Sunday, December 07, 2008

Skin talk.

At Orchard with Mey:


Striped nautical turtleneck with gold badge: Forever 21 Satin crinkled layer miniskirt: Times Square Pearly white bangle (not shown): Diva Laced-up peeptoe oxfords: Nine West Studded leather bag: Kate Moss for Topshop

Gosh, I hate tall friends wtf.

My mini-er than mini skirt. :P

This is a nautical inspired top ok! When Mey laid eyes on me, she was like, "Wow you're dressed up like a police woman!"


Anyway, I really want to share with you all a few beauty products that I have started using recently!!!

It all started about 2 months plus back, when my skin hit an all-time low. Granted, my skin has deteriorated after being in Melbourne, but after I started work, things turned ugly, literally. Big angry pimples everywhere (especially prevalent on my cheeks and chin), and dull, sallow skin. At one point, I felt that my cheeks looked like they were scarred, if I just glance at it quickly-- it was that bad! I guess it was a mixture of not resting enough, eating unhealthily (eating out a lot + fast food as a quick fix) and just working in general wtf. At first I could still ignore it, 'cause I kept on reassuring myself that it's just PMS.. and that my skin would be okay again. But when a friend met up with me, and the first thing she asked me was "What happened to your skin!!" and looked unconvinced when I told her it's just PMS. And when my cousin sister pulled me a side to ask me to start eating more fruits and vegetables to help my skin condition. And when the boyfriend strokes my skin and tells me that his skin is smoother than mine WTF. -___-
I started reassessing my beauty regime, and well, to cut the story short, I became sort of a beauty junkie. ;)

I spent quite a huge chunk of money on beauty products, and though my heart hurts when I think of the sum-- the results were worth it! When Kit Mey saw me, she said my skin improved! And the boyfriend has complimented me a few times on how much nicer my skin has became. Even my mom has asked me what did I do, 'cause my skin looks so much better now-- and we know how critical moms can be right!! Even my sisters grudgingly admit my skin looks clearer and smoother now (but after I repeatedly ask then "Nice or not my skin!" wtf). :)

I am not one to talk about facial products or make up, 'cause I am unbelievably noob in this type of things, but the products that I plan to talk about are more unconventional brands/products, so I think they are worth a mention. :) And mind you, they showed results pretty quickly-- in less than a month, so I believe they are worth a blog post of their own. ;)

Now now, just give me some time to compile the entry... Good things are meant to be shared after all! :)


Suet Li said...

eh eh abit unrelated la but do u know after looking at your cruise's pics and hui ting's now i REALLY wanna go cruise. serious one ok i checked the price everything edi im gonna go next year!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 hopefully la

mustardqueen said...

AHAHAHAHA EH DID U GET ONE SET OF UR BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR MY BIRTHDAY WTF! Anything jst ask mommy pay u back la jst tell her guarantee good results wtf WHEE birthday wtf

eh suetli go la cruise very fun!!!! :D free food all the way can eat from day to night!! :D

Champagne said...

I love love love the stripe top. So cute.

Irisa Xiong said...

omg you are wicked cute! and curvy haha. no worries, i'm short too.

Miss Nobody said...

gud gud please share. haha i would like to know very very very much!

Sue Lin said...

Kit Mey looks stunning, as usual =P

But u look hot too, Hui Wen! =)

Anonymous said...

your skin looks absolutely flawless in all your pics.So can u say u have pimples and all??

Yes,please share your lil secret. i need them desperately. hopefully it isnt one of nuffang ad la.

revel in me said...

suet li: Omg you should! :))) Just check out which seasons the cruises will be going for cheaper!! (but don't choose tsunami season la WTF) You will LOVE it, 'cause got free food free flow WHOLE DAY! :P

mustardqueen: Ahaha I gave you one sample already what! Got results or not /boo

champagne: It's from F21, got it from the sale! I rarely get non-sale items now to think of it, haha.

irisax: Thank youuu! <333 Curvy, like a F1 track, that's me WTFF. And we are not short! Just.. petite, heh. :P

miss nobody: SOOON! I am just too lazy to take pics and all. T___T

maymay: Unfortunately in my older pics, you CAN see my pimples and all! :( As for my skin now, I still have marks, but they can be covered with concealer! *sigh of relief wtf* I will soon!! I just need to get the discipline to compile pictures, haih. And don't worry, this is not an ad, I simply wanted to share. :)

vss3t said...

omgomg! quick leak your beauty regime!!!!!

i need bloody good skin!