Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sporty ballerina.

I feel like I haven't been home for ages... T___T Although in actual fact it has only been slightly more than 2 weeks wtf.

And right this moment, I am missing out!! T___T Missing out on a big event. Aka Jac's 23rd Girly Dinner wtf. Got Facebook invitation somemore. -___-

Boooooooo. It's not fair! I should be there for one of my bestie's birthday! Not to mention it is a dress-up girlie dinner, just like last year's. T__T Do you all have any idea how much I love to dress up or not. T_____T

But then Jing has already ajak-ed me to go out this weekend so that she can wear her brand new Topshop dress wtf! *brightens up*

Come, let me show you all some pictures!

Pictures from this day:

Sorry ar, couldn't resist, 'cause the picture is too pretty! I am too big a fan of tulle, bows.. and designer bags WTF.

What I was actually wearing!

I was going for a sporty ballerina look. :P

Green polo: Lacoste
Pale pink layered tutu skirt: Tea & Sympathy
Pale peach floral bow (worn in hair): Vintage 50's
Tan maryjane pumps with turquoise bows: Singapore

I am really, really pleased with the bag! 'Cause whilst I think my bag collection is quite complete (for the meantime wtf), I have been coveting for a nice small bag, something that I can bring out the night, whether for a nice dinner or a night of wild clubbing. And this bag not only fits the bill, it is so so versatile! The long strap is removable, so I can use it as a sling bag or as an evening bag. The gold chain is also detachable, so I could use it as a wristlet, or wear it on my shoulders.. I can also let the gold chain drape oh so delicately as an accessory (as depicted in the picture)! *pleased*

When Smalls found out that the boyfriend got me the LV, she was really surprised,
"He chose the bag by himself??"

Me: "No la, I mentioned to him the model before, and he remembered..."

Smalls: "WHAT?? He knows the bag model's name???? WELL TRAINED, HUI WEN, WELL TRAINED!!"

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Should I open a school for training boyfriends ar wtf.

Said well-trained boy! At Crabtree & Evelyn's kiosk, trying out different hand creams for me, 'cause there were quite a few different ones, and I only have 2 hands wtf.

After I rubbed the moisturiser onto his hands, he sniffed it distastefully, and exclaimed really accusingly: "EEEEWWW! I SMELL LIKE A GIRL NOW!!"


In ZARA's fitting room-- I dared to dilly-dally while trying on clothes, 'cause thank god ZARA has a men's section! Can distract the boyfriend for awhile wtf.

NAHHHHHH my super pretty bow!
My hair looked super red here... and I actually quite like the way it looks!! It doesn't look like that in real life la, in person my color is more of a brown cocker spaniel shade wtf. My colleague called me shaggy dog. -_____-

Aah, sorry, am just itchy to do my hair again 'cause Jing and Ting went for a hair makeover recently!!! And they don't want to show me how they look now, they told me "Lazy la". T__T

Then we went to eat Teppanyaki, 'cause the boyfriend had cravings.

It's actually the second time we have had teppanyaki together... Mind you, we have known each other for 6 years!!!

Do you all want to know when was the first time we had teppanyaki together.. T____T
It was the day I left for Melbourne for the first time.. T_____T
I could carely taste the food that day, 'cause all I could taste was tears.. T____T

In fact, ironically, I managed to find the pictures from that fateful day! And realised that my poses haven't changed one bit wtf.


And this is the picture we took in the teppanyaki restaurant on the day I left for Melbourne!

I had no make up on. T____T Now that you all have seen this picture, I have to kill all of you all wtf.

*suddenly sits up straight*

EHHH is the boyfriend wearing the same shirt in both pictures!!! Gosh if he is, I need to get him some new clothes wtf.

I even have a picture of the chef at work for the day I left-- this is the teppanyaki restaurant in OU, by the way.

Pickled garlic! I didn't dare touch this at all, it looked fatal. =/

Chicken teppanyaki! I am fascinated watching the chef whip up this dish, but I always hate how my hair smell after that! :(

We went to the restaurant in Midvalley (lower ground), it sucks! The one in OU (new wing) is much better. :)

I was bored, so I took pictures to let the boyfriend choose which one he prefers: bangs straight down, or side-swept bangs...

Straight down. PLease ignore the unsightly gap in between my bangs wtf.

Side bangs!

The boyfriend picked side bangs. I have this theory: Men always prefer sideways bangs!! Tell me is it true or not!

And err you all can vote as well. But if anyone calls me Shaggy Dog again, I will blow my top wtf.

