Monday, December 01, 2008

Bring on the weekends!

Final installation of pictures from our cruise, I promise! :)

Dinner by the poolside.

Greedy Jing caught in the act. :P

Goggle-eyed Teeny! Sigh why didn't I get any of the big-eyes genes wtf.

Omg, my skin, it looks so nice here!! No touch-ups for this picture somemore! *weeps*

Teeny ate so much curry that her lips swell wtf.


Black satin dress with rosettes and ruched neckline: Wisma Atria, Singapore
Random rope (tied around waist to shorten the dress haha): Random wtf

Black and gold chain link hair accessory: Heeren, Singapore

Blackbeaded flower bracelet: Topshop

Giant vintage ring: Thrifted

Tan clutch: Sportsgirl, Australia

Black velvet heels with ankles straps: Charles & Keith

The back of the dress. :)

Jing in her dress from Taiwan! Damn hate my sisters, they went to Taiwan and got so many nice things, but didn't get any for me. >=(

Teeny, and her dress from Velvet Ribbon!

And she wants to show you her nude stockings with little heart prints! From Taiwan as well. *scowl*

We were both wearing dresses with floral appliques! :)))
And Jing is looking might crazy with that red-eye effect wtf.

Part of the ship's lobby.

Playing board games again! Jing is addicted. -_-

This time around, it's Cluedo! Can you believe it, I have never played Cluedo before this. =/
And stupid Teeny, hahahha, posed until damn real.

Jing trying to kill people with the 'weapons'.

Have you played Cluedo before or not! If not you won't understand what I just said wtf.

Last pic of the cruise. :)


I am ashamed to admit this, but my days are measured by weekends.

Workdays pass by in a blur, though never fast enough. I run on autopilot, going through the motions, the daily grind. Or at least till night falls, work ends, and I feel that little bit more like me; the old me.

Aaah, work is an inconvenience, something that I have to go through, to get through my reward-- that 2 glorious days at a week's end. The 2 days when I really come alive.

Which is why I am blessed! 'Cause my weekends are all delectably filled up... all the way till end of December. :D

The weekend before this, it was my cruise weekend, which you all know about.
The last weekend, there was my department dinner at The Line, Shangri La. It cost a whopping SGD90!! I would never have been able to afford it on my own. T_T

And coming up...

3-day weekend! *dances around*

Saturday (6 Dec):
My cousin's wedding!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEE weddings! I haven't been to a wedding since I was 8 I think, BOOOO. And this is my cousin who is my childhood playmate! Do you think I will dab my eyes during the dinner ar wtf.

Sunday (7 Dec):
It is Teeny's 18th birthday party!!! And it has a happy-clappy theme: Kids/Carnival/Playground errr she is getting confused with the themes wtf. And I came up with the theme! HAPPYYYYYYY is the way to go!! :D :D :D

Monday (8 Dec):
Did I tell you all that Jac is back from Melbourne? The Flat Hair Flat is going to be reunited again!! :))) And we have a champagne buffet planned on that day-- so wonderfully girlie and posh and Sex in the City right! It's all just an excuse to get tipsy in the day, hahaha.

Next weekend:

Friday (12 Dec):
The boyfriend is coming downnn!!! For our anniversary!!! FIVE YEARS!! Omgggg!! *shy*

Saturday (13 Dec):
Zoukout!! I have never been for one in my entire life-- which is really really sad, considering that I am not getting any younger WTF.
But this is KIV, 'cause it depends on what the bf wants to do on that day! :)

Weekend after next:

Going back home again, heh. 'Cause...

Sunday (21 Dec):

And after that...

Chirstmas!! WHEEEEEEEEEE! I took one day off, means I will get 4 days at home, le sigh. I actually tried to take 1 whole week off, so that I can just spend the end of 2008 at home, but my leave didn't get approved. :( Aahh, we will see what happens, if I am not booked onto any jobs, maybe I will try to apply for leave during NYE.

SO HOWWW!! Are you excited for me? :P


Anonymous said...

I have those black Charles & Keith shoes too!! Haha!!

xiang yun said...

Wheeeee to five years *envious* my bf and I just past the 7-month mark few days ago ahahahha so minute compared to yours. congrats =]]]]] so happy for you.

mustardqueen said...

omg when the weekend comes means I'll be one year older T_______T and fucker i look damn sohai in the cluedo picture I look like brother ting wtf -_- wheeee birthday =3

superumi said...

you sisters are fun to be with!

xynthian said...

Oh c'mon. Why end it so fast? Post more photos. You sure you did not Photoshopped? :P Hahaha...

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oooo I love Jing's dress, sooo happy looking <3 And those velvet shoes are purrdy :)

Congrats on the 5 year mark! I'm leaving you my number on MSN, so call me when you're in KL and we can meet up!

Champagne said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun. I wish I could go on a cruise, but I would be a little freaked out if I did.

Ashleigh said...

WOOHOO! I can't wait for your sister's party too! =D See you there!

Anonymous said...

hey.. i am going to mama mia on the 21st too.. is yours the arvo or the night session?


Anonymous said...

wow...ur weekends are so eventful..Envy.. But I do agree with u...erhemm as a working adult for 4 years, I really treasured my weekends alot...especially long weekends...hee..

Ah Xian's wedding on sat right ? so happy for her... too bad I can't get to attend..(the custom wouldn't approve me crossing over with this tummy !)or else will definitely shed tears of joy to think we were all best childhood playmates last time...hee...

