Friday, November 21, 2008

Tweet tweet!

I realised I still have some pictures from the boyfriend's trip down to Singapore (I wanted to say down South but it sounded wrong WTF). So here you go. :)

White satin bow headband: Diva
Nautical baby blue striped puffed sleeve shirt: Online

White shorts: Cotton On

Gold chain link belt with tassel: Forever 21 (came with a skirt)
Pearl cuff: Diva

Electric blue ballet slippers: Camberwell Market, Melbourne

If you couldn't gauge from the flock of flamingos in the background, we were at the birdpark! :P

I know I know, you are all giving me wtf looks now! What to do, we are a really cheesy couple, haha.

Big dorky grins. :D

Super random (fake) telephone booth in the middle of the birdpark. Heck, this makes me think of UK and makes me think of going to UK next year! Do you think I will be able to save enough for a trip there. T_T

At the hanging bridge!
The birds flew freely (certain parts of the birdpark are enclosed areas, so you will get birds swooshing around), so I was very weary of bird shit landing on my head.

Doing theTerror Bird (the black bird with hands) WTF.
HAHAHA damn stupid la this bird, the name, the short limbs!

Resting, 'cause nature doesn't agree with me wtf.
Hey, visiting a birdpark is considered an outdoorsy activity k! :P


The boyfriend's childhood ambition was to be an archaelogist. Which is why he gets excited by Indiana Jones movies, haha.

Hahahah this is why we are totally suitable for each other.

Yaya, I do realised that there are no pictures of any birds. This is 'cause the boyfriend and I have been to the birdpark in KL (which in my humble opinion, is nicer than the S'pore one), and my sentiments are: you see one bird, you have seen all birds wtf.

But we do have the LOVEBIRDS, hehe!


Anonymous said...

hi i like ur diva hairband..wondering when u bought it coz i neva see them laz mth

Anonymous said...

hey i have always wanted to ask you this.jing is running an online boutique right? is that mean she is no longer a student now?

Anonymous said...

LOL There I was thinking "Oh how cool can play archaelogist in the bird park!!" and when I laid eyes on that picture with your arms stretched apart, I started laughing like a mad person. Prolly woke my parents up lol

You are too cute! :)

smallswong said...

means you won't be taking me to the bird park again ? :(

fuzkittie said...

Haha, you're so cute. Yes, I also agree you see one bird, you've seen all birds! xD

-k said...

LOL. I hate all types of birds, but I believe I may make an allowance for lovebirds. You look great as always!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHAHA! Got pictures of bird what, with the flamingo and terror bird, enough la...haha.

xynthian said...

Hahah..I don't understand why they drop a telephone booth in the middle of the birdpark? Lol...

I can't see any connection to it. :3

Kimberly said...

omg how cute are you and your bf!! and such cute photos of you two -- and that DIVA hairband is to die for!! =)

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, u two are so cute! So funny =)

Wenfang said...

You make Jurong Bird Park look interesting! The last time I been there was like primary school? (^^lll) Haha!

yiqin; said...

OMG I live in Singapore & it's been SO long since I have been to the birdpark ! :O You two look so adorable <3 & I love your shoes!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hee, thanks! :) I got it about a month ago? I think they still have the black ones! :)

anonymous: She is still studying!! She is in med school!! <3

Joyce: HAHHAHA ya the dinosaur bones are damn random in the middle of the birdpark!! The bf took it damn seriously-- he really brushed the sand off gingerly and cautiously; whereas I sort of puffed the sand off in a hurry, haha! :P

smallswong: I will go with you again! <333

fuzkittie: Aww, thanks! And yessss birds don't evoke any emotions in me at all! =/

-k: HHAHAHHA why do you hate birds!! But aww thank you! :D

siewkwan: The terror bird really cannot make it ok.. T__T No wonder extinct already wtf

xynthian: YAAAA super random! But at least I got to camwhore with i, haha.. Now to think of it, I think it's a real phone booth! =p

kimberly tia: THANK YOUUU!! The bf will be pleased. :P

sue lin: I am the cuter half! :P

thywhaleliciousfay: Then are you going to make a trip there soon! :P But to be honest, birds are really kind of boring.. T_T

yiqin: Hahahha but at least you have been right! :P It took me 19 years to visit the birdpark in M'sia! :P And thank you love! <3

Ashleigh said...

Hahaha! Yes I agree with you that our bird park in KL is better! Prolly cos it's newer? I don't know... And the lovebirds look really adorable together! ;D

Anonymous said...

hahaha damn funny "you see one birds, you have seen all birds". hahaha..:D

looks like a fun day out.

perhaps they throw the sand back on the dino bones for the next visitors?:D

revel in me said...

Ashleigh: I also think that the KL's birdpark has more interesting birds? 'Cause all the birds in the s'pore one are caged, so they look so sad!!! Whereas the KL one had birds flying and roaming everywhere!!! Then I can try to throw stones at peacocks WTF.

jayelle: Haha actually I was kinda grouchy that day 'cause it was hot, and I was bored by the birds wtf! :P I think after we left, a kid went and kick the sand back on the bones. T_T