Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Legally Her.

First thing first, I HATE YOU.

Because mommy got you a Prada wallet for your birthday, boo.

But then, my love for you is so strong and big and powerful, then I shall push away my bitterness and hatred... *gracious smile* :
Provided you lend me the wallet sometime la wtf. P

Why do I love my baby sister so, do I hear you ask?

Yes, people, you got it right, Teeny is the youngest of the Hoe sisters! So many of the people who read our blogs assume Teeny is the elder sister; 'cause of her height I guess.

But life is unfair like that, I got the bigger boobs in the family, and Teeny got the longer everything WTF.

Meet the youngest girl in the Hoe family, everyone.

She has a fabulous dressing sense, one which is bold and quirky.

She also has a penchant for legwear-- she is almost always seen with stockings or leggings or tights!
Or maybe she just doesn't like to wear real bottoms wtf.

Her love for leggings have recently taken on a new level-- a shiny level in fact.

Her collection of lame/shiny leggings has extended to quite an impressive sum. *nervous*

You always have the biggest eyewear in town WTF, HAHAHAH.

We are always in sync when it comes to posing! Although you always have to hold the camera, as my arms are 'too short', quoting you. T___T

We like to pretend to be blind to irritate people. Pretending to be deaf is our forte too, when mommy is screaming at us.
But pretending to be mute is something we can never do 'cause we like to talk too much WTF.

We do akward camwhoring together! Work that convave body, BAYBEH.

We share a love for inanimate objects.

Though apparently you get it off with them too. :O Ooh lala wtf.

Because it's very rare that our legs look the same length wtf.

You're the only one in the family who can wear maxi dresses. T___T
And rub it in when they only reach your ankles. T____T

Sarcasm and wit is in abundance when we get together.. and hence much laughter! :P

The victory sign is your trademark!!
Just like Jackie Chan WTFFF.

Errr, as I was saying... the victory sign is your trademark. :P

And how could I neglect to mention your sexy full lips WTF.

Good looks run in the family HAHAHHA.

Happy 18th my love! :)))

Wow, it's really difficult to imagine that you have reached adulthood! You are of LEGAL age!!!

Sometimes it's still hard to shake off the mental picture of a younger you, the one where you were 7 years old, and all frail and puny. So tiny and weak that granny called you 'tofu' 'cause you always looked like you would crumble any moment. And how shy were you then!! You were so timid that when you fell down and tore your lip and it bled non-stop, you didn't even dare to tell anyone and just sat down one corner and weeped silently. T_T

Yes, your change wasn't just limited to physical evolution. Sure, you're no longer the little weakling you were... In fact, you are standing as the tallest in the family now. And what a long way you have came! There are not many people who lost 16kgs in a year. Not many people who have the same determination that you had.

Because you not only shed off excess weight, but your shed off the shell, this shell that that was hiding the beautiful person you are inside. Because out came Teeny, out came you, the confident, take-it-or-leave-it, outspoken young woman. No longer are you the reserved, withdrawn, angsty girl, instead now you are all like 'love me or hate me, bitch'. :P

With a certain flair, a certain flava, that's my sister. :)

18 is a beautiful age to be at. And for you, this upcoming year is one which brings on the next phase of your life. I shudder to think of the fact that you're leaving for Melbourne next year. In fact, I am lying. I do not think of you leaving at all, because the thought is just too sobering and depressing for me. But for you, my little sister, I pray for you many exciting adventures and encounters, many happiness and fun-loving people, many opportunities and chances... because 18 is a beautiful age. 18 is when things happen. 18 is when you discover you. 18 is for you to discover, to experience, to chance upon.

And I pray for you all these things, because one day when you are all grown up and no longer 18, maybe even 30 or 45, and I can look at people and tell then, look at that beautiful, confident woman there, that's my sister. :)

Happy birthday, baby sister. :)

Although you are at least 5 inches taller than me.

For you people who don't believe the evolution Teeny went through, check out the birthday post Look at how much she has changed OMGGGG!!
And Teeny, don't hate me, HAHA!


Anonymous said...


Anyways, this is not fair lor, you've the boobs, Ting has the legs that left me with nothing! T________________________________T

Happy Belated Birthday Teeny Weeny! <3

MapleRain said...

aww...that's really sweet.
Such a loving sista!

Anonymous said...

omg hui ting is soooo tall!! T_T

and young wtf. 18 only. sigh.

Ashleigh said...

Awww! So schweeet! *tears*

Owners of Monster Jambu said...
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mustardqueen said...

*sniff* haih so touching, and this time you chose the nicer pictures which I ps kao kao T___T

AND OH YAH!! I bought another 2 (or was it 3) leggings to add to the family =DDD ARE YOU HAPPY FOR ME OR WHAT!! :D

Dhiya said...

i'm touched with ur words for hui ting..
such a loving sis...

Anonymous said...

OMG I saw the bow you wore on your head at one of the pictures of Teeny's party. YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE! Where did you get it?

k said...

deng deng you are on blog.

albeit one picta only but you look sibeh cute.

again again happy bday mustardqueen!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to update?
Updates! Updates!

revel in me said...

jing: /boo we have came such a long way! <3
And you got the skinny legs/boo

R@!N: Hee, thanks! :)

miss hazel: SHE IS! Damn unfair la, she stole the genes which COUNT! T_T

ashleigh: *hands you tissue* Bah, we didn't take any pictures that day! :(

mustardqueen: Hahahaha 'cause I was afraid if I posted your darg ages pics you will commit suicide wtf. HAIHH more leggings. -__-

dyalycious: Aww, thanks love! <3

annonymous: Wahh!! *shy* Thank you dear! :))) I got it from Far East plaza, s'pore! :)

skim: Why didn't we take any pictures together! T_T And HAIHH the one pic of me, and I look like a total retard wtf.

anonymous: DONEEE! :P

fourfeetnine said...

happy birthday teeny! why are you teeny when you are so bloody tall that day at bijou you nearly became my shade wtf