Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pre-CNY panic attack.

*edit* I went to OU just now after our reunion dinner in the hopes of finding something to wear tomorrow, but when we got there, all the shops were closed. T______________T I have to go dig for something old to wear now! :'( I hate my life wtf.


I was suddenly struck by the realisation....


And I don't have any Chinese New Year clothes! T____________T

HOW CANNNNN. T__________T

Em, my friends asked me to 'shut up la, hui wen, you have damn a lot of clothes', but but but, they are not CNY clothes!

Y'see, at first I thought I will just be good this year, and just simply wear something from my wardrobe that I haven't worn before, since there are a lot of them wtf. But when I told Jing of my intentions, she was horrified, and proceeded to remind me that CNY clothes must be clothes bought with the intention of wearing for CNY.


"Omg, Jing, you are so smart!"

"Ya la, che, you taught me last time wan."

"Oh." *shifty eyes*

I went on an emergency shopping trip just now, and I couldn't find anything. 'Cause I must wear something red. T___T I always wear something red for the first day of CNY (have been doing so for the past 3-4 years), so I can't break the tradition!!!

What if because I didn't wear something red and new tomorrow, I will be struck with bad luck for the whole year. T_____T

Aiya, but no difference la, since Teeny already told me how my luck will be for the year ahead:

Teeny: Eh che, I heard on radio just now, they said people born in the year of Ox will have bad luck.
Teeny: Ohhh 'cause people born in year of Ox will kena kao kao (cow cow).


PS: I just had 4 mini mandarin oranges, and at least 6 pieces of peanut cookies (one of my favorite CNY cookies)... I am finally getting the Chinese New Year mojo! :P
So with that , I have to wish everyone, have a great Chinese New Year!
This is
my year (Ox wtf), so I am blessing everyone, heehee! :D


melissa said...

hahaha I re-read your old clothes entry and I had an irresistable urge to ransack those bags as if it were a flea market sale.

Anyway it's really quite late to shop for CNY clothes! Hope you'll manage to find something the end! Just wear your pre-bought clothes la...and throw on some red undies for goodluck hahaha

The Faux Fashionista said...

Happy New Year! :)

Ashleigh said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! =D

And if you're ever short of money, you could always open a Boyfriend Training Center. I'll enroll mine in there, knowing he's in safe hands. ;D

Jing said...

Thank God the shops were closed, otherwise u'll be in lingerie WTF! -___________- And kao kong will have a friend WTF!

revel in me said...

melissa: You were right! It really was too late for me to get any clothes, everything was closed by evening, even the malls! T__T So I did what you suggested, haha, but with pink undies! :P

faux fashionista: Happy CNY to you too love! Many ang paos ya! :D

ashleigh: Happy XNY! <3 Hahaha! But apparently this is a bad year for Oxes.. So even if I start business, it's destined to fail WTF.

jing: HAHAHA! But it was a nice lingerie babydoll right! Very festive too wtf. HAHAHA KAO KONG ting was like who is that, but when I told her, I could see realisation dawn in her eyes HAHAHHA