Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lipstick index.

Omg omg, I am damn happy, I have won the Diva competition I have entered sometime ago! *click* :D

This means I have RM200 to shop! Shopping without using your own money, for yourself is the best feeling in the world. T__T And err whoever whose birthday is coming up and you see me getting getting you Diva stuff, I did not use the vouchers I have won k. *shifty eyes wtf* Aah, what to buy what to buy! Judging from the way my shopping pulse (yea it has its own pulse wtf) is pumping furiously, I predict RM200 won't be enough. -_- End up have to top up RM200 WTF.

Nevertheless, this also means, no more shopping at the discount rack in Diva! Which honestly, is where most of my Diva accessories come from. *small voice*

This is where I came to this interesting revelation! I was talking to Jing that day, and she mentioned that she is on a headband binge lately-- she just keeps on buying hairbands after hairbands, partly 'cause she is currently broke, but she still feels like shopping. This makes me think of the lipstick index, whereby it was actually proven that consistently during tough economic times, lipstick sales go up! This is because when the economy goes through a recession, women may find it difficult to part with money to purchase a luxury item like a bag or a nice pair of shoes. But a lipstick, whilst considered a small indulgence item, is still generally afforadable, thus women will spend on lipsticks for that little bit of feel-good factor. You can read more about it here and here.

It actually makes really good sense actually! Though I have to admit, my purchasing habits have yet to be affected by the current economy-- my shopping restraints/bans are imposed on myself because I really have too too many clothes, and not nearly enough opportunities to wear them. I am not a make-up fan of any sort, in fact, I don't a single tube of lipstick myself; BUT, when I try to stop myself from shopping, I find myself buying little itty-bitty items like a pair of earrings here, or a hairbow there! Firstly, like I mentioned, I have too many clothes, so clothes are officially off-limits for me, thus buying accessories seem much more justifiable. Secondly, getting hairbow might cost me RM15, but it's enough to keep me smiling for an afternoon, whereas getting even a cheap-ish top in M'sia could easily cost around RM60-80! Which is why lately I find myself getting things like brooches, nerd glasses, rings, headbands.. but no clothes. -_-

So what do you all think? :P Do you agree with the lipstick index? Do some of you girls really buy more lipsticks (or maybe glosses) when you find yourself a little bit more broke? I am really curious to see what beauty junkies feel about this! And what about you other girls, do you like me, buy smaller items to brighten your day nevertheless? ;)

And one more thing, are any of us consciously making an effort to refrain your spending because of the current economy condition? I would say no, judging by how people still queue to get into LV in Orchard wtf. But seriously, every magazine I have been reading has talked nonstop about recession shopping and 'how to make your wardrobe recessioon proof'... I am just really curious, how many of us are taking steps to control their spending now..?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If you are wondering where I am...

*update* Call me a wimp or whatever, but I just got tickets to come home again this weekend!!!! Hahaha, this is so dumb, I will be going back tomorrow (to work SIGH), and coming back to KL after a mere 2 days in Singapore! But it is all worth it! <3

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
which day is our gno

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
if we go out gno at night hor

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
cos we're GNO-ing first night right wtf

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says
sure ppl think we are indian or malay wan WTFFF

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
actually every night wtf

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
coz only non chinese will be roaming out at night during CNY

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
but with my make-up skills should think im from Bangkok wtf

° ßäþý ďò|| says:

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:


Haha, yeap, that should give you a pretty good idea what I am up to! Either GNOs, or karaoke, or high teas with sisters/friends... Not very festive, but what to do, I need to see Teeny and Jac as much as I can before they go off to Melbourne! T______________T

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pre-CNY panic attack.

*edit* I went to OU just now after our reunion dinner in the hopes of finding something to wear tomorrow, but when we got there, all the shops were closed. T______________T I have to go dig for something old to wear now! :'( I hate my life wtf.


I was suddenly struck by the realisation....


And I don't have any Chinese New Year clothes! T____________T

HOW CANNNNN. T__________T

Em, my friends asked me to 'shut up la, hui wen, you have damn a lot of clothes', but but but, they are not CNY clothes!

Y'see, at first I thought I will just be good this year, and just simply wear something from my wardrobe that I haven't worn before, since there are a lot of them wtf. But when I told Jing of my intentions, she was horrified, and proceeded to remind me that CNY clothes must be clothes bought with the intention of wearing for CNY.


"Omg, Jing, you are so smart!"

"Ya la, che, you taught me last time wan."

