-off of the burberry prorsum, it's only USD100! There are almost about the same as well, but with less studs for USD 25. Ahh. But anywhoos, you look so good. better than mine, how to win lah like this.

Anonymous said...

Ooh so versatile! I love look 2 and look 4 :)

Vintage Lollipops said...

Ohmygod... I adore all of it!!! Your style is amazing, and I'm officially jealous of oh so many of your divine wardrobe pieces!!!


Hannah Jane said...

oh goodness, that skirt in look 3 is to die for! i love it!
and you're absolutely adorable! i love your style

emsydo said...

I love all the looks but 3 and 4 are my fave! nothing beats nerds and tutus in my opinion.

Ashleigh said...

LOVE the fierce shoes!! You made an excellent choice, don't worry about the shopping ban! Hahaha!! =D

revel in me said...

soulphate: Aww, thank you! :))) And hehe, I am still on a high from my shoes. :D

iconoclastic: Wow, that's some compliment!!! :D I wanted to say 'I am flushing with pleasure', but that is cheesy, and sounds very very wrong, hehe. Thank youuuu! <3

foongjin: Thank youuu!! 'Cause some days I still hate myself for paying so much for the skirt wtf. Hahaha, it SEEMS comfortable, but I can't say for sure, 'cause I haven't worn them out yet!

piper: I love the first look too! Though my bf told me to walk far away from him if I go out with the sequined beanie. -_- Ooh, do you mean the heels are unaffordable..?? You can try, y'know!! They are going for USD39.95 there! :D

alice point: When you are at my height, learning how be one with high heels is a MUST! :P Thank you love!<3

yiqin: THANK YOUUUU! My bf thinks I am crazy for getting the beanie too, haha.

eka nahzwa: WHERE WHERE WHERE are they going for usd25!!! And haha, I am not out to win! Just wanted to play dress-up and camwhore, HAHA! :P

jade: Thank you! *beams*

bella: Those are many many flattering terms you used! :D You made my day! :P

hannah jane: Haha, it was just a dusty tutu from some time ago, just decided to vamp it up a little but doing some layering... Glad you love it, 'cause I do too! :P

a dreamer: OMGGGG well said! Tutus and nerds, you can't go wrong, hehe. :D

ashleigh: Haha, not regretting one bit, despite all the taunts you guys made about me not being able to adhere to shopping bans! :P

The Faux Fashionista said...

Omg I think I have fallen in love with you! You so totally rock your outfits! :) Me love plain white tees too, am planning to drop by Walmart to grab a pack of classic Hanes tees before I go! :)

Lovin the shoes!

Julie Ann said...

and u know what i'm falling off my chair about. hehee..

ladyesah said...

i love your zara shoes! they do look like the burberry ones. my friend bought an almost burberry look a like pair in aussie for rm300. ishish.. i want one too!! gahh..

Anonymous said...

i searched high and low and i finally found something!! it was a white cami, but it's basic and it's... white??

anyway i had fun dressing up. thanks for doing it too! if you hadn't, i wouldn't have found out about this contest and i wouldn't have had SO MUCH fun playing dress-up!! ;)

K said...

Hey you :) Glad you dropped by to check out our photos. Yea, we had loads of fun. We were rushing though, if not I reckon we would have gone on forever. We had to change and photograph each outfit in 5 mins top, still, it was crazy fun.

I love your outfits!Look 4 really caught my eye, loved what you did with the ribbon and those shoes are adorable :)

And gosh that post on Decanter got me salivating! How bout some breakfasts when we come home for summer? ;)

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: It's never too late to love me! wtf Haha, thank you love!! And whee, I can't wait till you come back! Meet up, and my goodies! <3

julie ann: Haha, you damn bad la!!! Cute what! :P

ladyesah: YAA I totally LOVED the burberry ones! And my friend told me that during sales, aus was selling these studded shoes for 40aud.. T__T You should try asos too! Some are on sale now, I was busying myself with it that day, haha!

irene: Haha, you dam cute la! But whee, dressing up is so fun right! Just that I found the picture-taking part a little tiring. T_T

k: WOW 5 minutes tops for each outfit? You girls are supergirls, haha! :P I was sweating and huffing while changing my outfits too, heh. YESHHH brekkie!! IF I can wake up in time! *shifty eyes* :P

Claire said...

Hey, how much was the miss selfridge faux denim high waist shorts? Hahah its so nice

Anonymous said...

Your a too short to wear things other than pants.Makes your legs look shorter and stubbier