Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miss me?

Reason for my absence this weekend:

He was down for our 5th year anniversary. :)

Random updates:

1. Anyone know where I can take up pole dancing? In S'pore, I mean! I am quite keen to give it a try-- that's my inner slut speaking btw, WTF. It's either hitting the gym, or pole dancing, and I thought I will try out the sluttier option first HAHAHA. *shifty eyes*

2. I haven't shopped for 2 weeks! Just need to push through another 2 weeks, and I am golden. And then I can reward myself! The reward is a shopping trip WTF.

3. I need a new perfume!!! Desperately, I might add. My Lancome Miracle is down to the absolutely last drop. :( I am thinking of trying out a new perfume, since I have only used 3 perfumes in my entire life: Lancome Miracle, Estee Lauder Pleasure, Clinique Happy. Any good perfumes to recommend? I heard Davidoff something something (wtf) smells quite good, and I am quite taken in by DKNY's Delicious (though it is brinking on car freshener wtf). Ideas ideas people! I will compile all the suggestions and bring the boyfriend out for a sniffing test-- I will pick the one which turns him on WTFFF.

4. The boyfriend was watching me apply eyeliner this morning (I use gel eyeliner + brush), and he was so fascinated he asked me: "Will you let me apply for you?". I bellowe at him: ARE YOU CRAZYYY!! wtf

5. I was supposed to go to China for work on NYE, but I am not anymore!! :D (will be going around Chinese New Year period HAIHHH) I am trying to apply for leave during the NYE period now, cross your fingers for me I can celebrate the beginning of 2009 with my loved ones around me PLEASE! T_T

6. I am going to dye my hair this coming Saturday! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The excitement is due to the fact that I have lived with horrible regrowth for too long, boo. The boyfriend calls me dwiwarna (double color in Malay WTF). -_-

7. I will be very diligent in compiling the pictures from Teeny's birthday party (at the playground!!)! I think you all will really enjoy looking at them, they are so happy! :D In fact, Mey's described the pictures as "picture perfect", hehe. :P

OK no more, I will go dig my sharing folder now to see whether Teeny has sent me all the party pictures!
And one more thing, the answer to this entry's title better be YES ar!


Anonymous said...

been checking out ur blog every single day for ur post on dat miraculous skincare products~!

Anonymous said...

hey babe!
i heard there's pole dancing classes around Tanjong Pagar..but im not very sure...i'll be grounded for the next 2 months so im thinking of signing up too! lets do it together! and oh...we really need to set a date to meet up to pick up my stuffs...i feel so bad for keeping ur sis waiting for the money...*sorry babe!*

mustardqueen said...

OOOOHHHHH, WHY R U SUCHA SLUT??? Everything must turn ppl on then u must choose the "sport" that is sluttier wtf!! Just go shopping la confirm lose weight kao kao =DDDDD OH i agree, MUST change perfume cause I'm damn sien of ur smell already -_- And when u come back for NYE, only me and you and a dog name B wtf cause Jing got exams -______-

Joshua said...

"YES ar!" wtf.

The mexican hats damn cute! :D

And and, you have to go for a work trip during CNY? T.T Omg.

Anonymous said...

You can try Burberry brit sheer! I love it. Actually I bought it only because of the bottle, its pink stripes. lol. And when I finally have it, I fall in love with the smell! Super nice. Haha. =]

Ashley Two Fish said...

u can check out Aqua diGio (shit, duno how to spell hehe). fresh and beautiful!

by way have always love ur blog. congrats on your 5th yr. that's a lot of faith, love and dedication in LDR.

Anonymous said...

mariah carey's latest perfume - the one with the butterfly on top smells really good! :D

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend always pester me to let him apply eyeliner for me too! WHY!

loccitane cherry blossom? paul smith floral or rose? carolina herrera 212 (the classic or ice also nice but not the sexy but it suits your slutty side how)

ps i agree with your choosing of the perfume that turns him on! hahahah

Accyee said...

*meek voice


Anonymous said...

My fav so far is Nina by Nina Ricci...i think thats wat its called...the one in the red/pink apple shaped bottle...its a mix of caramel and apples etc etc i think

Anonymous said...

Yaya, i'm waiting for your new post about the beauty products that you used.

My favourite perfume: Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal, Guess pink and gold colour (sorry not sure about the name but the bottle has a 'G' shape at the center)

Estee lauder got some christmas offer too! I just bought the Pure White Linen Light Breeze.

