Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If you are wondering where I am...

*update* Call me a wimp or whatever, but I just got tickets to come home again this weekend!!!! Hahaha, this is so dumb, I will be going back tomorrow (to work SIGH), and coming back to KL after a mere 2 days in Singapore! But it is all worth it! <3

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
which day is our gno

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
if we go out gno at night hor

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
cos we're GNO-ing first night right wtf

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says
sure ppl think we are indian or malay wan WTFFF

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
actually every night wtf

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
coz only non chinese will be roaming out at night during CNY

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
but with my make-up skills should think im from Bangkok wtf

° ßäþý ďò|| says:

hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:


Haha, yeap, that should give you a pretty good idea what I am up to! Either GNOs, or karaoke, or high teas with sisters/friends... Not very festive, but what to do, I need to see Teeny and Jac as much as I can before they go off to Melbourne! T______________T


Anonymous said...

hi love!
wow..you're really energetic! travelling back and forth singapore n KL is not easy..in fact quite tiring lo..

btw,do reply my mail regarding your order ya,dear~hope to hear from you soon! ^.^

The Faux Fashionista said...

LOL that's what I thought too, but I went out the first night and omg we Chinese are so happening lorrrr....cinema was packed with a sea of people in red. So we scrapped our movie plans and went to Vintry for coffee and there were many Chinese there too! :D

revel in me said...

sasha: YESSS make that very very very tiring! :( But sigh, I am this super emo, sentimental kid, and it really bums me out that I won't be sending Teeny off.. So I am just trying to do spend as much time as I can now with her. *sniff*

faux fashionista: HAHAHA YAAAA! I went to OU, and I swear to god, I have never seen it so packed before. -__- And don't get me started on the cinema! We couldn't even get tickets.. T__T

Anonymous said...

yee: eh same here la.i dont recall when was the last time i was active in club okay...for these past 3 days of cny all i did was club club club..-_- and shopping and yumcha -_- cant be bothered with house visits okay....omg so much of being a chinese T_T

Jing said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE, you won the Diva competition!!! :D :D :D Yay, can i get one free headband? :D :D :D