Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lipstick index.

Omg omg, I am damn happy, I have won the Diva competition I have entered sometime ago! *click* :D

This means I have RM200 to shop! Shopping without using your own money, for yourself is the best feeling in the world. T__T And err whoever whose birthday is coming up and you see me getting getting you Diva stuff, I did not use the vouchers I have won k. *shifty eyes wtf* Aah, what to buy what to buy! Judging from the way my shopping pulse (yea it has its own pulse wtf) is pumping furiously, I predict RM200 won't be enough. -_- End up have to top up RM200 WTF.

Nevertheless, this also means, no more shopping at the discount rack in Diva! Which honestly, is where most of my Diva accessories come from. *small voice*

This is where I came to this interesting revelation! I was talking to Jing that day, and she mentioned that she is on a headband binge lately-- she just keeps on buying hairbands after hairbands, partly 'cause she is currently broke, but she still feels like shopping. This makes me think of the lipstick index, whereby it was actually proven that consistently during tough economic times, lipstick sales go up! This is because when the economy goes through a recession, women may find it difficult to part with money to purchase a luxury item like a bag or a nice pair of shoes. But a lipstick, whilst considered a small indulgence item, is still generally afforadable, thus women will spend on lipsticks for that little bit of feel-good factor. You can read more about it here and here.

It actually makes really good sense actually! Though I have to admit, my purchasing habits have yet to be affected by the current economy-- my shopping restraints/bans are imposed on myself because I really have too too many clothes, and not nearly enough opportunities to wear them. I am not a make-up fan of any sort, in fact, I don't a single tube of lipstick myself; BUT, when I try to stop myself from shopping, I find myself buying little itty-bitty items like a pair of earrings here, or a hairbow there! Firstly, like I mentioned, I have too many clothes, so clothes are officially off-limits for me, thus buying accessories seem much more justifiable. Secondly, getting hairbow might cost me RM15, but it's enough to keep me smiling for an afternoon, whereas getting even a cheap-ish top in M'sia could easily cost around RM60-80! Which is why lately I find myself getting things like brooches, nerd glasses, rings, headbands.. but no clothes. -_-

So what do you all think? :P Do you agree with the lipstick index? Do some of you girls really buy more lipsticks (or maybe glosses) when you find yourself a little bit more broke? I am really curious to see what beauty junkies feel about this! And what about you other girls, do you like me, buy smaller items to brighten your day nevertheless? ;)

And one more thing, are any of us consciously making an effort to refrain your spending because of the current economy condition? I would say no, judging by how people still queue to get into LV in Orchard wtf. But seriously, every magazine I have been reading has talked nonstop about recession shopping and 'how to make your wardrobe recessioon proof'... I am just really curious, how many of us are taking steps to control their spending now..?


Anonymous said...

I give myself a tight budget, no clothes more than 40-45 bucks and only buy something if I really really REALLY want it. And like u, I turn to accessories...mainly from discount racks too, hehe. Trying to see if i can limit my shopping to rm100 a month. I'm concentrating on wearing unworn clothes rather than buying new ones. =)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Congrats! Hmm, I think it would be really cool if a bunch of fashion bloggers could get together and organize an unworn clothes swap!

Jing said...

Not very true wtf! Cos i do like buying headbands but i buy them in BULK wtf! T______T

RG said...

I think the lipstick index is very very true! In desperate times, I head to FOS to buy their rm10 tank tops. But buying anything at all, makes my day!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Yes yes, very san fu...argh, I have to tahan but I still spend on little little things like fabrics, make up tools, or accessories. All the best on your shopping ban plan!! :D

Anonymous said...

omg it's so AWESOME to shop without using your own money!! it's like... free money, but better! HAHAHA.

hey i shop at the discount rack in diva. over here in nz, diva always has a nothing over $5 sale every few months. so i never spend over $5 per item in diva. the only con to this is that i'm always tempted to go into diva everytime i pass by, although i'm very broke.

