Monday, January 05, 2009

First weekend of the year.

*added some pictures because I am gung-ho like that. :P

Not a bad start. :)

My family left for Macao over the weekend. Though it is tragic (because yet again I am excluded, damn I hate working), I didn't have too shabby a weekend myself. ;)

The rain shower, fantastic.
Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries, mmm, my skin feels smoother already! I am a new convert.
Watching Borat with the boyfriend while snuggling under cool crisp white sheets, I swear to god, my intelligence level went down more than a few notches. -_- But hehe, it is funny.
The boyfriend constantly boiling water so that I always has warm water to ease my nasty throat, spoiled girl that I am.
Trying to feign death while he tries to wake me up for the buffet breakfast, nyehehe.

Watching the laptop screen on plasma TV is a first for me! Why is my boyfriend so tech-savvy ar.

Said tech-savvy boy.
Shit la, I can so imagine stealing glances at him next time while he works at the study table. *shy*

I have said this before, and I will said it again, I think a man is most attractive when he is deep in concentration working on something!
But the boyfriend wasn't working in the picture above la, he was just trying to set up the TV so we can watch 'What happened in Vegas' wtf.

The very very nice bathroom! It has this open concept, where all the doors are just sliding tinted glass doors, but you are supposed to leave it open.. or so what the boyfriend says wtf.
Men. -_-

Oh, this reminds me! The boyfriend and I were just exploring the room (and bathroom), and we came across this panel of mirror at the basin. We were prodding and peering at it, when suddenly one of the mirrors came to life-- it is a mini TV!! For you to watch while you bathe!
The boyfriend and I both went 'WAHHHHH!!!", such jakuns we are, hahaha.

KL Hilton was AWESOME.

But of course, more so 'cause of my very very awesome boyfriend. :)

This is what we needed, a couple getaway, just us and us alone. Though I was initially reluctant, and I needed some coaxing and persuading from him. But aah, I had such an amazing time! Guess the boyfriend knows best. :P

Of course, the side effect is that I have to wake up from my little fairy tale, and go to work today after reaching back in Singapore at 3.30am. -_-
And it sucks to be apart after having him with me 24/7 for 3 days... I am suffering from the biggest boyfriend withdrawal symptoms now. :(


I passed my germs tp the boyfriend! *shifty eyes*
He has been sick (and on MC) for the past 2 days, the poor boy.
When I was cooing at him ('cause we all know that men turn to babies when they are sick wtf), and he told me in his small boy's voice, "then you come home now to take care of me la", WALAO, my heart just melted then, and I almost bought the next plane ticket back home. T__T

Fuck this la, I miss him so much I just want to quit my job and get married la.


jeanchristie said...

i know what u mean by boyfriend withdrawal symptoms - 10 days of 24/7 and now nada is terrible!

etcetera; said...

now u've watched borat, u are ready for.. *jeng jeng jeng, Ali G! hahahaha this was before sacha whatelse became borat!

i swear that is stupider. -_-
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

i blogged for you! *shy*

Sue Lin said...

Awww, withdrawal symptons are bad! I suffered the holiday withdrawal one after Xmas

revel in me said...

jean: Is it when you went to visit him! Shit man, this feeling sucks. :( I feel low low low. :(((

bellifer: HAHHAHAA I KNOW ali g! Haiihhh my boyfriends idol WTFF. I have watched one episode/interview (with david beckham and vicky b) before!! Hahaha really damn stupid. Happy new year to you too! <3

jaclyn: Good slave! <3

sue lin: YAAA damn suckssss!! But I don't get, where is your bf now? :(

Anonymous said...

"My nam'a borat, I come from kazakhstan. I like sex"

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Azamat came to my uni to speak last year, I couldn't get the picture of him naked out of my mind when shaking hands with him. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Sue Lin said...

Oh sorry if u misunderstood, he's in KL, working in KL. Just that after too many days of holiday i had SUPER Monday Blues thats all

fourfeetnine said...

woman you are so brave i think if i wrote that i wanna quit and get married on my blog i'll be er sent off to kazakhstan wtf

jeanchristie said...

huiwen: yeah when i visited him. and when my parents left to head back for kl just now, my tears could not help spilling over T________T