Julie Ann said...

yes i miss youh
now when are u coming back? i wanna bermambo jumbo. and i heard now velvet's mambo every night. they change concept adee. ladida. and there's the r&b room and erm tranx and TAG or something like that. comecomecomecomecome. we go dance. i will let u dance with the drapes in velvet as a substitue for a pole and still be your friend :)

Anonymous said...

I am using DKNY delicious currently...Hence it is highly recommanded by me...ha...cos the smell would last through the whole day...and it really smells delicious... *horny thoughts* Hence good to use when ur bf is down in sg...hee... >_-

revel in me said...

bebeboo: /boo sorry I thought no one wanted to know about the products 'cause the response was so cold in the entry I wrote about it wtf. Pray away my laziness! :P

joycezhi: Omggg serious or not! I damn eager to go try! And haha we SHOULD meet up asap! Jing getting impatient already. :P

mustardqueen: Aiya you should know how slutty I am right since I always slut-dance in front of you wtf. HAHHAHAHA A DOG NAMED B HAHHAHA

joshua: <3

YESSS damn sad right! Just pray the work trip will finish BEFORE CNY, and not drag into the CNY period. =/

V: IS IT! It has never really occurred to me that Burberry makes good perfume! Yayy will go smell it! :P

ashley two fish: Omg,that's the one by giorgio armani right? The bf used to use it when we first started dating! *nostalgic* And thank you, love, that means a lot to me! :)

tina: Are you serious??? Haha, I hate Mariah Carey (but I love her songs /boo), but hey, who knows, I will go try! :D

eevon: HAHAHAHH dunno why I am damn tickled by the first line!! Ya la, why ar! Our bfs got secret desires to be drag queens is it.. T___T and wow you're so well-versed in perfumes! <333 I want carolina herrera wedding gown wtf!

accyee: WHY MEEK VOICE! *bellows* You shy to say you miss me is it!!T_T

gwencws: Caramel and apples??!!! AHHHH carnival flavor wheeeeee!

jo: OK I PROMISE by next week the post will be up ok!!! Err I mean within the next 2 weeks, heh. Annick goutal's perfumes are really expensive, aren't they? But they look so luxurious! <3

julieann: AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA curtain-dancing!! YESHHH love I will be back this weekend, mambo on saturday, ONNNSSS?? :P I am itchy itchy to dance dance dance too! :D

yan ping: IS THAT HOW YOU GOT PREGNANT!! hahahahha YA I super love the smell!! But *sometimes* it reminds me of car fresheners, hehehe. I will bring it to test on the bf, HEHEHE!

Sue Lin said...

Do what most people do, Google it! Thats what my colleagues did before inviting me =) Bestfriend Googled it in Melb

Go for it, go for it, go for it! Its FUN!

And doesnt seem one bit slutty after a while

Sue Lin said...

Oh! And congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am here to suggest perfumes for you!!!!

My current most, most, most favourite scent is Chloe by Chloe (duh!) But that is more like a daytime scent lah. My favourite nightime scent is Valentino's Rock n' Rose Couture but I don't think it's available in KL simply cos I have not seen it...

About DKNY's Be Delicious, far too many people are using it today. :(

I have always liked Estee's Pleasures!!

OH OH OH With regards to taking your bf out for a sniffing test, my friend told me (I don't know whether true or not cos he always tell me lies and I will fall for it and then he will say something along the lines of "HAHAHA I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GULLIBLE YOU AREEEEE!!" *grrrr) that Chanel's No. 5 has some chemical that supposedly stirs men's hormones and they will be sexually attracted to whoever's using the scent! LOL

ally said...

OOH POLE DANCING! its damn fun! but be prepared for burn marks around your thighs! and also bring knee high socks cause u'll have to crawl around a lot and its gonna hrut ur knees wtf

and the next time your boyfriend asks whether he can apply eyeliner for u, stab him with the pencil. that'll teach him wtf

etcetera; said...

Davidoff clear water? its nice! I started using it years back, when my mum gave me a fake one -_-
but hoh, still very nice(goes to show fake aint that bad wtf).

VaL Kay said...

Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Heee sorry to be wet blanket but I don't think you'll like pole dancing once you see the BRUISES! I really really REALLY wanted to learn, and my bf's colleague goes for classes regularly at this place in Hartamas. He (YES a guy learning pole dancing) told me the bruising stopped only after four months of regular dancing T__T And by bruise he meant huge ugly purple splotches on shins/calves/arms. Ew. Haha. Turned me off for good.

p.s. we MUST meet up sooooon! Your orgasm is long overdue! :P

Anonymous said...

try L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani.

Nazi? said...

Homagod I just found out that mustard queen's name is Hui Ting! Sounds like a little child's name wtf. well, she is. teehee.