"Oh." *shifty eyes*

I went on an emergency shopping trip just now, and I couldn't find anything. 'Cause I must wear something red. T___T I always wear something red for the first day of CNY (have been doing so for the past 3-4 years), so I can't break the tradition!!!

What if because I didn't wear something red and new tomorrow, I will be struck with bad luck for the whole year. T_____T

Aiya, but no difference la, since Teeny already told me how my luck will be for the year ahead:

Teeny: Eh che, I heard on radio just now, they said people born in the year of Ox will have bad luck.
Teeny: Ohhh 'cause people born in year of Ox will kena kao kao (cow cow).


PS: I just had 4 mini mandarin oranges, and at least 6 pieces of peanut cookies (one of my favorite CNY cookies)... I am finally getting the Chinese New Year mojo! :P
So with that , I have to wish everyone, have a great Chinese New Year!
This is
my year (Ox wtf), so I am blessing everyone, heehee! :D

Friday, January 23, 2009

I love weddings!

Heh, problem solved. Hallelujah! :D


"your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. "



I don't know what to blog about, so I am dug through my pictures to find something to talk about wtf. But hey, we all love pictures right! If one day I don't have any more pictures, I will stop blogging altogether wtf.

AHA! I found pictures from my cousin's wedding dinner last month!

Weddings, I LOVE weddings! In fact, I am trying to persuade my friends to get married asap so that I can attend a wedding! *dreamy* There is just something magical about 2 people so deeply in love that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. :) And also, it means I can dress up for the wedding dinner wtf. Before my cousin's wedding recently, the last wedding I have been to was easily a few years back-- which is way too long ago! Not to mention that the weddings that I have attended before this were always weddings of people that I don't really know... Hence, whilst I am happy for the married couple, I don't feel as strongly about the matrimony simply because I don't know them?

Which is why I can't wait for my friends to get married!! I think I will tear if any of my good friends get married. T___T And I want to be a bridesmaid!!! But is it true that bridesmaids never become brides ar. =/ But when I ask my friends to get married, they ask me to get married instead. -___- To which I will inform them that I am commitment phobic wtf.

Anyway, back to the wedding dinner! Let's start at the very beginning, shan't we.

In the car, on the way to the restaurant:

Jing, me and Teeny.

My sisters scolded me: "Che, why didn't you wear a tube top! If not we can look naked in the picture"

I was wearing this instead!

White sheer-ish tier top: Somewhere from the depths of mommy's closet
Pale pink chiffon layered/tiered/pleated bandeau skirt: Far East Plaza, Singapore

Mirror multicolored multi-star necklace: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Satin lilac studded bow headband: Heeren, Singapore

Black studded heels: Zara

Prada black bow bag: Mommy's

The skirt is pretty pretty pretty!!! Wish I took a close-up of the skirt. (Actually I did, but I think I accidentally deleted it wtf) I love love love the shop that I got the skirt from (incidentally, it's always where I got the star necklace from), it is this really expensive shop which sells the cutest imported clothes-- but way out of my price range. So imagine my delight when I found out that they were having a closing down sale! I got the skirt for SGD30, which is like 1 quarter of its original price. T___T

The two goofballs in tube dresses. :P

Jing, in her really pretty dress!

And Teeny, in her really pretty, err, skirt worn as a dress. :D

Let me introduce you to my parents, all dolled-up! :)

Mommy and daddy. And err, only mom is dolled-up, my dad dresses like that all the time. -__-

"Daddy, you are not ready in this shot! One more!"


Haihhhh cannot make it la my dad. He has the same stoned face in all pictures. I attribute it to the fact that he is a man wtf.

And my mom! She warned us not to dress too OTT, 'cause it was supposed to be a small, casual-ish wedding.
The woman turned up at the wedding in a fur shrug. -__________-

From young, people have been telling me that I am an exact carbon copy of my dad!!!! Which I am not too pleased with WTF.
What do you all think? *nervous*

This was before my hair makeover, hence the slightly unruly hair. =/

Family potrait! :)))

My really funky necklace, which I also got at a steal. :D

Let me show you some composed pictures of us:

Because after that, we started bawling our eyes off when the groom serenaded my cousin. T________T
Well, actually, Jing and I started crying; Teeny is made of stone, I swear.
For Jing, it's 'cause she cries at everything wtf. But for me, it was a really emotional moment 'cause this is a cousin whom I grew up with (we are less than a year apart in terms of age), and to see her embarking on the next phase of her life, so happy and loved.. I was just moved.
So there you have Jing and I, dabbing at our eyes with the table cloth. T___T With Teeny looking at us with raised eyebrows wtf.

