Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bloody hell!

I have been sniffling out bloody mucus. :( Like bloodstained (brown), slimy green mucus. But today, there was fresh blood in my booger. :(

I mean, I have been coughing and sniffling for 1 week already, so I guess a bit of blood is inevitable. *tough* But the boyfriend forced me to go see a doctor, meh. If it was up up to me, I would just drop a text to my dad and ask him for his diagnosis ("hey dad, been coughing out blood, is it TB ar" WTF), but of course, my loving family is happily holiday-ing in Macao. -_-

So I went to see a doctor, and don't worry, folks, as I have suspected, it's mainly 'cause I have been coughing/blowing my nose too much. BUT, he did tell me that I am having a fever! Like what the hell, I didn't even know that! So after his consultation, I came out feeling very sickly, hahaha, drama queen.


I didn't go for purple hair in the end! :P

White tee: Topman Houndtooth miniskirt with front buttons: Dotti, Melbourne Pale pink silk scarf with beautiful horsies: Forever 21 Black opaques Cream and black maryjanes: Singapore

Yes yes, it's the same old brown color (a more ashy shade this time) again. 'Cause I specifically requested for easy maintenance hair (busy period coming up, I have no time to take care of my hair!), and purple dye fades, boo.

Met up with my favorite girls. Flat Hair Flat misses you, Mey!

Life taunting Smalls-- the glass is bigger than her face HAHAHA.

Sneakily snapping pictures of Jaclyn while she stole Wong Kok's serviettes to blow her nose, nyehehe!

HAHAHAHAHHA when we asked for the bill, it came with THIS!!!

HAHAHHAHAHAH Congratulations it's a girl! card HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH wtf seriously damn random!

Jac was the one who called for the bill, so we naturally assumed the card is directed for her HAHAHHAHA. Told you Jac got horny face wtf.

Then we adjourned to Midvalley for some shopping! Fine, I know I am on a semi shopping ban (still going strong), not to mention my cut-down-on-shopping new year's resolution. But I HAD to shop!!! 'Cause I am going to China for a business trip next week, and I have SGD250 of winter clothing allowance! :D

Quite a nice feeling to be spending someone else's money for a change! Especially when it is someone who is overworking you WTF.

At Sasa buying a new face wtf.

And OHHHH I know I promised a beauty product post! But I bought a new product that day (at Sasa), and I was thinking I wanna try it out and lumped it together with the post... But on second thought, nevermind la, will just go ahead and post it (maybe next week when I am in China, I have internet access in my hotel room, so fret not my loves wtf)! If not, the post will never go up... 'Cause y'know, my face is a work-in-progress WTF.

At Delicious! With eerie floating birdcages.

Oh Carbonara, how much I love you!

I was heaty (hence all the coughing), and thus my idea of a non-heaty + healthy food is cream pasta, god bless me.

Catching up with Jaclyn, how much I miss our Thursdays shopping/eating/chatting outings in Melbourne. T____T

Errr because there are no nice pictures of me at dinner I feel compelled to post this picture of me... in my bedroom wtf.

We had the BESTEST catching-up/girlie talk session ever! We distinctively remember going into Delicious at about 9pm.. and the next thing we know, when we walked out of the restaurant, it was past midnight! And we spent another hour talking in the car outside my house. /boo

One plus point of being in the mall so late at night!

We managed to sneak into Garden's washroom without paying the exorbitant fee of RM5!

Yes, Garden washrooms (at Ground floor) requires a payment of RM5! Damn fucked up right! And it wasn't even that nice too! *snotty* But they were quite smart la, they kept all their Loccitane toiletries.

Getting increasingly emo that none of my pictures capture the adorable horsies on the scarf, sighhhhh.

And I am only going to see Jac for ONE more time in CNY! The next time I will be back in KL will be in February, and she will be back to Melbourne then. :(

Owh shit, same goes for Teeny! I will only get to spend the CNY weekend with her before she flies off. Damn all these business trips that are deterring me from going home. T________________T

Show you all some sad pictures to set the mood wtf.

When we were leaving Gardens that night, suddenly a tree dropped down from the floor above!!!!wtf

Boo they were dismantling all the Christmas decorations.. and that included taking down (or more like throwing down) all the trees.

