Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spot the ducky!

Ok, it might seemed like the sequence is all wrong, 'cause I am going to backdate, and talk about the preparations we did for Teeny's birthday party!

Actually I just want to post up camwhoring pictures in the supermarket, but can you please pretend that you don't know wtf.

I feel a little lurch in my heart whenever I see pictures of me with a seatbelt.
'Cause seatbelt = car, and god, I miss having a car and driving around! :(

Going around in MRT trains suck. Especially when you have to stand for more than half an hour to reach your destination. :(
And all the yucky people you see in the trains!!! One day I must compile of all the icky things I have seen and blog about it. T__T

I don't know why Teeny and Jing said they want to disown me as a sister when I suggested to buy this Tesco Mouse tamagotchi-like toy wtf. Can give out as door-gift to all the guests what HAHAHAHA!

I tried to sneaked the Mouse toy into Teeny's shopping trolley a couple times, but I always get caught by either Jing or Teeny, and they had to order me sternly to put the toy back at the shelves. Then I sneakily covered it with things in the trolley, hoping that Teeny would unwittingly pay for it without realising... but she found it in the end! And with a dejected sigh asked me 'You really wan ar. Buy la buy la', her face full of regret of being related to me, HAHHAHAH.

We didn't buy it in the end! But I think it makes a great choice for anniversary presents!!! Baby, guess what I am going to get for you next month! :P

Outfit pictures:

Jing, who due to peer pressure, wore flats and used her new fringe bag, 'cause people told her that she 'won't use wan la', hehe.

Frozen foods! There used to be a phase in my life whereby all I ate was microwaveable pizzas. T_T
No wonder I am so short (not enough nutrients). T__T

Vintage velvet zebra print shift dress: Thrifted (online)
Mustard yellow opaques: Somewhere in KL

Black bow headband: Diva

Pearl cuff: Diva

Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

I took this picture of Teeny, nice or not! But ignore the Tesco shopping bags la. Quite editorial right! :P

Lalala, I am in such a glorious mood! My leave for Christmas and NYE is APPROVED! So I will be back home for 2 special dates: X'mas and NYE (which is not just plain old NYE, it's my mom's birthday as well)! Back home with the loved ones, cue for blissful sigh.

And this thought really brightens my mood: it also means I will only be working 2.5 days the next week, and another 2.5 days the following week! DAMN HAPPY!

Since I am in such a good mood, let's play some games wtf.
Spot the XX game hahaha!

Spot the scissors!

Spot Ducky!

WTFF why am I like this.

OHHHH I don't mean to impose such a bimbotic question, but given a choice, would you pick HAIR or SHOPPING?

I have made an appointment with my hairstylist this Saturday when I go back home to do up my hair-- it's about time, I loathe the way my hair looks now. But then Jing came and try to entice me to go shopping instead-- apparently there are quite a few junkyard sales going on this Saturday!

Boo so now I can't decide!

On one hand, it's been some time since I went to a bazaar of some sort, but then I need to save.
On the other hand, I can always do my hair the weekend after that.
But FUCK THIS SHIT I have been having a bad hair month! Make that bad hair life la. *grumble grumble*

Haiya, actually I think I know which agenda I am going to go with. GUESS! See how well you know me wtf.


Anonymous said...

shopping over hair! hair can tie up until the week after, but shopping bargains won't wait! :P

and you three must be the most stylish people grocery-shopping in Tesco that day ahhaha :P

fourfeetnine said...

do hair la of course! even if you have ugly clothes but a great hairstyle it'll still look awesome overall!

that is my life philosophy wtf

Anonymous said...

omg susah nak pilih ini..

if bad hair..mood no good..buat apa pun tak senang hati... LOL

like that ur hair la! haha
u have only one head (lol) but plenty of clothes hehehe

yishyene said...

My dad's birthday is on NYE too! :)

Anonymous said...

hi hui wen~
love how u pair the zebra dress with yellow leggings~strikingly fashionable~lol~

i think u shud go for the bazaar bcoz i soooooooooo want to go too but i can't! i'm in penang!

u can always do your hair the week after~lol~

Miss Nobody said...

i read your entry its like you choose hair over shopping.

but aiya shopping more important! Hair can wait, sales can't wait haaha

Anonymous said...

too easy - SHOPPING. of course x

Nazi? said...

shopping. definitely. plus i don't see what's wrong with your hair!! wait til u see mine heheh wtf

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Wen, as always your outift is soooo pretty! I especially love the zebra print dress, it is from an online boutique? Thanks

mustardqueen said...