Thinking about that moment still make my eyes a little wet.. T_____T

My mom, with her accessory for the night-- the microphone. -_______-

I tell you ar, this woman really cannot make it.

They had karaoke during the dinner, which I guess is a typical feature of any Chinese weddings (rest assured though, NO karaoke during my wedding dinner); and when I egged my mom on to sing, she told me gravely that singing in public is not really her thing. I took what she said with a pinch of salt, 'cause my mom is one of the most un-shy person I know.

I was right.

Because the next thing I know, I was talking to my sisters, and suddenly we heard a very familiar voice singing over the speakers. -___-
My mom. -_______________-

And she refused to let go of the mike for the entire night! -_________________-

Pictorial evidence:

My mom and her elder sister, HAHAHHAHAHA why is my mom like that.

And HAHAHHAHAHA a very compromising picture of my mom and my aunt! French kissing wtf.

Do you think 20 years from now, us four siblings will be as sohai as my mom and her sisters ar.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sporty ballerina.

I feel like I haven't been home for ages... T___T Although in actual fact it has only been slightly more than 2 weeks wtf.

And right this moment, I am missing out!! T___T Missing out on a big event. Aka Jac's 23rd Girly Dinner wtf. Got Facebook invitation somemore. -___-

Boooooooo. It's not fair! I should be there for one of my bestie's birthday! Not to mention it is a dress-up girlie dinner, just like last year's. T__T Do you all have any idea how much I love to dress up or not. T_____T

But then Jing has already ajak-ed me to go out this weekend so that she can wear her brand new Topshop dress wtf! *brightens up*

Come, let me show you all some pictures!

Pictures from this day:

Sorry ar, couldn't resist, 'cause the picture is too pretty! I am too big a fan of tulle, bows.. and designer bags WTF.

What I was actually wearing!

I was going for a sporty ballerina look. :P

Green polo: Lacoste
Pale pink layered tutu skirt: Tea & Sympathy
Pale peach floral bow (worn in hair): Vintage 50's
Tan maryjane pumps with turquoise bows: Singapore

I am really, really pleased with the bag! 'Cause whilst I think my bag collection is quite complete (for the meantime wtf), I have been coveting for a nice small bag, something that I can bring out the night, whether for a nice dinner or a night of wild clubbing. And this bag not only fits the bill, it is so so versatile! The long strap is removable, so I can use it as a sling bag or as an evening bag. The gold chain is also detachable, so I could use it as a wristlet, or wear it on my shoulders.. I can also let the gold chain drape oh so delicately as an accessory (as depicted in the picture)! *pleased*

When Smalls found out that the boyfriend got me the LV, she was really surprised,
"He chose the bag by himself??"

Me: "No la, I mentioned to him the model before, and he remembered..."

Smalls: "WHAT?? He knows the bag model's name???? WELL TRAINED, HUI WEN, WELL TRAINED!!"

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Should I open a school for training boyfriends ar wtf.

Said well-trained boy! At Crabtree & Evelyn's kiosk, trying out different hand creams for me, 'cause there were quite a few different ones, and I only have 2 hands wtf.

After I rubbed the moisturiser onto his hands, he sniffed it distastefully, and exclaimed really accusingly: "EEEEWWW! I SMELL LIKE A GIRL NOW!!"


In ZARA's fitting room-- I dared to dilly-dally while trying on clothes, 'cause thank god ZARA has a men's section! Can distract the boyfriend for awhile wtf.

NAHHHHHH my super pretty bow!
My hair looked super red here... and I actually quite like the way it looks!! It doesn't look like that in real life la, in person my color is more of a brown cocker spaniel shade wtf. My colleague called me shaggy dog. -_____-

Aah, sorry, am just itchy to do my hair again 'cause Jing and Ting went for a hair makeover recently!!! And they don't want to show me how they look now, they told me "Lazy la". T__T

Then we went to eat Teppanyaki, 'cause the boyfriend had cravings.

It's actually the second time we have had teppanyaki together... Mind you, we have known each other for 6 years!!!

Do you all want to know when was the first time we had teppanyaki together.. T____T
It was the day I left for Melbourne for the first time.. T_____T
I could carely taste the food that day, 'cause all I could taste was tears.. T____T

In fact, ironically, I managed to find the pictures from that fateful day! And realised that my poses haven't changed one bit wtf.


And this is the picture we took in the teppanyaki restaurant on the day I left for Melbourne!

