Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 degrees.

I will be going home tomorrow!!! YAYYY! Last night in Wuxi, and guess what, the weather today actually turned warmer! It's 3 degrees WTF.

I am quite surprised though, 'cause I am actually a little... for a lack of a better word, nolstagic? sentimental? over leaving. 'Cause although the the job is really stressful 'cause of the tight timeline and the fact that I am handling sections beyond my level, the team I am with (including the manager) are extremely nice and fun. The client is also treats us super super well... But I won't miss the squatting toilets la wtf.

Some random facts about me and China:

1. My contacts broke on the first day itself, so I have been wearing glasses everyday. Plus the fact that I had to work overtime in the hotel every night, so every minute of sleep is so precious... I ended up not using make up for the entire week! I am talking about a totally naked face, sans concealer, powder, anything. I am so brave. T_T I also made my team mates swear to never divulge how I look without make up wtf.

2. I didn't take any pictures at all in Wuxi! Never wear make-up what WTF. Haha, no la, in actual fact, I have just been so busy that I didn't even get to properly go around Wuxi or to enjoy the sights. Everyday our agenda is: go to client's office, work, leave client's around evening time, dinner, then straight back to hotel to work. Boo.

3. This business trip really tests my Chinese!!! Both spoken and written. o_O I have spoken Chinese since.. high school?? Ahh, there is another story there wtf. But seriously, try speaking Chinese in business terms, or more specifically, accounting terms, and you have yourself a great deal of headache. But I think I did pretty well! In fact, my client, a local Chinese, praised me. T___T Thank god I didn't shame my Chinese teachers. T__T Believe it or not, I was always the top Chinese student in school. T___T

4. My whole body is itching!!! From:
a) wearing too many layers
b) weather is too dry-- I can see my skin becoming scaly and even peeling off at some areas although I keep on loading up on the lotion. :(
c) wearing knits/wool too often
d) Wuxi hates me wtf

5. Originally, I thought since I didn't take any pictures of Wuxi sights, I will take pictures of my work outfits everyday! Like... winter work wear. :P But I got too emo from seeing myself without make-up, so that deterred me wtf. But I can describe to you all for your imagination's sake-- a wardrobe which comprises of black, white, gray and err mustard yellow wtf; knits and pullovers; black knee length boots, black/navy pants, trench coat, Alannah Hill scarf (from Flat Hair Flat with love /boo), assorted long cardies. Hope that paints the picture in your head wtf.

Ok I have nothing to say already! Let me move on to some pictures. 'Cause we all love pictures right (if you are anything like me that is wtf).

But super super super backlogged pictures though! Christmas ones hahaha. But I haven't posted clubbing pictures in such a long time! I need to show that I still have a social life WTF.

Pictures totally not in order, 'cause I am using my work laptop now, and for some reason, it doesn't allow me to move pictures around in Blogger! -_-


Clubbing with Jac! A Flat Hair Flat clubbing outing has been long overdued. T__T

And before you wonder why I was dressed so un-Christmas-y on X'mas eve, I had on red lipstick k! Festive! Haha.


Nah, a very festive me in my Santa hat which will light up hahahaha. I bought it with the boyfriend while eating banana leaf rice at Bangsar, HAHA. With the 3 Js here wtf: Joelyn, Julie and Jac.


The boyfriend, after viewing this picture:

"Eh your hat ate Viagra ar?"



Sneaking sips from Julie's drink!


University mates: Michael and Kimberly!


The boyfriend tried to pose as 'cool' as he could for the picture, little did he know I took the photo to show him that he had the same headgear as the waiter, HAHAHA.


Very much later in the night, hence all the pinkness.


Still very early in the night. Hahahah Ken Hoong crashed and burned after we forced him to down a few drinks.


HAHAHAHHAHAdamn freaking sohai-looking la him.


Erin! Sigh, Erin, you look so pretty here it's insane! Why do I have such pretty friends. :(


Looking a little crazed with Lin Lin, my junior from high shool! She was Prom Queen yo.






Down down down! Favorite word while clubbing wtf. Eh isn't this how married couples toast each other on their wedding night ar.


With Yvonne, one of the best female drinkers that I know!
As you can see, my drink had a lot more mixer (Coke) than hers. *hangs head in defeat*


Celebration time!

They were blowing man-made snow (aka styrofoam balls) outside of Zouk, and me being the excited overgrown child I am, went chasing after the 'snow'... and got a mouthful of styrofoam balls in my mouth wtf.


Ken Hoong before he got drunk, hahaha. And Ai Ling, the fairest of them all! T_T


Happy girls on the dance floor! Count the number of hats in the picture. :P


Why do I look so solemn here, hahaha.


And so deranged here.
In almost every single picture I looked like a mad woman. T__T

When Jing viewed my Facebook pictures (the pictures are all up on FB), she instant-messaged me and asked me, "Che, why are you like this"


I took we camwhored more than we danced on the dance floor. *shifty eyes* :P


My couture pose! :P

Hehe, do you wonder where did this hat came from!!!
Well, it all began like this... I saw this guy wearing this funky jester hat, and I started pointing at him and laughing wtf. Obviously he noticed me (or rather my jeering WTF), so I proceeded to ask to borrow his hat to take a picture... I guess he saw how happy I was with the hat lovingly perched on my head, so he told me I could have it! :P

This year's Halloween I am going as a jester wtf.


Flat hair Flat is love. :)))


Even with high reindeer antlers, I am still shorter than Mey. -__-


We all look very naked here!


Hehehe I feel happy looking at this picture.. Just look at the amount of teeth showing in the picture! :P


Being a retard as usual.


Oh oh oh!! This is the Jester-Hat Guy! Or rather, ex-Jester-Hat Guy. :P


Smalls so cute!
And is the boyfriend trying to strangle me at one corner wtf.


Orchestra conductor WTF.


HAHAHHA wtff I am reallhy ashamed of us sometimes.


Can you see the little stars on my hat! They were lit up! My mom were ever-amused when she saw the hat, and asked me why didn't I get more for the family. -__-


Err I have nothing to say. -_-


Fetching confetti from the party popper, HAHAHA.

Ok, that's all! I need to go pack now. Singapore tomorrow, HOME, next week! :D


jeanchristie said...

hello, i see u've survived! haha
anyway, to *heal* your scaly skin, use ginvera olive oil all over right after u come out of the shower when ur skin is still slightly damp.

in about a week, all scaliness will be gone wtf

how long will u be back for cny? maybe we can go visiting with the rest!

mustardqueen said...

thank god mommy dun wanna drag me to bentong during cny cos she will only be back on the 4th day wtfffffffff -_____- ahhh i think ur on e plane now hor? WHEEE CNY next week :D:D:D:D

t3ngt3ng said...

ur mommy from bentong??? sama kampung leh :D

sorry, i'm so random T__T

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, why, did you think I won't survive? :P Mehh I am already loading up on the moisturiser! T___T And em I will be back for about 4-5 days! Visit who! wtf

mustardqueen: So I won't see her at all for CNY? o_O

t3ngt3ng: Haha, actually, it's my mom's best friend who is from bentong! My mom will kepo follow her to bentong every year. :P

Anonymous said...

Your nose is so sharp in pic 31...i want your nose!

revel in me said...

gwencws: My mom calls my nose a hawk-nose! T___T And your nose is fine as it is k! <3