Monday, December 29, 2008

Hohoho in Ipoh.

How did you spend your Christmas day? :P

Here's how I spent mine:

HAHAHHAHAH damn chat stupid sohai la Teeny singing Leslie Cheung's song wtf. And did you notice my dad just continuing talking like normal to my mom although my sister and I were creating a havoc behind. Immune to us already. -_-
And why do I sound like this! I think it's 'cause I had a mouthful of milo in my mouth, haha.

Ya la, trust my parents to think it's a good idea to go to Ipoh, of all places, for Christmas! -_-

Thank god I brought a hat! 'Cause I forgot to bring along a jacket/pashmina in the car, so I used the hat as a shield from the air conditioner wtf.

Really bored in the car. BOOO I didn't know Ipoh was 2 hours away! I naively assumed that it was 1 hour's drive away. And after 1 hour I kept on asking my dad "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" like Donkey from Shrek WTF.

I swear the journey took so long, we went to the end of the universe and came back!

Let the food adventures begin!

Meal 2 (we had super good Chinese food for lunch in Tanjong Tualang prior to that!): Ipoh drinks and rojak

Toast + Kaya/ Better Each
Kaya and butter? Or maybe they are saying that toast and kaya is better wtf.

Half bolhed egg

HAIHHH the English sucks, but heck, the food is good! :P

Teeny very happy with her Ipoh ice cream float.

The ice cream float is actually just sirap bandung + 7Up + 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream! Sounds really easy right, but it's very refreshing and yummy!

This is Yi Ern! My mom's best friend (Auntie Jean)'s daughter.

Basically,us two families embarked on this little food trip together. And when I mean food trip, I mean that my dad and Uncle Jean (take after the name of the wife wtf, hahaha this is what me and my sisters do, we call all the husbands of my mom's girlfriends by their wives' names.. like Uncle Lilian and Uncle Carol HAHHAHAHA) brought bottles and bottles of wine along with the trip. For them to pop a few glasses at every restaurant. -_-

But I think quite cool la! Next time I want to go on food escapades too! Like bring a big group of friends to visit a foreign place and just eat all the nicest food and delicacies there! That's what my parents did recently, they joined a food tour (formed by all food lovers) organised by apparently the "God of Food" (wtf it sounds better in Chinese haha) of Hong Kong! And they just went around Macau and err this place next to Hong Kong eating superbly nice (not necessarily fine) food! This is my dream, 'cause I love to eat! :)

So who wants to join me ar.

Ipoh white coffee!

Why the coffee not white wan. Don't tell me you have never wondered about that before!

Yi Ern, and her brother, Ah Beng (HHAHAHA err it is his real name).
Ah Beng is also known as my brother's best friend. They play PSP and Xbox and computer games all day long. -_-

My brother. Who ordered a Coke float, i.e. Coke + sirap bandung + vanilla ice cream. Blueghhhh.

Meal 3: Tau fu far

We tried 3 types: with white sugar, brown sugar (gula melaka) and ginger!
Teeny threatened not to sleep with me if I take the ginger one, coz rumor has it that ginger causes flatulence wtf.

The tau fu far is super super super smooth!
Like, after trying Ipoh tau fu far, I feel that KL's tau fu far is like cement blocks. Hard and cube-ish. T__T

They say that it's 'cause of Ipoh's water source (water from the mountains or something like that), which is why their kuey teow is also way way way smoother! And it's also why they say Ipoh girls have smoother and nicer skin. T__T

How ar, should I move to Ipoh ar.

Meal 4: Kaya puffs

Wow, the kaya puffs from this place is BE-AWESOME! (beyond awesome, I learned it from Bolt the cartoon HAHAHA)!!! It was fresh out of the oven (we literally saw them taking it out of the oven), but I didn't try it then, despite the orgasmic moans of everyone who tried it, 'cause I was seriously stuffed. Instead, I had one 2 days later (we packed some home), and my gosh, it was still crispy and fresh! MMM. Can you imagine how it would have tasted hot and toasty from the oven!! T___T

Nah, old building to prove that we really went to Ipoh wtf.

At Tanjong Tualang, some small town further from Ipoh. My dad purposely made a detour 'cause he heard that the food was great. It lived up to its name! But my butt said no thanks to even longer car journey, boo.

Some other things we ate:

Weird Ipoh delicacy. The fried thing is some deep fried crispy egg + flour thingy with dried shrimps... and you're supposed to eat it with steamed mantao. Damn weird right! But quite nice. :P

I know this is such a deceptively simple dish-- it's basically just buttered toast with 2/3 boiled egss on top...

But omg, the toast is toasted to just the right crisp, and blends nicely with the buttery tang. And the egg, oh the egg, it's boiled to perfection. Boiled for slightly longer, it would be hard-ish or rubbery, boiled for any shorter, it would be watery. But ahh, perfection, this is!

So nice to eat! Especially when you break the egg, and quickly chew on the crunchy toast while it's coated with the egg. I can't find this in KL! :(

OK don't kill me, I am going to abruptly end this entry, 'cause I just realised I didn't take pictures of the rest of the food that we ate. And oh boy, the amount of food we ate! :/ I didn't even take pictures of the famous Ipoh hor fun, the famous Ipoh big headed prawns (hahha snobby little things they are WTF)... :(


Joshua said...