I had no make up on. T____T Now that you all have seen this picture, I have to kill all of you all wtf.

*suddenly sits up straight*

EHHH is the boyfriend wearing the same shirt in both pictures!!! Gosh if he is, I need to get him some new clothes wtf.

I even have a picture of the chef at work for the day I left-- this is the teppanyaki restaurant in OU, by the way.

Pickled garlic! I didn't dare touch this at all, it looked fatal. =/

Chicken teppanyaki! I am fascinated watching the chef whip up this dish, but I always hate how my hair smell after that! :(

We went to the restaurant in Midvalley (lower ground), it sucks! The one in OU (new wing) is much better. :)

I was bored, so I took pictures to let the boyfriend choose which one he prefers: bangs straight down, or side-swept bangs...

Straight down. PLease ignore the unsightly gap in between my bangs wtf.

Side bangs!

The boyfriend picked side bangs. I have this theory: Men always prefer sideways bangs!! Tell me is it true or not!

And err you all can vote as well. But if anyone calls me Shaggy Dog again, I will blow my top wtf.

The boyfriend got his new car yesterday! And with it, he also turned in his old Wira. :(

Am a bit emo la, for as long as I have known the boyfriend, he has been driving the mint green Wira! From our study dates (that was the excuse he used to ask me out, ahem) to our first date.. Our first real kiss (the first 'fake' one was when he wanted to kiss me, but kissed my hair instead wtf)... Those rainy days where we just sit in his car and talk, and the windows have misted over and we felt like we were in a world of our own... All the XXX, OOO, @@@, #### that we did in the car WTF. Holding hands while he drive... Having my hand on the handgear, with his gently placed on top of mine, so that he subtly manouvres my hand while he drives, and I could exclaim to everyone that "I can drive a manual car!"wtf. The car carries so many memories! And I didn't even get to say a proper goodbye to it, 'cause it was rather sudden that the boyfriend's new car arrived early. :(

In fact, the next time the boyfriend fetches me, it will be in his new car! And it is all he can talk about. -____-

I asked him whether he is slightly sad when he gave away the Wira. He told me, no. "I was like, NAH, faster take it la! Give me my new car!"
Men. -________-

Haihh. I will just have to look at the brighter side of things. With his new car, and his renewed zest and excitement for driving, it will be easier to cheat him to drive down to Singapore to visit me! Nyehehe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just came back from a firm-wide 'meeting'.

The rumors are true.

The economy recession is starting to feel very very real now, and a little to close to home.

The firm is going to impose a PAY CUT.


I am spared, because it's only for the more senior levels, but they did say very very scary things like
"significant decrease in bonus"
"at the meantime promotions will be as normal"
"we shall wait and see for the next 12-18 months"

OH MY LORD. This a really bad time to be working, isn't it???

And that's not the worst.

They are going to abolish overtime claims. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF???!!!!!!

My job requires me to work till 5am during peak period. No overtime????!! (overtime is claimed as overtime leave)
As it is I get only 14 days of annual leave, with no study leave whatsoever. I have 2 professional papers a year, which I plan to take 5 days off to study for each paper... that will leave me with 4 days of leave each year???!!! WTFFF???????????!!!

Shortchanged, over-used, exploited... are some of the words coming to my mind now.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Woke up today at 2pm, had lunch, surfed a bit, and went back to sleep, and just woke up for dinner. Is it cue for me to go back to sleep ar wtf.
Mmmf. I am still sleepy, despite sleeping in the whole day.

It's nice to laze in at home today though, after the previous hectic week. Feel like downloading Moonlight Resonance (the TVB series) after hearing all the hype about it, but I don't know how to. -_-

I thought I would have trouble getting used to the warm weather, but it was windy and shady the whole of today! Windy as in the wind kept on going WOO WOO WOO, like ghost wtf. Very cooling! So nice to sleep, mmmf. But aaah, I love you tropical climate.

