Monday, December 15, 2008

Swings, see saws and childish grins.

Yay, I kept to my promise! Pictures from Teeny's birthday party!

The theme was "Playground", so no prizes for guessing where the party was held wtf.
But GUESS WHAT! It rained on that day! T___T

And Teeny had no back-up plans if it rains. Haihh how can she not think of the possibility of rain! But thank god it rained before the party (which was supposed to start at 3pm), and slowly ceased by 4pm. I mean, it would have been more of a dampener (no pun intended wtf) if it rained halfway through the party right!!

Staying sheltered in the house while it drizzled steadfastly outdoors.

I think it's rather embarrassing that I am caught on camera stuffing my face with thin crust pizza when I was supposed to be serving the guests, heh.

And that's my hall, if you're wondering! If you peer real close, you can see pink danglies hung on the window-- those are pink fairy lights from my 21st pink-themed party. :P

Then it stopped raining, so we went out to the playground! :D
If you're wondering why the rain stopped at quite the right time, it's 'cause I did my infamous rain dance WTF.

Sisters. :)
And see how many party props can you count from this picture! :P

If you count me as a party prop, I don't know whether to be flattered or not wtf.

Speaking of props, haih, I really think I should be a party planner! I was the one pestering Teeny throughout the 2 weeks before her party albeit being really busy with work: what food to order, guest list, music playlist, decorations etc. The only thing Teeny cared about was her birthday cake. -_- (which you all can see later, really damn fucking nice la wtf)

And on Saturday (the day before her party), I went into panic mode 'cause so many things seemed to still be left hanging!!! So I went into overdrive and ran around town like a mad woman trying to make the party as perfect as possible. :)

I am serious! I think I will be quite good in event management. T__T

Happy-clappy paper napkins, which I queued up half an hour for in Ikea.

Wheee table setup!
Why the balloons cleverly censored Jing and my heads ar WTF.

Lone diner wtf.

Romeo Romeo where art thou!
Teeny in the midst of gift-receiving.

Teeny straightaaway opens her present. -__-

Jing, Joshua, and Teeny-- the happy yellow people. Even Ducky (seating in the aluminium foil wtf) is yellow!

Btw, Joshua's outfit is SO cute. :P

I looked like Mary Poppins!!
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious WTF. Whoever who can say that without getting a twisted tongue gets a cookie wtf.

And hehe, the umbrella is actually a picnic umbrella from my 21st as well! The Hoe family recycles everything. :P

HHAHHAHA kungfu master HAHHHA.

Pretty cupcakes!

The food was awesome that day, we had: girlie cupcakes, the BEST mango cheesecake EVER EVER EVER, thin crust pizza pieces, Delifrance pastries, fruit tarts, finger sandwiches etc. A little too much food actually, 'cause I went a little OCD in getting/planning the food. :P

Being one with the duck.

Being lazy hosts.

Being myself WTF.
I was just trying to blow the windmill thingy! *defensive*

I got a toy trumpet... and a kid harmonica. And got many 'wtf' looks from my own sisters, and the guests. T_T

Hey, they are good backups in case there is no music ok!! HAHAHA

I felt so girlie and pretty that day! *shy*
And tell me if my bow isn't the cutest cutest thing in the world! :)))

Happy hair bow: Singapore
Happy dress with cut-out back: Topshop
Happy tan colored maryjanes with turqoiuse bows: Singapore
Pearl strands (worn around wrist): Sister's

Paparazzi shot!

Guess who?

Proof that we are about the same weight! *denies that I am heavier*

Actually, I have a whole batch of pictures of us on the see-saw, with me looking deliriously happy. But unfortunately, they can never be released to the public eye, because they looked TOO happy! Like I was damn high straddling something, if you get my drift. T____T


Blowing 'Happy Birthday' to Teeny!
To Jing's distress, as you can see from her face wtf.

And this is Teeny's beautiful birthday cake!! Isn't it utterly AMAZING! :D :D :D

And if you ever wonder how we sisters look like on candid camera:

Kindly observe that Teeny is scratching herself in every single picture, HAHA!

And my favorite picture of the lot!

Comments and compliments are welcomed, HEHEHE! :D


Anonymous said...

omg how much is the cake? so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

lol you are soo cute blowing on the trumpet

Anonymous said...

so cute and colorful! why wasn't i invited i could have been the garden gnome WTF

Anonymous said...

So colourful indeed!
Oh, u mentioned the BEST mango cheesecake EVER.. where is it from?

melissa said...

where do u find such cute shoes in Singapore?!

Anyway I think it's a great theme for an 18th bday party and even greater that yr guy friend knows how to dress up for it!

Anonymous said...


We are practically neighbours! Okay not quite! ;p

I love the birthday cake! Where was it from? Pray tell! :)

mustardqueen said...

WHY THANK U for all the kind errr compliments wtf! hahahaha


Eh, what la scratching back, It was damn hot ok, I have skin allergies whenever it's panas, I have rash then itchy lor!!! -_- See u at home during weekend <3

alea amin said...