Well my dearest cousie...Have a great weekends ahead... before the peak comes yah...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you spend some money at a slimming center instead on clothes? Frankness aside, you're pretty chubby. I believe if the body's toned and lean, anything'd look nice. What's under the clothes is waaaay more important than fabrics. That's what a good body would do for you.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard of healthy body image, dear anonymous? Fashion, or clothes as you referred to, caters for all shapes and sizes! And i'm appalled that you refer to my sis's pwerdy pwerdy clothes as fabrics WTF, they're not just clothes (Or fabrics WTF!), they are a soul to a woman wtf! Just so you know, the term 'good body' as you've coined so disgustingly, varies from person to person, and i think my sis has a gorgeous voluptuous body, all her clothes look superb on her! :D

You sound a little sour-power to me, you must be those who have a so-called 'good body' but no 'fabrics' to cover eh? *smirks* HOW SAD!!! *hugs*


mustardqueen said...

which part chubby??? i think she looks absolutely fine as she is, and I think ur jst jealous cause she has boobs and you don't u frigging flat chest... BOOO and hAHAHAHHAHAHA hard sell for marie france bodyline AHAHAHAHAHA WTFFF!!!

Anonymous said...

omg this is stupid, save ur skinny bitch talk somewhere else.
over here, we love the way huiwen looks okay.

woohoo, where's the skincare products review coming up! cant wait :)

revel in me said...

erintan: Haha, ya, I remember!!! You wore them to Dempsey right? I always remember clothes /boo

xiang yun: 7 months is niceee!! 'Cause still in the passionate stage. :P Hee, thank you my dear! <333

mustardqueen: Fuck off la you! People below 20 years old are not allowed to say things like 'shit I am 1 year older' wtf. HAHHAHA brother ting!

superumi: Aww, thank you! :D It's actually 'cause we tak tau malu. -_-

xynthian: I always change my lighting so that my pics looke BRIGHT AND HAPPY AND CHEERY! :D :D :D And haihh, I think people getting bored with my cruise posts already.. T_T

faux fashionista: YAAA I damn like her dress too! It's in such a cheery shade of yelow.. sorbet yellow! Mmm. I saw your number!!! We meet this weekend, can? :)

champagne: Oh no, why will you be freaked out? Are you prone to sea-sickness.. :(

ashleigh: Oh cool! Let's whack the pinata before Teeny gets to it, HAHAHA!

siao lee: OMGG are you serious? :))) I will be going in the afternoon! :)

yan ping: Why customs won't let you through!! How pregnant are you now.. T__T And YAAAA I am so... shaken! 'Cause ah xian also went to the next phase of her life, woww! I felt the same way too when I found out you got married! :P Take care, dear, and give the baby in your tummy a kiss for me, HEHE! <3

anonymous: Haha, thank the lord I have a healthy body image and a good sense of confidence to boot. Mmm, I am happy with the way I look, thank you for your concern.

And you know what? We share the same mentality: What's under the clothes is waaaay more important than fabrics-- a good heart, a good brain, a good sense of humor, and the ability to not be shallow and see beneath a person's outer shell. :)

jing and Teeny: Mwahhhss! <3

revel in me said...

rae: T____T Why you so nice!! Like that, I will never get my lazy butt to the gym, hahaha! EHHH how you know I want to do skin care review wannn!!

Anonymous said...

ahahaaha, ur welcome :).
i read ur previous comments i think and down it went, buried deep into my brain hehe that u were gonna do a review.

Anonymous said...

OWH now that we're over shallow people, can i be shallow? *puppy eyes* :D :D :D

MUMMY GOT ME A PRADA BAGGGGGGG!!!!! <333 I LOVE IT TO BITS, i think more than the Stam, that's saying something! <333

Anonymous said...

i will be going for the arvo show tooo!!!
wht to wearrr??? hehe


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

WOW, happening life you have there!! I love the picture where you and jing hold hands,awwww, sisterly love!:)

devina said...

5 years !? congrats !! :) i want to go to a cruise toooo. i havent been on one my entire life wtf.

KITMEY said...

so not excited if ur not coming back for NYE! >(

revel in me said...

rae: Haha, why you remember wan!! I need some time to compile the stuff, SOON! :P

jing: I HATECHUUU!! But I can't wait to borrow it. <333

siao lee: IS IT! :D :D :D Yaaa I am also stressing over what to wear! If it's a night show, I will know what to wear (OTT wtf), but afternoon, I don't know! *ponders*

siewkwan: EHHH that's my fave pic of the lot too! :))) And haha, not happening la! I need things to look forward to! :P

devina: You should go!! Knowing you, you will buy the whole Chanel cruise line to wear also la! *sour wtf

kitmey: There is a HUGEEEEEEE likelihood I am not! :'(

Anonymous said...

oh..haha...I am rather pregnant now...hee..cos I would be due in about 2 months time..yah..given the kiss and told baby that its from Auntie Mun Mun...hee...anyway it will soon be ur turn cousin..and I will bring my whole family there to view the glamourous u... Btw that irritating Marie France hardcore seller is so F***...I thought I admire ur figure and I would want to be like u...Skinny doesn't = beautiful... Besides she is fine ! So shut the F*** up and go look at urself in the mirror... She is not lack of comments hence save the comments if u can't think of anything to say...

Alright...pregnant lady should not curse...

dun worry cousie.. ur dress sense and everything of u is fine... ignore those stupid baggars out there...