Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A cupcake and a high tea.

One of my favorite foods!


Cupcake wtf.
At Orchard, outside Ngee Ann City-- I love their Christmas decorations this year, it is all about candies and cakes!!! So happy and colorful, mmm.

And I don't know why, I have always feel that X'mas deco is more spectacular in Singapore? :/ Is it because on Orchard Road (the only place I can be found at since young wtf), you get this massive explosion of Christmas atmosphere along the entire street; whereas back in M'sia I only go to mamaks... So I get this false impression?

Or is it 'cause Singaporeans go all out for X'mas? I don't know!

But given a choice, I rather spend Christmas back home, with my loved ones. :(

Guess where I will be at this Christmas!!! Winner gets a Chirstmas present wtf. A bookmark wtf.

At Royal Copanhagen! Sweating buckets from all the shopping-- at Bugis! We haven't even started with Orchard then. ;)

Notice the glow behind me?
Shining like an angel, that's me!! 'Cause I was paying for high tea-- I paid for everything whilst my mom and sisters were here.

No wonder I am so broke this month wtf.

Err we shifted table (twice in fact). I think the staff there hates us already. T_T

I took this picture-- it was supposed to be a group shot, but my hands too short. T__T

I don't know why my sisters always make me take pictures, then when I can't get everyone into the shot, they will grab the camera and tell me "HAIYA why your hand so short wan!"
If they know my hands are short, why do they still want to make me take the picture in the first place!!! They just like to humiliate me wtf. T___T

Flat hair, boo. I like my hair big and voluminous! But then my colleagues always ask me why is my hair so messy WTF.

Yay! Group shot! :)
Ya la ya la, the picture is taken by Teeny. *grudging*

Our background is actually the Royal Copanhagen's Hall of Fame!


Best for girls' get-together, hehe! :D

Outfit for the day:

Slumped shoulders, so unladylike!

Sheer floral kaftan with puffed sleeves: Just Jeans
White lace slip (worn underneath): Cotton On
Pink orchid corsage (worn in hair): Accessorise
White stone pendant necklace with tassel: Topshop
Beige suede heels: Topshop


I was humming to myself that day while waiting for the bus... Suddenly I looked down, and nearly stifled a gasp of horror.

I saw veins, ugly green veins on my feet! AAHHHH!!

I mean, isn't this a sign of aging?? The thing would be wrinkling and spider veins and my hair will go all white!! T_________T

I really think it's all the high heels that I wear for work-- practically everyday I am tottling around in uncomfy pumps. :(

So I gave it some thought, and I have decided.. I am going to wear heels less, and wear ballet flats to work instead!!
Granted, wearing flats could potentially make me look younger, which might not necessarily be a good thing at the workplace... But... SAY NO TO VEINS!

Bought some new ballet flats, both so girlie and pretty. :)))
I need pretty ballet flats to entice me to wear them, 'cause I hate flat shoes. :(

Mmm, big lush bow with diamantes and pearls sewn on it!

Another pair of bows. :P Embellished with shiny black beads, and diamantes as well!
I actually preferred the pale pink version (same black bows, but the rest of the shoe in a pale peach pink), but they only had the small sizes left!

I have worn flats for the past 2 days, and I think my feet are thanking me. :P


yiqin; said...

OMG THOSE FLATS ARE AMAZING! I must embellish mine too!

mustardqueen said...

OMG!!! We wanted to get you the bow ones when we went to Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!

O___O but they ran out in ur size they left in like size PUNY -_- omg we think the same =3

Anonymous said...

Protruding veins are caused by overusage of the leg muscles.. like how the veins protrude in arms of guys who workout in the gym.

but if the veins are purplish and spidery.. that's because you are standing too much and for long hours, causing the valves in the leg veins to malfunction, so blood cant flow back into the heart.

i only know so much because i am worried about the veins too! :S

Champagne said...

The flats are adorable and the food again. It makes me hungry looking at the pictures you take when your eating with your family.

revel in me said...

yi qin: They are really pretty, aren't they!!! I am going to search for more girlie pumps, hehe! :P

mustardqueen: YAAAA I heard from jing!! Sumore you all wanted to get the pale pink ones right! :O Our taste damn good and damn similar /boo

lydia: OOOHHH, you are so knowledgeable! :P But mine are not leg veins! It's the just veins on the feet (near the sole, and on the, erm front part of the feet wtf), what does THAT mean ar!

champagne: Haha, but I didn't even post any food pics! I have refrained from doing so! :P

fuzkittie said...

Sooo jealous! I loved Orchard + Bugis! Sooo much shopping!!

Anonymous said...

Hon, where to get those flats??so gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg how do you go shopping in those heels??? 0_0

and the second pair of ballet flats is love! :D but i agree, wearing ballet flats to work like damn salah..too casual like :/

Joshua said...


The answer to where you'll be starts with "I". Do I win a bookmark,wtf.

k said...

i have HUGE ASS veins in my feet and i'm only 17.
and i mean huge.
their all blue and shiz.

so not to fret. i don't think it's old age.

revel in me said...

fuzkittie: Omggg, you have been to s'pore before?? :)))

anonymous: I got them from Bujis Junction, singapore! <3

foongjin: Hahaha, the shoes are actually pretty comfy! But tiring la! :P And emmm I wear my flats with pretty tops/knits plus structural pieces, so I won't say the look is casual.. but I don think I look very young though! :(

Joshua: YOU DAMN BAD LA!!! Taunting us ar, hahahah.

skim: Omg, is it? How bad are they? Why do we get them ar! T_T