WHERE IS THIS PARK I WANNA GO! hello hui wen, miss me? wtf

k said...

its like the "spot myself in e background" game.
i never got to tell you this in real life but i is in love wit your happy pappy hairbow thing.

Anonymous said...

ohhh...looks like it was a fun and happy party indeed! i love your dress! the colours and patterns are really pretty and your shoes as well!

revel in me said...

anonymous: It cost rm360, which actually isn't that expensive compared to some cake designers out there! Really damn nice right! <3

anonymou: Hahaha I don't know why everyone said the same thing! But I actually really was damn sincere in blowing a song ok. :P

aud: Why you so humble! Why gnome! Can be pixie brownie imp fairy wtf testing Enid Blyton knowledge WTFFF

/boo maybe we can go for a picnic one of these days <333

lia: And I LOVE colors! :P Ooooh the cake is actually made by Teeny's best friend's mom! And she refuses to share the recipe. :( But it really is the BEST BEST BEST BEST cake in the world. T__T I am trying to get my sis to get the cake for me for my b'day, come be my friend and I will let you try! :P

melissa: Haha if you want the truth, I sneaked out for a long lunch break and found this shoe store which sells the cutest shoes! Being lazy has its merits, haha. :P Eh it's not only a good theme for an 18th b'day!! Who knows you may see it for my b'day pary next year WTF. And yayyy you gave credit to josh! I really loved his outfit that day la! <3

joyce: OMGGGG how can you tell!!! From that one see saw!!? T___T The cake is gotten from... HEHE SECRET! Email me, and I tell you personally k! :)))

mustardqueen: Haihh you and your scratching tendencies. 18 years old already, act more like a lady can! Hehehe... Buy bus tix for me please! :(

alea amin: AHHHH YOU ARE BACK! <333 Where did you go!! T___T
And the park is the one near my house! :)

skim: HAIHHH so sad I still don't understand why we didn't take pics together. -_- Thank youuuu!! <3

anonymous: Eee, thank you so much!! <333 I loved the concept of the party, colorful and fun wheee!

Anonymous said...

grr blogger didn't save my comment. but anyways, i love all the happy colors and the happy outfits, and that bow is too cute for words!!

you and your sisters are too cute for words too. :)

Anonymous said...

ooooo.. too bad then!! your friend.. alrighty hui wen!
oh ya, m looking forward to yr skin product post!! pls pls do it ok!

Simon Seow said...

Hope you didn't break anything there.

Anonymous said...

omg ur dress is so sexy! >.<

just wondering, how to wear bra la like that?!!!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ooooo fun!!!! Seriously you should go into event planning/management lorr, you did such a great job. Love the balloons and props and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEE the merry-go-round cake!!! OMGOMGOMG I wouldn't wanna eat it at all lorrrrr hahaha OMG my parents' anniversary tonight no chance I can get it on such short notice horrr? :(

etcetera; said...

1. i want to see your infamous rain dance.
2. the cake is so pretty!
3. i can say supercalifragilisticexpielidocious without my tongue-tied, now gimme my cookie =D

Accyee said...

aw i absolutely love the cake! did it taste as good as it looks?

melissa said...

Haha I used to sneak out for super long lunch breaks during my job to shop at Far East Plaza!
Where can I find that shoe shop? I wanna pay it a visit when I return to Singapore! I'm currently in Korea (the shopping here is great too)!

Accyee said...

omg rm360 anyway here i give u this link:


revel in me said...

irene: T_____________T You are too sweet for words! :P

lia: YES I WILL!!! Promise! ;)

simon seow: WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!! So fat that when I sit chair break, I sing so bad that glasses break... WHAT BREAKS???!! *hysterical*

amelia: Hahaha where got sexy!! I wore a backless adhesive bra... I totally recommend getting one, it will be one of the more valuable things in your wardrobe! :P

faux fashionista: HEEEEE thank youuu!! <333 Actually partly also 'cause the pictures turned out really well too! <333 And oooohhhhh have to book super in advance wan! T___T

Meet up meet up this weekend? :)

1. HAHHAHA should I post on youtube WTF
2. I love the cake too! I didn't think a carousel would be doable, but she managed to do it! *in awe*
3. *hands over virtual cookie* :D

accyee: It's actually butter cake inside! I like butter cakes la, so it was nice to me, hehe!

melissa: You used to work in s'pore? :))) Then how did you manage to score a job in Korea!! *wants to work there also wtf* Ohhh, the shop's name is allegra I think, they have branches all over! <3

accyee: HAHHAHAH why are you so fucking random!!

melissa said...

Haha nono I live in Singapore and I'm still an undergrad but I'm currently in Korea for exchange! I LOVE Korea and I so wanna stay here and work here in the future...the people here are really kind (& goodlooking&fashionable..even the aunties & uncles!!), the culture is really rich and unique, food is good, shopping is great (Korean brand cosmetics are cheaper here..skinfood, missha, laneige hoho), scenery is amazing!! Rahhh I don't want to return to Singapore really! Urghs but I only have 2 weeks left here..If you can get a job here, you shd totally come!!!