Just inspected my face for wrinkles! 'Cause winter weather in Wuxi is very very dry. :( I don't know whether I am being paranoid but I feel like there are wrinkles under my eyes! But I am not sure whether they have been there before I went to China wtf. But I sure took a lot of precautionary measures-- I basically really load up on serum and moisturizer and eye cream everyday, day and night! As taught by my senior (who is a guy wtf). 'Cause it's better to have clogged pores than wrinkles!!! Clogged pores can be salvaged, but wrinkles are irreversible k. T__T But ya la, true as expected, I feel like my face is very clogged up now. -_- Facial this weekend! *determined*

I had laksa for dinner just now, 'cause I told myself I am sick of rice + dishes, which is what I had all the time in Wuxi. But the laksa sucked, sigh. So I am really missing Malaysia food now. Give me banana leaf rice please!!! :(

Oooh that reminds me. I just examined my body under a really strict eye to analyse whether I lost weight from the China trip. I don't know why I am under the impression that I will lose weight, considering I snacked every night while working overtime. -____- Mmm, mango mousse pokey and green tea mousse pockey... Show you all pictures the next time k! :P But I am rather proud of myself, 'cause the last time I went to Beijing (during winter as well), because I would get hungry really quickly due to the immense cold, I had an average of 6 bowls of rice every meal WTF. But this time around, I only had 1 bowl each meal. *beams*

On the day of flying back to S'pore (which is yesterday wtf), I got a huge shock when I saw how much slimmer I looked without the usual layers of clothes I had on!!! Despite having my Sass Bide tee and thick-ass cardie on, I looked.. much less like a ball wtf. Which was what my senior called me. -_- And he calls me polar bear when I have my down jacket on during those extra cold nights-- white and fur-trimmed ('cause my inner diva asks for it). -_- Eh back to the cardie I wore on the last day, it's this nude-colored Emporio Armani asymmetrical long cardie, which I got from S'pore a few years back. It is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, but it made me itch like a bitch!!!My arms have tiny scratches from all my scratching. :((( I checked the material, it's made of lambs wool, is it supposed to make people itch! :((((

Mmmfff, am still slightly groggy, though this is the most awake I have been in the entire day. But I am feeling quite purposeful now! A mini project will be embarked on soon... em, as soon as the sisters say so wtf. So keep a lookout. :P

Em, ok that's all I have to say! Nah, give you all a picture.

Before Mama Mia the musical with the boyfriend and the boyfriend's family!

Gray sleeveless lace dress with little pearl buttons: Bazaar
Black mandarin collar military style cropped jacket: MNG
Pearl strands: Melbourne
Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

On second thought, I want to show off my pretty gray lace dress!!! And I found this batch of pictures of my looking very pretty.. *shy* Soooo... nah give you all another dozen of pictures wtf.

All these pictures are completely untouched/un-Photoshopped! Sigh and this is how I looked like when I am well-rested. Which is rarely wtf. T_T

I got this dress last year, or is it the year before... Before lace dresses were the shiznit (as established by Prada, oh those beautiful black lace! <3), so I got it at a really really good price! Lace dresses now are so expensive. T__T Like a couple of hundred bucks, boo. And I want a feather dress now, which cost SGD189. But I can't figure out how to wash it yet wtf.

Oh shit, I haven't bathed yet! And it's going to be midnight soon. =/ Ta!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 degrees.

I will be going home tomorrow!!! YAYYY! Last night in Wuxi, and guess what, the weather today actually turned warmer! It's 3 degrees WTF.

I am quite surprised though, 'cause I am actually a little... for a lack of a better word, nolstagic? sentimental? over leaving. 'Cause although the the job is really stressful 'cause of the tight timeline and the fact that I am handling sections beyond my level, the team I am with (including the manager) are extremely nice and fun. The client is also treats us super super well... But I won't miss the squatting toilets la wtf.

Some random facts about me and China:

1. My contacts broke on the first day itself, so I have been wearing glasses everyday. Plus the fact that I had to work overtime in the hotel every night, so every minute of sleep is so precious... I ended up not using make up for the entire week! I am talking about a totally naked face, sans concealer, powder, anything. I am so brave. T_T I also made my team mates swear to never divulge how I look without make up wtf.

2. I didn't take any pictures at all in Wuxi! Never wear make-up what WTF. Haha, no la, in actual fact, I have just been so busy that I didn't even get to properly go around Wuxi or to enjoy the sights. Everyday our agenda is: go to client's office, work, leave client's around evening time, dinner, then straight back to hotel to work. Boo.