So sad too, X'mas deco are the prettiest. :(

It was like a wake-up call, the old year is gone...

Oh well, we all know what this means! Time for dong dong chiang! :P


Anonymous said...

get well soon :)

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHAHA God bless you indeed, cream pasta as not heaty food. Ah well, such dishes are called comfort food for a reason ;)

Ohhh speaking of which, I found a place with daaaamn good Italian food (read my bday post). Their pasta is 100000 times better than Delicious! Plus its so near my house, which means its so near YOUR house :P Let me know if you're interested, we can do a lunch/dinner camwhore session (bfs invited)!!!

Anyhoo, business trip sounds exciting, especially since you got shopping allowance :D Which part of China are you going to?

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Heh, good thing u went to see the doctor. I had a sore throat the week before Christmas which turned into green-brown-phlegm-lost-my-voice-terrible-can-die kinda cough. I still wanted to act macho dowana see doctor...and i havent completely recovered til today omg hahahaha. Plus i was eating curry, tomyum and whatever the heck i felt like eating and downing tequila everyone wanted to strangle me LOL! Haih, i deserve it.

Take care and get well soon Hui Wen. =)

Julie Ann said...

i was at gardens like 15 mins before midnight yesterday, and they were putting up pretty pretty pink deco everywhere for chinese new year!

Anonymous said...

i really need to wear more make up before i go out with you. i can see my pimple scars!


Anonymous said...

eh how come the bill came with a card!! tak faham! LOL

Get well soon!
shopping trip helps much though lol!

Anonymous said...

eh i'd just checked the comment you replied on Xmas wishes. T__T why fuck me wor I never say your boobs very small also.. T___T joking ny but since u said like that u must be way bigger than double C cup LOLLL! D? E? haha omg

aku nak C pun tak ade... T__T

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you! :)

faux fashionista: HAHAHHAH ya la denial kao kao wtf. And yaaa I read that entry! <3 Jaya 33 right! It's like my bf's new favorite place to roam!! In fact, he has suggested going to that place before! :P But of course, with your recommendation now, it's a must-go! :D I not only get shopping allowance, I get daily travelling allowance too! :P Am going to wuxi!

Thanks love! <3

gwencws: I am usually really adamant about going to doctors, 'cause I only trust my dad, haha. But wah you damn brave! Not pain meh your throat, if you still eat those heaty/spicy foods. T___T But I know what you mean though! On my 2nd day of feeling better, I feel like eating mcd's wtf. Take care too dear, get well soon, we can do it! :P

julie ann: Are you serious? Yayyy I love to see mall deco! <3

jaclyn: But you already have makeup on that day! -_- Boo, you always look pretty k! <3

miss hazel: Haha, we also tak faham! :P Err you know what they say, shopping is the best medicine WTF.

And haahha so sorry! I am so crude, it's a bad habit. T___T Haha, I used to have C-cup! But lost weight wtf. Now put back the weight, but the boobs never came back WTFFF

The Faux Fashionista said...

Wheeee! Have fun, haha. Hope the toilets are clean there T___T Bring hand sanitizer! And call me okay if you go there eat, its my new favorite makan place now :P

btw you've been tagged :)

Anonymous said...

Babe,i've moved permanently to hope it isn't too troublesome to relink aite? :) thanks much!

k said...

wtf when i first read this post i thought that was e outfit you wore to see e doctor HAHHAHA

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Haha, my senior assured me it's a clean and modern city! The shopping is good I *think*! :P And whee more cream pasta for me ar HAHA.

missycheerio: Aww, congrats on getting your own domain, love! <3 When will be my turn wtf.. T__T

skim: Hahahaha you think too highly of me!!! I wore..errr.. work clothes to see the doctor 'cause I went straight from work wtf. And when I want to fake MCs I roll out of bed in my pjs so that the doctor will pity me WTF.

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHA then you should walk everywhere and take public transport instead of taking a cab or something, so you can use travelling allowance for shopping :P Is food counted as travelling allowance as well? Bring maggi la! :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Wtf why I am I such a cheapo :P