Monday, January 12, 2009

The one with pictures from everywhere.

A summary of my long weekend back home! :)
Oh my, I just realised, the pictures are all from the Christmas weekend, very eventful indeed! *clucks tongue approvingly wtf*

In chronological order:

X'mas eve-- did something I haven't done in agesssss!

Went clubbing with the boyfriend..

Drunken slitty eyes.

... and the girls at the same time!

So you had me running up and down (the boy was at Mambo, the girls at Phuture aka R & B), to happy-camwhore/slutdance with the girls, and scrambling back to the boy to give him kisses and errr slutdance as well wtf. In the end everyone just met at the Mambo dance floor, which made things much easier wtf. MAMA MIAAAAA!

More clubbing pictures up in another post! See how I charmed a guy into giving me a Christmas present WTF.

Went to Ipoh!

Which stupid Jing missed out on 'cause she had to stay home to revise for her exams. Boo to her procastinating, 'cause it was supposed to be a family trip!

But all was not lost, 'cause Teeny and I got the whole king-sized bed to ourselves, yay!

Met up with Justina...

... who is so pretty and feminine and articulate that I felt like a total buffoon next to her. T__T

... whom also brought me goodies from US! :))) She was ever so kind to help me lug back some things I bought online-- hello cheap Forever 21 stuff and NARS blush! :P

My outfit:

Red beret: Bugis street, Singapore
Denim dress with appliques + embroidery: Vintage

Tan mary janes: River Island

Aah, I forgot to snap a picture of the dress-- a close-up of the details (city skyline WTF) and of the back! The back is a wrap-around, very cute! :D

On the same day I went to satiate the boyfriend's cravings-- a pig-out session, literally.

Euro Deli! Which serves some of the yummiest pork dishes in town! Another good place to go is El Cerdo, which I wrote about here.

Eh I realised my half-eaten buy looks like the shape of an underwear wtf.

Him being in awe of the vast arrays of pork products-- his idea of a heavenly breakfast is bacon and bacon. -_-

He asked me to get him a ham leg(roast?) for Christmas??!!! But when I found out it cost RM200-over for one, it was a no-go wtf.

I also got myself a new haircut + color for the new year! Which looks very similar to my previous hair. -_-

And I also got my Chanel earrings! Thank you my lovely sisters, although I got my birthday present 8 months later wtf. It was hell trying to get the earrings-- sold out in KL and Singapore continuously, grrr. I think I have left my name with the Chanel SAs at least 4 times? But it was always out of my grasp. T__T

I have a huge huge phobia with the earrings though-- I have this problem with losing my earrings while I am wearing them! :( I lost the first (and only) diamonds I have ever received that way-- my dad got me a pair of diamond earrings, and I wore one on my upper catilege piercing... and I lost it. Then I thought nevermind, I still had the other side, so I wore that one on the same piercing, and I lost it too! T__T And that's not counting all the other earrings I have lost in my life, sniffffff. Please please don't let me lose these ones! :(

Met up with the Flat Hair Flat, and received belated Christmas gifts! I loooooove receiving presents! :D

At Laundry... before deciding it was too noisy and thus adjourned to the Apartment. :)

Went for Bolt, but in 3D!

3D goggles, yo. We are such dorks, hahaha.

And one of my highlights of the weekend as well...

A surprise from the boyfriend in his wardrobe ("Baby, go open the cupboard door...")! :))))


The Faux Fashionista said...

Ehh, what buffoon! You seem more like a very bubbly pixie to me, haha :D Can't wait to see you strutting your F21 stuff :) Now I'm gonna steal the picture!

mustardqueen said...

Jing passed her exams!!! :D:D:D:D I'm unemployed wtf! means her hardword and missing out on food is all worth it la :D:D:D:D And and and... =((( I wanna go over to singapore to see u before i fly =((((( HOWWW???? we'll only be seeing each other for another weekend only =((( i feel like crying.... T____T

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oh ya, and I forgot to mention, LV bag from a bf who used to disapprove of your shopping habits. Damn girl you got some major bf-taming skil, BWAHAHAHA! J/k, I think its very sweet of him to get you something he knows you'd love even though he doesn't appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Your tutu skirt and oh-so-lovely bow actually caught my attention first, then the bag. Hahah! U're one very lucky girl!

Hope all is well in Wuxi! =)

Jing said...

Eee O___0 why same post wan?? U scheduled wrongly again isit -_-

Anonymous said...

OMG this is damn creepy, i did not write that comment! T__________T

I killed someone in the hospital today, is he haunting me WTF!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Jing KILLED someone! OMG!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LV bag?! i must show my bf this post! HAHAHAHA.

k said...

omg you have THE best boyfriend in the world
i swear any guy who can buy me louis....=P

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Haha, why pixie!! At least not gnome WTF. I can't wait to use my F21 stuff too! But my sis laughed at me when I wore one of the hats wtf. T_T

mustardqueen: I KNOWW it's so sad! Damn all these business trips. :((( Have you started packing. :(((

faux fashionista: HAHAHAH he gave it to me the day we met!!! Somemore I was telling you that he disapproves of my shopping tendencies, HAHA! I should start a bf-training school, shouldn't I, HEHEHE. :P

gwencws: Hahaha, I knowww!! The picture is pretty 'cause of the skirt and the bow, haihhh, but don't let the bf know! :P Thank you love, but I can't wait to go back to s'pore/KL! T__T

jing: Haha, long story! But ya la, I was trying to post the diva post to make the deadline wtf.

err jing again: Is that ting ar!! And omg who did you kill this time WTFFFF!!

anonymous: Haha, I *hope* she is kidding! *nervous laughter*

vvens: HAHAHA! I think your bf is going to hate me! Or my bf. *shifty eyes*

skim: Hahaha! It's over many years of brainwashing! :P

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jing is kidding lor.She sounds pretty serious and and it's common for a doc to kill people..wait,that doesnt come out right *nervous laugh*

Anonymous said...

Who did you kill this time, makes me sound like i kill people on a daily basis WTF! ;P

I did not kill anyone everybody! T_______T Don't bring me to the police wtf! Unethical to discuss the case here wtf! *Apply moral wtf*

Anonymous said...

haha,jing don't get so worked up lah ;) we all (readers) know you're pursuing doctorate degree so I assume it's all part of the process? :]

Anonymous said...

-____- again,that comment i posted above doesnt sounds right :( I meant to be saying errr,errr... maybe that person is already dead,wtf. am i correct?

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice belated birthday present from your sis. I have been searching high and low for Channel earring too. By any chance, do you know where did your sister manage to get it from you?

ps: nice Lv bag :)

Anonymous said...

i love your red beret, SO pretty :)


revel in me said...

anonymous: Are you a medical student? :P

Jing: HAHAHHA ok you tell me when .. when... when I go home! To places when I don't have to squat to pee WTF.

noir: THank you love! <3 Haha, actually they didn't find the earrings for me! I took the matter into my own hands! :P A friend from aussie got them for me and passed it to me via another friend. :)

michelle: Thanks sweetie! <3

Anonymous said...

as a matter of fact,i am =)

thisisjt said...

that's a very pretty skirt, and you have a very sweet bf! :) he's a gem. defn a keeper!

xiang yun said...


revel in me said...

anonymous: Hehe, I figured so! :P

thisisjt: Thank you! <3 And heh, I KNOW! :)))

xiang yun: *shy*