Sunday, January 18, 2009


Woke up today at 2pm, had lunch, surfed a bit, and went back to sleep, and just woke up for dinner. Is it cue for me to go back to sleep ar wtf.
Mmmf. I am still sleepy, despite sleeping in the whole day.

It's nice to laze in at home today though, after the previous hectic week. Feel like downloading Moonlight Resonance (the TVB series) after hearing all the hype about it, but I don't know how to. -_-

I thought I would have trouble getting used to the warm weather, but it was windy and shady the whole of today! Windy as in the wind kept on going WOO WOO WOO, like ghost wtf. Very cooling! So nice to sleep, mmmf. But aaah, I love you tropical climate.

Just inspected my face for wrinkles! 'Cause winter weather in Wuxi is very very dry. :( I don't know whether I am being paranoid but I feel like there are wrinkles under my eyes! But I am not sure whether they have been there before I went to China wtf. But I sure took a lot of precautionary measures-- I basically really load up on serum and moisturizer and eye cream everyday, day and night! As taught by my senior (who is a guy wtf). 'Cause it's better to have clogged pores than wrinkles!!! Clogged pores can be salvaged, but wrinkles are irreversible k. T__T But ya la, true as expected, I feel like my face is very clogged up now. -_- Facial this weekend! *determined*

I had laksa for dinner just now, 'cause I told myself I am sick of rice + dishes, which is what I had all the time in Wuxi. But the laksa sucked, sigh. So I am really missing Malaysia food now. Give me banana leaf rice please!!! :(

Oooh that reminds me. I just examined my body under a really strict eye to analyse whether I lost weight from the China trip. I don't know why I am under the impression that I will lose weight, considering I snacked every night while working overtime. -____- Mmm, mango mousse pokey and green tea mousse pockey... Show you all pictures the next time k! :P But I am rather proud of myself, 'cause the last time I went to Beijing (during winter as well), because I would get hungry really quickly due to the immense cold, I had an average of 6 bowls of rice every meal WTF. But this time around, I only had 1 bowl each meal. *beams*

On the day of flying back to S'pore (which is yesterday wtf), I got a huge shock when I saw how much slimmer I looked without the usual layers of clothes I had on!!! Despite having my Sass Bide tee and thick-ass cardie on, I looked.. much less like a ball wtf. Which was what my senior called me. -_- And he calls me polar bear when I have my down jacket on during those extra cold nights-- white and fur-trimmed ('cause my inner diva asks for it). -_- Eh back to the cardie I wore on the last day, it's this nude-colored Emporio Armani asymmetrical long cardie, which I got from S'pore a few years back. It is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, but it made me itch like a bitch!!!My arms have tiny scratches from all my scratching. :((( I checked the material, it's made of lambs wool, is it supposed to make people itch! :((((

Mmmfff, am still slightly groggy, though this is the most awake I have been in the entire day. But I am feeling quite purposeful now! A mini project will be embarked on soon... em, as soon as the sisters say so wtf. So keep a lookout. :P

Em, ok that's all I have to say! Nah, give you all a picture.

Before Mama Mia the musical with the boyfriend and the boyfriend's family!

Gray sleeveless lace dress with little pearl buttons: Bazaar
Black mandarin collar military style cropped jacket: MNG
Pearl strands: Melbourne
Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

On second thought, I want to show off my pretty gray lace dress!!! And I found this batch of pictures of my looking very pretty.. *shy* Soooo... nah give you all another dozen of pictures wtf.

All these pictures are completely untouched/un-Photoshopped! Sigh and this is how I looked like when I am well-rested. Which is rarely wtf. T_T

I got this dress last year, or is it the year before... Before lace dresses were the shiznit (as established by Prada, oh those beautiful black lace! <3), so I got it at a really really good price! Lace dresses now are so expensive. T__T Like a couple of hundred bucks, boo. And I want a feather dress now, which cost SGD189. But I can't figure out how to wash it yet wtf.

Oh shit, I haven't bathed yet! And it's going to be midnight soon. =/ Ta!


larnee said...

I love your dress! It's gorgeous.

mustardqueen said...

the last time i came back frm China I wore only e stupid cheapo windbreaker and a cotton long sleeve and cotton long pants inside at 4 am in the morning *strong* AHAHAHAHA And and chaocheebye I rmbr how one night I ate this disgusting sweet potato and I got sorta sick and didn't eat dinnner, my jeans was damn looooose the day after :D and erm oh yah talking bout itchiness my BCG skin peeled cause the wooly stuff too itchy i scratched till it came off T____T

Jay said...

raely2 cantik dress....

Anonymous said...

hihi, just wanna tell u today i visited Malaysia! yea i sounded excited because it has been years since i went into JB and everything was just so novel !

revel in me said...

larnee: Aww, thanks love! <3 You are looking mightily gorgeous over canada!! How are you doing? :)

mustardqueen: Err which time from China are you referring to? The time we all went? I thought mom forced all of us to layer and wear thermal etc?? And err TMI wtff

Jay: Thanks dear! :)

joie: HAHAHHAHA why are you so excitable! :P Eh jb got anything nice to shop ar! I haven't been before. =/

Anonymous said...

the dress is beautiful!!! and i love your smiley half moon eyes! so pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

I teach you!!


if you're not willing to use your paypal to pay for a premium account at, then you slowly lah, download one episode per day. (megaupload does not allow parallel downloads if you're not a member!).. it cost USD9 to be a member for one month. sigh. been doing that. yep. :P

or you can stream from the various links available. which is free. enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

JB got nothing nice...i dont like the clothes, but you guys look so chic in KL! but JB has got nice food, but i prefer the food in penang and malacca...though the last time i was there was many many years ago. Ya, it's been a while , think years before i stepped into JB. no offense but i really cant stand the customs and the high crime rates in JB and horror stories of sporeans who returned from there really scares me!

i felt so brave yesterday when i was in the car on JB roads! so ironical when ...i just went excitedly to europe and...thats where people said is dangerous!

revel in me said...

foongjin: What half-moon eyes!!! I think of sailor moon wtf. Thank you my darling! <333

jayelle: So you pay USD9 per month, and no limit to the downloading? :D Ooh, what about good streaming sites to recommend, my guru! :D

joie: HAHAHHA why you so cute!! I am quite curious to go to jb to shop, 'cause some fashionistas have recommended jb for its shopping before! :P Next time I bring rifle with me to protect myself ar WTF.