The boyfriend got his new car yesterday! And with it, he also turned in his old Wira. :(

Am a bit emo la, for as long as I have known the boyfriend, he has been driving the mint green Wira! From our study dates (that was the excuse he used to ask me out, ahem) to our first date.. Our first real kiss (the first 'fake' one was when he wanted to kiss me, but kissed my hair instead wtf)... Those rainy days where we just sit in his car and talk, and the windows have misted over and we felt like we were in a world of our own... All the XXX, OOO, @@@, #### that we did in the car WTF. Holding hands while he drive... Having my hand on the handgear, with his gently placed on top of mine, so that he subtly manouvres my hand while he drives, and I could exclaim to everyone that "I can drive a manual car!"wtf. The car carries so many memories! And I didn't even get to say a proper goodbye to it, 'cause it was rather sudden that the boyfriend's new car arrived early. :(

In fact, the next time the boyfriend fetches me, it will be in his new car! And it is all he can talk about. -____-

I asked him whether he is slightly sad when he gave away the Wira. He told me, no. "I was like, NAH, faster take it la! Give me my new car!"
Men. -________-

Haihh. I will just have to look at the brighter side of things. With his new car, and his renewed zest and excitement for driving, it will be easier to cheat him to drive down to Singapore to visit me! Nyehehe.


mustardqueen said...

shit now means i cannot eat during the day im leaving wtf cause then I'll be tasting tears T_____________T

Jing said...

Omg which colour of the Topshop dress should i wear WTF! Cos i have the same dress in two colours! T________T

And pls tell Ting i know what she did last fall wtf, and i am DAMN ANGRY!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

no no, not all guys like side swept bangs. My guy friends like my straight down bangs. Erm, maybe boyfriends? haha.

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend like side swept bangs too!

@Jing,waa,so rich lor buy same dress in two colours =P but then your so pretty you can easily "conned" money outta your bfs =P

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: But you are leaving at midnight, don't eat for whole day ar.. T___T
Picnic.. T___T
GNO... T______T

Jing: I still don't see the logic in buying the same dress in 2 colors! -_- HAHAH last fall HAHAHA I think you mean last SUMMER wtf. Err I dunno anything! *innocent*

siewkwan: Hahaha! Maybe! Why ar. =/

anonymous: Haih she miang la, buy 2 colors. -____- But she bought with her own money hor!

Anonymous said...

what car the bf bought? ooo..nevermind. Got new ride & more memories together!!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmpf, my bf likes side swept bangs too. I had my straight bangs for less than two weeks when he proclaimed "I miss your old hair" -___-" wth I had the same sideswept bangs for four years! LOL. Oh and my bf is getting a new car too and I feel neglected because thats all he can think of...."car car car". When I scold him he tells me got new car better than got mistress T_____T

c r y s t said...

Quoting The Faux Fashionista: "When I scold him he tells me got new car better than got mistress"..

Hurrr.. hurrr.. why every girl experience the same thing!!! T__T

revel in me said...

anonymous: He got the new honda city! :) Boo, it will take another 6 years to create the same amount of memories.. T__T And knowing the bf, before the 6 years is up, he will be itching to upgrade his car again.. -___-

faux fashionista: Hahaha! My bf too, he always give me bemused looks when I have my coconut bangs.. give me peer pressure so that I will switch back to side bangs wtf. And EHHHH my case is way worse! My bf told me that the car is the wife, I am the mistress!!!!! WTFFFF

cryst: Refer to comment above! T___________________________T

Anonymous said...

actually i'm curious ah why you want to torture yourself with a long distance relationship when you can easily work in KL and be happy together gether with your bf?

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oooooh haha my bf almost got the new City too! But he ended up getting the Nissan Latio Impul...Oh well at least the wife/mistress will make us look good when we're sitting in it :D

k said...

VERY well trained! he remembered e model name?
mine still can't PRONOUNCE "louis vuitton"

OMG T___T long long way to go.

you should totally open boyfriend training school hahaha
FOR SURE alot of business

revel in me said...

anonymous: Sigh, 'cause I thought of it as a personal challenge to myself, something that I need to do for myself. Though sometimes when I am lonely here, I do think I am bonkers. :(

faux fashionista: Haha, why are you so updated on car models! I can't differentiate one car from another wtf. -_-

skim: HAHAHAHAHH! It took me quite a few years wtf. Apparently even his colleagues are impressed with his depth of fashion knowledge! I am proud, HAHA. :P