Monday, December 22, 2008

Little miss four eyes.

To those of you have tried to guess or sway my decision whether to do my hair or to go for shopping the last weekend, here is the the outcome! :D

Sheer pussy bow red checkered top: Vintage, thrifted
Gray tube dress (worn inside): Zara
Retro white ring: Teeny's
Black lensless frames: Sungei Wang
Suede moccasin fringe boots: Lacquer & Lace

After I straightened my hair, Yen, my hairstylist told me, "SEE! When you came in just now, your hair was size L, now it is size S!"

Walao, why my hairstylist so harsh wan. T_T

Randoms of family dinner after doing my hair for 5 hours. I swear, my butt is flat as pancake now.

With Teeny, who is wearing a tee that I got her for her birthday.

And no, the tee is not the only thing I got her k! I am not so cheap wtf. You can't really see it from the pictures, but the the heart thingies are actually 3-D and they flap around! Ok, my description sucks la wtf, but in conclusion it's a really kooky t-shirt, very Teeny! :P

That's not a wad of tissue on my hand, it'a a retro ting I stole from Teeny. T__T
And Teeny looks like one of the popular bloggers (a hot one) here, can you all guess which one it is, HEHEHE!

THIS, is my brother! Do we look alike? =/

The boyfriend always insist that I look like my brother whenever I have my glasses on, which I find very disturbing. -_-

And ehehe, the brother is starting to have pimples! He used to laugh at us when we complain of zits, 'cause he was still baby-faced and smooth-skinned. Neh neh neh neh neh, he has to start using Oxy 5 already HAHAHHA.

Teeny with her DIY fringe tights.
Elvis resurrected from the dead wtf.

With another 1/4 of the Hoe siblings.

Omg omg I forgot to mention this! Let me start at the beginning: Jing went to do her hair (straighten + dye) at Yen's a few weeks ago.
Last Saturday, when I went to do my hair, apparently the workers at the saloon were all confused... They were wondering why this girl's hair has so much regrowth and is no longer straight in such a short span of time!!

In short, they thought I WAS MY SISTER!
WTFFFFFF! -_________-

I admit that when we do our hair in a certain way, and you just catch a micro-second glimpse of us, we look alike, but until you mistook us as the same person!! :O :O :O

Dry tong yuen (covered with nuts), because it was Dong Zhi (the Winter Solstice festival for the Chinese)!
On the house from the resturant. :)

Hello booties!
And I have a scar on my right thigh. :(

I am a very careless person, I get scars and bruises without knowing where they came from. :(

Not looking like me wtf.

In an attempt to look different from Jing ('cause we have pretty similar hairstyles + hair color now), Yen suggested for me to go purple for my next hair color!!!
OMGGGG am I brave enough am I brave enough??!!

I told her that I am quite up for it, but I have to see whether I will chicken out on Saturday (my next hair appointment).
But she swiftly looked at me with her eyebrow raised, "Waitaminute.. Aren't you an auditor??" Which I nodded to apprehensively.
Then she went hysterical.
"CANNOT WAN! CANNOT! Auditors cannot have such wild colors! Cannot! Why are you not like an auditor at all!!"

Hehe, sometimes I ask myself that question too. ;)


mustardqueen said...

Eh, purple quite ok what!! it's like almost black!!! Its jst that I bleached my hair so the colour run really quickly, purple to red in one wash wtf!! Where got wild!!! I like AHAHHAHA :P And fuck la I don't wanna look like herrrr T_____T

Anonymous said...

lol ur hairstylist is so funny HAHAHA yeah so you did ur hair instead of shopping lol.

PS: how much does it cost for u to straighten your hair? I"m thinking of straightening my hair too lol

Sue Lin said...

During 2 months of intern in the KL office of ur co, i kena warned for wearing boots, for wearing pants that look like jeans and i overheard a senior getting scolded for her skirt being too short and creased

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: The purple she showed me is more towards red than black! T_T

And she is hot what! :P

miss hazel: Hahahhaha she always come up with the funniest quotes wan! :P I did mine for RM350, but it usually costs rm300! It's just that my hair is too too too thick, HAIHHHH!!

sue lin: Haha, but cannot wear boots and jeans-like pants no matter in whatever professional workplace right! But short and creased skirts ('cause lazy to iron wtf), that I am guilty of! :P

Xen ♥ said...

hello pretty lady, are you anxious to see your babies soon? ;D

Nazi? said...

hey now you and jing almost look alike! but she has a way longer fringe. but the hairstyle suits you still, miss 4 eyes. hehe.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Eh eh eh give me the contacts of your hairstylist okayyyy??? Loooove your hair it looks gorge! You look so different with glasses <3333

I would NEVER dare to wear what you wore in this post even though I'm totally loving the boho sexy lumberjack look because I hate people giving me WTF stares and the fact that my bf will tell me again "WHY YOU DRESS SO KUA WANNNN??!!" T____T

Oh and I really like the tee you got for teeny, its so cute and quite Marc Jacobs!

Ashleigh said...

Whoa! Love the kooky hearts tee! And PURPLE is an awesome dye color!! I wanna dye mine purple too but where to get the dye??

revel in me said...

xen: YESSSSSSSSS very much soooo!! I should be getting them in these 2 days, WHEEEE! :D :D :D

nazihah: Ya la our hairstyle and hair color very similar now.. -__- You think this hair suits me? I am a little insecure about it though! 'Cause (based on my poll wtf) people think I look better with side bangs! T_T

faux fashionista: YESS you must go to her! <3 Though your hair is very awesome now too! <3

And hahaha ya la I got quite a bit of weird looks that day, coz sumore I was at those traditional chinese restaurants! HAHAHA you still mad at your bf for saying that you overdress ar! :P

ashleigh: Hehe, go borrow from Ting! :P And oooh I dunno, my hairstylist is doing for me! *begs for courage*

etcetera; said...

I contemplated on dyeing my hair purple before! Then my friend told me about the process of bleaching or the color dying off to ugly reddish blah, i changed my mind!
hehehe sigh, I can never pull off straight hair.

Anonymous said...

I saw photos of you and your sis in the latest issue of Juice magazine! ;p they got mixed up between you and Jing. probably cos Jing looks older ;p

Jing said...


Anonymous said...

hearts the boots! and the fringe tights are a brilliant!

revel in me said...

bellifer: Boo I didn't get purple hair! 'Cause I wanted easy-to-maintain hair for my upcoming peak period, and purpple dye will fade..:(( But anyhow, yen said she won't bleach hair for purple dyes, so maybe you can go try! :) And why you cannot have straight hair!

anonymous: HAHHAHAHAH YAYA I SAW! Stupid jing, now everyone is going to think I am a closet Paris fan. -__- But HEHEHE kudos to your last phrase! :P

jing: NYEHEHEHEHE! You want to borrow my eye cream or not? HEHEHE!!

sue: Yayyy thank you! <3

Nazi? said...

LOL ahaha! WHAT i think the hair really nice on you!