i think the lipstick index was true for me a few months ago. i wouldn't buy clothes (although i splurged during boxing day sales -_-") but i would find myself buying lots of accessories (mostly from diva, lol). but now i've stopped doing that, and start shopping in op shops instead. and i only buy if i love love LOVE it, and it's below $20.

i think at the end of the day, it's bargain buys that makes me the happiest. it's stuff that's one-of-a-kind, or stuff that i've been looking for ages, that really makes my day.

mizzvickz said...
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mizzvickz said...

hahaha recession or no recession i seldom buy lipsticks. i even have a hard time using up all the ones that i have!!!!

i haven't been spending less as well. my spending habits are still the same i guess but it's not like i spend alot on clothes every month :)

oh, wait...on second thought, i have been spending less. but not on myself...but on my bf. HAHAHA. i usually like buying him clothes but now, i have been shopping less for him or sometimes, NONE. HAHAHAHA.

mustardqueen said...

not true lor... im still spending like shit T____T on FOOD wtf!! T____T *stares at tummy* T_____T

Eunice said...

Congrats! but i think the prize is 200 worth of accessories... or is it cash vouchers? :D

revel in me said...

gwencws: I buy really really cheap clothes, RM5, RM10, you name it, I have tried before. But at the same time, I don't really limit myself, I guess, if there is something which I really like/and feels it's worth it, I will get it! Haiya, dunno how to explain, I have this little index/judgement thing, haha. Good luck with the RM100 a month thing! :D

faux fashionista: Haha, but I am not a fashion blogger! And love, no one can fit into your clothes la.. T__T

jing: Everything has exceptions wtf. EHHH wanna buy a ferragamo hairband??? I saw one that day, damn niceee! T__T

RG: Hahahahaha typical women hor! :P

siewkwan: Hahaha, ya, it's like no matter how, we have to shop, so we just shop in whatever little ways we can! In bad times, even buying groceries make me happy WTF. And ehh I am not on a shopping ban! More like a shopping 'control' plan. :P

irene: Oooh, I am the same in aussie! Divas is always on sale there right! But I feel the discounted things in M'sia are uglier. =/ OOOH WAIT I gtg now, continue the comment later! :)

RG said...

by the way dear, do u know where I can find a tutu skirt? :)

revel in me said...

irene: *continued* Yaaa I love one of a kind things, and BARGAINS!! The total high that I get from it, whee! <3

vic: Haih I think I need to start using lipstick hor! I feel like I am such a kid still using lipbalm. T_T And haha, I know! I always see you talking about mike's tees, all his fave shirts, haha! :P

mustardqueen: Haha, nonsense la you, you still shop way too much k! *stern*

eunice: Err yaya I meant shop in Diva, heh! But not sure whether it's in accessories or vouchers though? You mean we don't get to PICK the the things? o_O

RG: Haha, for the sake of non sounding like an ad, I think my sis is selling some on Velvet Ribbon! :)

Wei Wei said...

I think I saw u in one utama ytd
I LOVE the hair accesory tht you wore!! :)

The tai-tai (wannabe) said...

I am out of control when it comes to clothing and stuff...lately I am also so into make my new year's resolution is to make a list of what I bought and hopefully I can get shocked seeing how much money I have spent in that month and buy less.


Anyhoo... nice to know you!!!

Anonymous said...

No more Diva in PG :(:( and i miss their closing down sales where EVERYTHING is uber cheap! I went there yesterday and it's TOO LATE!

revel in me said...

wei wei: Hahaha, is it!! Hope I wasn't doing something embarrassing like singing or jumping around.. T__T And hee, that is one of my favorite hair bows! :)

eunice: Woww, I would never date to make a list! T__T Scared die of heart attack wtf. But I am controlling my shopping now, and it seems to be working! :D

anonymous: Oh nooo!! There was one in Queensbay right? I was there like 2 years ago, when it first opened! The closing down sale must have been really cheap!! Omg I also emo now for missing it wtf. T___T

Anonymous said...

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