Friday, January 02, 2009

Starting off on the wrong foot?

Haihh my video got cut off-- I think there is a time limit for video recording in my camera, dammit Canon Ixus. I didn't even know it has stopped recording, I just continued blabbering on about my dog, phlegm and TVB dramas. -_-

And if you are wondering, we were trying to stop our dog from getting... trapped between the door grill and the sliding glass doors when it scrambled in as the fireworks go "BOOM BOOM BOOM" in the skies. Silly dog. -_-

Haihhh don't that say that how you start your year will determine how your whole year will be like! Doesn't that mean I will be sick for the entire year. T_T


First post of 2009, a brainless, no-frills post of my sisters and I!
Feeling a bit emo after my last entry.. *sniff* I will have you know that I teared a bit while writing that entry.. T__T

Pictures are from Teeny's birthday, after her party here. We went to Pavilion for dinner (plus shopping, 'cause she got some b'day gifts in the form of shopping vouchers)-- this was after the mosquitos had us for dinner at the park, of course.

Mustard queen! (that's Teeny pseudonym if you didn't know!!! How dare you not know wtf)

I got her this felt mustard yellow crown hair accessory as one of her birthday gifts, when I saw it I immediately thought of her, aww.

Being stupid in Topshop, whilst trying to persuade Jing to not get a leather jacket 'cause she only wears things once wtf.

Outfit pictures! 'Cause when Teeny goes to Aussie, you won't get to see outfit pictures of us three anymore. T______T

Teeny, whom we graciously allowed her to wear her gold lame leggings out since it was her birthday.

If she tries to wear it out with me on normal days, I will pretend to not know her wtf.

Jing! Whom couldn't get over how skinny her legs looked in this picture. /boo

Joshua! Cutest outfit, wish my boyfriend dresses like that SIGH SIGH SIGH. *hint hint baby*

Me! Trying not to topple down the stairs, am too clumsy for my own good.

Maroon pink tie-dyed dress: Junkyard sale, Singapore
Black belt with big gold studs: Far East Plaze, Singapore

Antique-like pearl bracelet: Topshop

Studded black heels: Zara

Btw, would anyone like to buy this dress? I got it for work, but obviously it is too short! -__- Comment or email me if you are interested! :)

SNIFFFFFFF. What am I going to do without you girls!


mustardqueen said...

T___________________________T i didnt watch e video cos internet connection damn bad! T_________T OWH I still love the crown I wore it the first thing in the morning during new years day to start off my royal day wtf

Accyee said...

yay i love pictures!

Anonymous said...

no cameltoe?

Anonymous said...

how much u selling the dress? any close up? pretty keen here!

revel in me said...

mudtardqueen: Have you watched it now /boo But aiya I can talk to you in my husky voice right now baby wtf

accyee: Haha yay!

cameltoe: Bugger off

anonymous: Hey love,email me? :)

Joshua said...

I started mine off worse okay...I got into a car accident. :(

Someone hit me but I still got blamed by my parents. T.T

And now I won't have a car to drive until I leave in mid-Feb :(

Kimberly said...

omg you are soo sooo sooo cuuuuute!!! and i just love your fashion style!

happy new year my dear!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Woot upskirt shot :D

revel in me said...

joshua: YAAA I heard from Jing! That sucks! And I also heard how you retorted to the guy in the police station, HAHAHA. Fingers crossed for you that you will get your car back? T__T

kimberly: Haha, thanks dear! <3 Happy new year to you too love!

faux fashionista: Why you so hamsap wan.. T__T

Anonymous said...

Your outfits are so cute.