Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just came back from a firm-wide 'meeting'.

The rumors are true.

The economy recession is starting to feel very very real now, and a little to close to home.

The firm is going to impose a PAY CUT.


I am spared, because it's only for the more senior levels, but they did say very very scary things like
"significant decrease in bonus"
"at the meantime promotions will be as normal"
"we shall wait and see for the next 12-18 months"

OH MY LORD. This a really bad time to be working, isn't it???

And that's not the worst.

They are going to abolish overtime claims. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF???!!!!!!

My job requires me to work till 5am during peak period. No overtime????!! (overtime is claimed as overtime leave)
As it is I get only 14 days of annual leave, with no study leave whatsoever. I have 2 professional papers a year, which I plan to take 5 days off to study for each paper... that will leave me with 4 days of leave each year???!!! WTFFF???????????!!!

Shortchanged, over-used, exploited... are some of the words coming to my mind now.



Anonymous said...

Well,its reality check.I'm sure you'll cope justttt fine with it! :)

Update my links pretty pls!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wow...yep it's so real. Pay cut for senior managers and higher levels...yeap, I'm already experiencing, not like I'm senior manager la, my uncle is ma. I heard that in UK those billionaires are having one pound per month as salary.Hang in there, I'll be joining you very soon...

KITMEY said...

say NO to recession!
your company is just trying to be very very conservative at d whole pay cut thingy..

revel in me said...

missycheerio: Meh, don't think the fact is sitting well with me at all. Will do it later!

siewkwan: Boo never really thought the recession would hit us so below the belt. Really upset now, sigh. Hope times will get better soon! :(

kitmey: Bloody cinapek company. RAWRRRR so angry and upset!

Joshua said...

Unfortunately it's the same all over the world :(

I hear people are getting laid off by the hundreds in banking and finance especially.

Australia, UK, and US are all pretty bad. :(

Be strong! You can weather this!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, wtf.

Anonymous said...

Come back home to our big 4s? :D

I think big 4s here i still promoting and im damn sure they are still giving OT.

Hui Wen, permanently here, YAY!!!

fuzkittie said...

That sucks!! :[ I'm sorry... crossing my fingers that it won't happen to me!

jeanchristie said...

Ah, yes. The all dreaded.

Mine have yet to impose pay cuts but interim bonuses @ March are gone and year end bonuses @ June are dependent on the economy wtf means ZILCH LAH! -_______-

Dec promotions were frozen, and my batch's promotion in July are in grave danger wtf. Those who will be promoted will be like endangered species T_______T

Totally screws up my plans. How am I to return down under lah kns.

Back home its not as bad as it is here...but its getting there. I just want my title lah can? ;(

choco said...

already lucky to even have a job these days :(

my brother also experiencing the same thing. cut overtime and no bonuses/promotion.

Anonymous said...

more like bad time working in singapore? lucky to have a job n monthly paid in this time around.

The Faux Fashionista said...

*hugs* I'm sorry to hear that and yes I agree with the exact same words you have in mind. Anyway hang in there, you can do it!

revel in me said...

joshua: Can I go back to study ar! And shopping wtf.

smalls: I am seriously considering, y'know! Sick of being exploited, GAHHH!!!

fuzkittie: It DOES suck! :( I am praying for you that you won't go through it! :(

jean: Wow, at leats you guys have interim bonuses! We don't have such thing wan. :( So you don't know yet whether promotions are done come July? Suck la, if they don't promote us, I am seriously going to quit. No point sticking around in audit. BAHHH so pissy

choco: It's just a sad sad thing. :(

anonymous: Yaaa, s'pore is affected quite badly. And also the stupid firm for taking such opportunistic measures, arghhh.

faux fashionista: I am not sure I want to. :(

Anonymous said...

professional papers mean ACCA?

revel in me said...

chimpanzee: CPA! Wanted to do CA, but due to circumstances.. Long story HAIH.

Sue Lin said...

OH MY GOD, thats AWFUL!!!!!

Why dont u get study leave!?!

revel in me said...

Singaporean firms don't give study leave! :( Only if you are taking Singaporean CPa. :(((