There's this one place where my family likes to eat pork satay and kangkong, wtf. There's also pretty decent rojak, noodles, etc. (also near a shop with fried ice cream!)

For supper it's usually "ngah choi kai fan", bean sprouts chicken rice wtf, at this street fill with only restaurants serving that.

Then there's the place with nice coffee and chow kueh teow.

And then the place with ...

Well you get the picture. I don't know where these places are but I can recognise them if I'm there, wtf. I have never driven in Ipoh before, sorry.

Joshua said...

I also want to borrow your straw hat, okthxbye.

Dhiya said...

hye babe..edi commented at ur sis's blog...owhhh yeah...the toasted bread and half boiled egg is delicious...i ate 1 in ipoh also...yup true...cudnt find it in KL..=(

Dhiya said...

and 1 more thing that u maybe forgot to visit is...there's mee curry stall in Merdeka Garden..the uncle's mee curry is far most the best mee curry i've ever eat...together with the air asam drink..superb..*salivating*

mustardqueen said...

AHAHAHAHAHA why josh keep saying the nice things to eat but no name WTFFFF and fuck why u put up that video but I doubt ppl will actually view it la ;P:P:P

Nazi? said...

omgod i wana go to ipoh now!!

etcetera; said...

the egg toast is making me salivating!! roar. haha the car ride to my hometown is 6 hours okay. hmpf

Anonymous said...

awaiting your beauty product post!!!! looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

im from ipoh :) but how come i dun have flawless skin arr? guess what? you can have the toast topped with half boiled egg at Sun Yuen Loong, Sunway Mas (near to bandar utama & tropicana). n everything in SYL is genuinely Ipoh.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that explains why I thought I saw someone vaguely familiar looking the other day at the Pusing seafood restaurant in Ipoh. You might not know who I am but I'm 2 tables away. Didn't dare to approach because er, it's kinda awkward to ask someone if they are from a blog that you read and stuff like that :P

I live in Kampar, a small neighbouring town of Ipoh and Tanjung Tualang. TT has always been the best place for prawns since the 80's. It's the best place to have a big meal for 8-10 without blowing over RM200 for a great meal.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say... ginger doesn't cause flatulence per se. Ginger is used for removing excess wind in the stomach (that's why women eat loads of ginger stuff after giving birth. That's what I heard anyway). So flatulence is a by-product of eating ginger, but only if you have wind in your stomach to begin with :P And hopefully that means a flatter stomach after consuming ginger :D

revel in me said...

joshua: Prk satay!! MM I have heard people talking about pork satays in ipoh before, I GOT to try it! And hehe, OBVIOUSLY we had taugeh + chicken for supper! Bottomless stomachs wtf.

Eh can you please go find out where the places ar! Reward is a straw hat wtf.

dyalicious: Yaya I saw your comment! :) Damn nice right the toast! I was a little weary before I tried it, 'cause I was like, how nice could it be!! But MMM damn nice! <3 And for the curry mee, I think my dad knows where it is! We wanted to go try it for brekkie, but it was closed.. for boxing day wtf, haha!

mustardqueen: You are just hoping that noone will view it 'cause you were singing leslie cheung HAHHAHHA

nazihah: Haha, go for the food! My family goes there like once or twice a year just to eat. :P

bellifer: Damn nice the toast! And I bluffed myself that it is healthy la (it is right? *hopeful*) Wahhh 6 hours is damn far! My hometown is.. KL wtf.

elena: I wanted to post it this week! But I left some really important props back home, SOON I promise! :)

kampongboycitygal: But I thought you are from the city ('cause citygal WTFFF), hahaha! Oooh, I know Sun Yuen Long!! I always go there for brunch/lunch! So often that my sisters complained about it. -__- I love the roti kahwin there! And the drinks also damn nice!! But I haven't tried their boiled eggs + toast though, will go soon... Thanks for the heads-up! :)

tuna: Just my luck! T__T The day I go without make up is the day people recognised me! T__T Hehe, luckily you didn't come say hi, 'cause my parents don't know I have a blog!! And I planned to keep it that way wtf. Hahah kidding la, you should have just come say hi!! <3 And omg that pusing restaurant (I know it as pusing) is one of my fave restaurants!! I love their prawns SO SO SO GOOD! What a small world I still can't believe it. :D

And as for tanjong tualang, the food was AWESOME! In fact, my dad is like the biggest fan of the food there now. :P

munz: Omg you are so smart! *admiring* Haha, I am super naive, 'cause from young, my grandma always tell us that ginger makes you fart! And she will purposely eat a lot of ginger. -___-

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ehhh comeeee lets drag our respective bfs and goooo! I want makan kaki too!!! :P~~~ How come I didn't get to eat the half boil eggs?! T__T And I loveeeee your dress, this girl ah, go Ipoh also wear so nice ^_^"

Agnes said...

heyyy how come i've been in ipoh for my whole life i never had those food u had!! you gotta tell me where to get those yummy toast with egg on top... salivating already T___T

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Haha, serious or not! I love eating, we will never stop eating during our trip wtf. :P And oii the dress not that nice la! It was just comfy to wear in the car. :P

agnes: Are you from Ipoh? :P Haihh confirmed la my hypothesis that Ipoh produces pretty girls.. T___T Hahaha, you MUST MUST eat the things I mentioned!! And err as for the egg toast, I ask my dad for directions k! :P