Saturday, December 20, 2008


He doesn't know I am posting this up. :P


This is the story of Chor Min and Hui Wen who met at their college orientation back in 2003……

It was a weekday morning, and he was dreading the prospect of getting out of bed, as he’d had a late night the day before… Nevertheless, he promptly did what he had to do (albeit a little late), showered, brushed his teeth and washed up for the day ahead… “Hmmm.. what shall I wear today, he pondered…” Ah, this will do, as he set his eyes upon his long-sleeved Nike top, thinking to himself “The air-conditioning might be cold, so this would do…”

He slipped on the shirt, quickly put on his pair of jeans and socks and rushed downstairs to grab his bag which he had packed the day before and sent an sms to Kathy, asking “would you be here soon? I think I am running late”… He went to the kitchen and grabbed himself a hot drink and heard the beep on his mobile phone, which bore Kathy’s reply “yup, leaving my house soon, but don’t worry, take ur time..”

Before long, off he was in Kathy’s car in the front passenger seat as they battled the traffic and went to pick Jason up before they set off to College.. On arrival, both Jason and Chor Min met up with Justin and Jen Tzen, had a brief exchange of words with some friends and the four of them fixed their lunch appointment for the day before they whisked off to look for the College multi-purpose hall… At the hall, the quartet was divided into their own groups for the orientation, and Chor Min set his eyes on a gorgeous young lady, who promptly obliged with one of the most beautiful smiles he’d ever seen…


That was what greeted me at work one day, eliciting the bigggest, widest, silliest grin from me the whole morning. :)

(and if you are wondering why he went into such great detail, even bringing up the brand of his shirt, it's 'cause we still remember what we both wore on the first day we met. :P)

I was asked to continue with Part 2, but I got lazy wtf.

Because it's not how the story started, it's how it's going to end, isn't it? :)
It's day 7 of our 5th year anniversary, and what can I say, but I believe in happy endings and happily ever afters. ;)

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Did he propose? :O

revel in me said...

mel: :O :O :O :O

Nazi? said...

hmmm HAA i know i know! he walked up to you.. and said "helo there" and then u said "helo" and then he said nothing and then u guys laughed and then u guys introduced yourselves and then POOF. there comes love.

heheh what the fish. but is it someting liddat?

mustardqueen said...

EH wtf la happy endings if you didn't say no I'd assume/ thought yur getting married also lor AHAHAHAHAH ok fine **I** was the one who wanted to get married early wtf!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHAH at both Mel's comment, and your response.

So nice the story, he should continue it...not you la, then u can sit back and enjoy the full story - what he really thinks then.

I love reading stories like that!!! :D

etcetera; said...

ur bf wrote that? haha why is he so sweet now im jealous :P

The tai-tai (wannabe) said...

Hi..thanks for visiting my blog,sorry I was so late of replying....but hihihi...thanks anyway!!!! xD

Anonymous said...

Surely happy ending wan lah :)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Awww this is so sweet! Happy anniversary :)

Ashleigh said...

AWWW!! So mushy and sweet! =( I wish my boyfriend would do something like that for me.

revel in me said...

nazihah: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA wtff HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!! Why is your imagination so rich and wild, HAHAHHAHAHA! Gosh I am seriously so tickled. :P Shhhh, the real story is he noticed me but I didn't notice him (I smile to everyone), then he tried to get me to go on 'study dates with him, HAHA!

mustardqueen: CHOIII you should know that I don't want to get married first right! Berfoya-foya WTFFF. Ehhh since when you wanted to get married!!! I thought you only had eyes for takeshi, haha. :P

siewkwan: HAHAHA YA LA I damn scared by her comment k! T__T

I think HE should continued the story too!! 'Cause obviously he was interested in me wayyy earlier before I was in him. *flips hair* HAHA!

bellifer: Haha, ya, he wrote it!! I was super super surprised to receive it in my email lor! 'Cause whilst he used to write me poems and stuff, he stopped like.. a few years back. -_____-

eunice: OWHHH!! I was really confused when I saw your comment, haha! You're welcome? ;)

missycheerio: Why you have so much faith la! *shy*

faux fashionista: Haihh you haven't seen those times when he bullied me k! T__T Hehe, thanks! <3

ashleigh: Haha, have to send him for boyfriend training classes wan! Teach them to write us mushy poems and buy us chanel bags, ehehe.

etcetera; said...

my bf's idea of a poem is like..

"helo im joe,
yo you are my hoe.
i'll sprinkle cheese on you,
from your head to your toe"

-_-" kek dao anot?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I scared you *blush I just got excited heh.