YOU WAKE UP EARLIER THEN CAN GO BOTH LORRR!!!!!! -____- I'll be going tesco 2mw wtf you want the toy anot!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Joshua said...


Showpink x Fleur de Lis

Also in the vicinity: Mooie, Tea & Sympathy, Bangsar Village 2, etc.

Lalalalalala, and hair can do next week.

(Sorry, my hair is also on haystack mode, need someone to accompany me on bad-hair-island, wtf)

Anonymous said...

Do both la of course!! Go for shopping then after that, go for your hair appointment!'re shopping till dawn -.- btw you're hair good the way it is what. where do you do your hair btw? Can't find any good ones around kl! :(

Accyee said...


revel in me said...

foongjin: HAHAHHAHAH spoken like a true shopaholic wtf. I think all the Tesco people were nervous of this yellow-stockinged girl running amok with a Mouse Toy, hahaha!

fourfeetnine: But that's 'cause you are so pretty! You can carry off bag lady clothes but still look pretty.. T__T For me, it's dress nice then wear a hat WTF.

miss hazel: HHAHAHAHHAHH omg that's so true! If I feel ugly, confirmed I will be depressed wan! And gosh when you put it that way: you only have one head, HAHHAHAHHA!

Y: Are you serious!! That's such a coincedence!!! People are usually in awe when I tell them my mo was born on NYE! :P

sasha: Aww thank you my dear! <3 And oii I thought you're coming to KL in dec? :) But my hair appointment needs to be split into 2 sessions-- one for my dye job, one for my rebonding! That's why die die must do asap. T_T

miss nobody: You truly know me. T___________T How can you tell where I am leaning towards to wan! *adoring* Haihhh I wanna do my hair but the more I think about it the more I feel like shopping! :'(

anonymous: Hahaha I like how you simplify things! :D

nazihah: WHY what's wrong with your hair!!! NO la, my hair is really ugly now, very big and.. messy, like LION! T__T

jane: Thank you, dear! <333 Ya, I got it online! :) From! :)

mustardqueen: Cannot, 'cause I got siew yuk appointment with chor min at 12 WTF! HAHAHAHAHHA nvm I pay for the toy myself, buying for chor min HAHAHAHAH

joshua: I KNOWWW! Jing told me about your plans. :((( HOWWWW!! I really want to go la! But if I go shopping, I might not have time to do my hair already, BOOO. T__T

lynn: But the bazaars only opening in the afternoon! If I go do my hair after that, it will be too late already! :( But how do you know that I am capable of shopping till dawn WTF. :P My hair is very 'zhap' now! Like grass, sigh. I go to Yen! She is the only hairstylist I trust/like in the world! <3 She is in times square, go to her, she is fantastic! :)))

revel in me said...

accyee: I AM tempted! :(

Nazi? said...

HEHH nothing's wrong with my hair. BUTTTT omgod i used to go through a phase where my hair looked just like a lion's like you said!!but your hair it's not like that what.

and last time i was for some unknown reason saying the word "roar" all the time and my family was like "you look like a lion!" wtf so sad T__T

and then use Dangerously Straight and then voila.

damn i sound like a promoter.

Anonymous said...

haha..ya i went to KL 1 month ago..should be going again next week for christmas muahaha..i so wanna go shopping but why i miss these bazaars againnnnnnnnnnnnn..

emsydo said...

i love everyone's outfits in this post!
i love tamagochis! they are a waste of time but wateva!

revel in me said...

nazihah: Haha, my bf said that my hair is like jungle, so we can get together well la! King of the jungle WTFFFF!!! Walao, what is this dangerously straight! Why so potent wan, hahaha!

sasha: Wheee come come to kl! :D And don't worry, these bazaars are almost on every week, so hopefully you can make it for one or two when you're down! :)

A dreamer: Thank youuu, my sister swill be pleased! :D And YAAA omg those tamagotchi days! *wistful*