3. This business trip really tests my Chinese!!! Both spoken and written. o_O I have spoken Chinese since.. high school?? Ahh, there is another story there wtf. But seriously, try speaking Chinese in business terms, or more specifically, accounting terms, and you have yourself a great deal of headache. But I think I did pretty well! In fact, my client, a local Chinese, praised me. T___T Thank god I didn't shame my Chinese teachers. T__T Believe it or not, I was always the top Chinese student in school. T___T

4. My whole body is itching!!! From:
a) wearing too many layers
b) weather is too dry-- I can see my skin becoming scaly and even peeling off at some areas although I keep on loading up on the lotion. :(
c) wearing knits/wool too often
d) Wuxi hates me wtf

5. Originally, I thought since I didn't take any pictures of Wuxi sights, I will take pictures of my work outfits everyday! Like... winter work wear. :P But I got too emo from seeing myself without make-up, so that deterred me wtf. But I can describe to you all for your imagination's sake-- a wardrobe which comprises of black, white, gray and err mustard yellow wtf; knits and pullovers; black knee length boots, black/navy pants, trench coat, Alannah Hill scarf (from Flat Hair Flat with love /boo), assorted long cardies. Hope that paints the picture in your head wtf.

Ok I have nothing to say already! Let me move on to some pictures. 'Cause we all love pictures right (if you are anything like me that is wtf).

But super super super backlogged pictures though! Christmas ones hahaha. But I haven't posted clubbing pictures in such a long time! I need to show that I still have a social life WTF.

Pictures totally not in order, 'cause I am using my work laptop now, and for some reason, it doesn't allow me to move pictures around in Blogger! -_-


Clubbing with Jac! A Flat Hair Flat clubbing outing has been long overdued. T__T

And before you wonder why I was dressed so un-Christmas-y on X'mas eve, I had on red lipstick k! Festive! Haha.


Nah, a very festive me in my Santa hat which will light up hahahaha. I bought it with the boyfriend while eating banana leaf rice at Bangsar, HAHA. With the 3 Js here wtf: Joelyn, Julie and Jac.


The boyfriend, after viewing this picture:

"Eh your hat ate Viagra ar?"



Sneaking sips from Julie's drink!


University mates: Michael and Kimberly!


The boyfriend tried to pose as 'cool' as he could for the picture, little did he know I took the photo to show him that he had the same headgear as the waiter, HAHAHA.


Very much later in the night, hence all the pinkness.


Still very early in the night. Hahahah Ken Hoong crashed and burned after we forced him to down a few drinks.


HAHAHAHHAHAdamn freaking sohai-looking la him.


Erin! Sigh, Erin, you look so pretty here it's insane! Why do I have such pretty friends. :(


Looking a little crazed with Lin Lin, my junior from high shool! She was Prom Queen yo.






Down down down! Favorite word while clubbing wtf. Eh isn't this how married couples toast each other on their wedding night ar.


With Yvonne, one of the best female drinkers that I know!
As you can see, my drink had a lot more mixer (Coke) than hers. *hangs head in defeat*


Celebration time!

They were blowing man-made snow (aka styrofoam balls) outside of Zouk, and me being the excited overgrown child I am, went chasing after the 'snow'... and got a mouthful of styrofoam balls in my mouth wtf.


Ken Hoong before he got drunk, hahaha. And Ai Ling, the fairest of them all! T_T


Happy girls on the dance floor! Count the number of hats in the picture. :P


Why do I look so solemn here, hahaha.


And so deranged here.
In almost every single picture I looked like a mad woman. T__T

When Jing viewed my Facebook pictures (the pictures are all up on FB), she instant-messaged me and asked me, "Che, why are you like this"


I took we camwhored more than we danced on the dance floor. *shifty eyes* :P


My couture pose! :P

Hehe, do you wonder where did this hat came from!!!
Well, it all began like this... I saw this guy wearing this funky jester hat, and I started pointing at him and laughing wtf. Obviously he noticed me (or rather my jeering WTF), so I proceeded to ask to borrow his hat to take a picture... I guess he saw how happy I was with the hat lovingly perched on my head, so he told me I could have it! :P

This year's Halloween I am going as a jester wtf.


Flat hair Flat is love. :)))


Even with high reindeer antlers, I am still shorter than Mey. -__-


We all look very naked here!


Hehehe I feel happy looking at this picture.. Just look at the amount of teeth showing in the picture! :P


Being a retard as usual.


Oh oh oh!! This is the Jester-Hat Guy! Or rather, ex-Jester-Hat Guy. :P


Smalls so cute!
And is the boyfriend trying to strangle me at one corner wtf.


Orchestra conductor WTF.


HAHAHHA wtff I am reallhy ashamed of us sometimes.


Can you see the little stars on my hat! They were lit up! My mom were ever-amused when she saw the hat, and asked me why didn't I get more for the family. -__-


Err I have nothing to say. -_-


Fetching confetti from the party popper, HAHAHA.

Ok, that's all! I need to go pack now. Singapore tomorrow, HOME, next week! :D