Sunday, January 11, 2009

The toilets better have doors.

*when you all read this entry, I should be in the plane a gazillon miles above ground level!


Hi everyone!!! I am in Wuxi now, in fact I am in the hotel! It's a 4-star hotel, but as my senior reminded me, it's 4-star for the locals WTF. But at least it's clean! And warm! And comes with hangers hallelujah. Wuxi is supposedly pretty warm today (we saw sun when we landed in Shanghai today), but by the time we reached Wuxi at night time (it is 2.5 hours drive away from Shanghai airport), the temperature has fallen to 1-2 degrees. T_T And it is forecasted to be -3 degree celcius tomorrow! T__T

But I am strong! 'Cause I just wore a cardie, a cotton turtle neck, a vest and my trench coat, and I could survive the cold! But we will see tomorrow negative degrees cold and separate the girls from the women WTF.

And I am damn emo! 'Cause my contacts broke! T___T And I didn't bring an extra pair, so I will be stuck in glasses for the whole of this week, BOOO.

Other than that, I am fine! Will update more! :)


So as you all know, I will be going to Wuxi, China tomorrow, for a business trip!
The temperature/weather there now is around -2 degrees. -__-

I am having these butterflies in my tummy! Butterflies which usually come out before I go on stage or something. I am nervous about the trip. :/

Maybe it's the kick-off meeting I had yesterday for the trip-- the manager kept on apologising for the tight deadline, all the listing-out of the work that I was supposed to do (way too advanced for a freshie like me), the discussion of overtime hours etc... It's already hard enough to be facing one of my bigger jobs yet, what more in a foreign country! A foreign country which is colder than a refrigerator wtf.

Maybe it's the travelling alone? Of course, I am not alone per se, I have 2 fellow colleagues with me-- my senior who LOVES bullying me ("eh, hui wen, I have helped you booked your airplane seat online already, you are sitting in the toilet" WTF), and a new addition to our department, the sweetest girl, and we can get along when we both admitted to each other that we don't own sneakers, HAHA. But irregardless, I will have to be accountable for myself-- 'cause we are all there for professional purposes. I will have to lug my own luggage, while juggling client files that we are bringing along, stationary (we are talking about huge ass staplers and punchers, foolscap pads, empty paper files, folder clips etc), and my heavy-ass work laptop. :/

Maybe it's the fact that as the workload is so heavy, the manager has forewarned us that our return trip might be pushed back? This means that though I am supposed to fly back next Saturday, there is a chance that I will be back much later. And we won't know when it is until we actually jump into the deep end and get our hands dirty.

Maybe it's 'cause roaming charges is going to be a bitch there, and this means that I might not get to talk to the boyfriend everynight before I go to sleep-- my nightly ritual. :(

Maybe it's the extremely freezing weather? I still have not completely recovered, and I am just praying fervently that my condition will not be aggravated by the cold. :( In fact, I thought I am almost A-OK, but just now when I walked back from the post office (to get Teeny's shopping package-- she has extended her online-shopping tendencies to Singapore -_-), I almost fainted! Halfway walking, suddenly I just broke out in cold sweat, and started feeling really nauseated, and I felt really dizzy. :((( I am praying it's 'cause of my period (losing too much blood wtf), and not 'cause I am sick sick.

Since I am on the subject of the cold weather, I am also really stressed out about what to wear/pack! Haha, I know it's really bimbotic, but do remember that I have to be clad in work clothes/professional wear-- so it's going to be quite a challenge to incorporate that into a functional wardrobe for negative-degree temperatures. -_- Usually I love cold weathers, 'cause it means I can play with layering and have fun dressing up, but how to layer for -2 celcius!! Wear 15 layers ar wtf. And I had to resort to bringing warm clothings from KL (when I was back the past 2 times), but usually I procastinated so much that I just throw a few knits in my bag and come right back to Singapore... So I will really need to get my brain juices flowing later to see how I can mix and match everything. -_- And OH YA I forgot to mention that I will be bringing a small-ish luggage bag too!!! 'Cause both my colleagues will be bringing small bags, and I don't want to be left out as the bimbo who changes clothes 3 times a day wtf. As it is, I use around medium-sized suitcases for a 3-4 days weekend, now I have to cram a 1-week long's worth of outfits into the same bag??? Not to mention, we are talking about 1-week long's worth of thick wooly clothings???? Lord save me. T_T

And I am also worried about haunted hotel rooms wtf. Chinese ghosts scare the hell out of me. T_________________T

But let's not be so pessimistic here!!

This is a text message I got from my senior when he went down to Wuxi last week for some preliminary work, whereby after I finished reading it, I started squealing in the office:

"... Was kind of bored last night, so i went shopping. There's H & M, Gucci, Loewe, Bally etc here. ..."

This was the point I started squealing, haha.

Gucci? Yay! Loewe? Yay! Bally? Yay!


All this while H & M was like some kind of legend to me wtf. Completely out of reach (the nearest H & M store to us is in Hong Kong). But hello baby, I am coming to you! :D :D :D

Haih, trust me to focus on the (frivalous) silver lining amidst the dark clouds, hehe. Anyhow, leave me nice encouraging comments, so that I will have something to read when I check into the hotel k (should be reaching at about 7-8pm)! Actually I just like reading comments la, but whatever wtf. And I am undecided, should I hope for it to snow or not!


Jess said...

I know what you are feeling right now! Because I'm going to KL on work assignment in like 5 hours time and it's only my first week in work. I am such a newbie at this and they decided to send me outstation. :S

But at least I don't have to deal with below zero temperature. (lucky me)

Good luck (to you and to me!)

MapleRain said...

your so lucky....cuz wuxi's a great place and its scenery is simply breathtaking!

mustardqueen said...

OMG u took the package for me T______T im so touched now and and shit now i feel damn guilty cause... u almost fainted =//// ANYWAY! if u see floral stockings in H&M buy for me k <3 AHAHAHAHHA WHEEEEE lug back peanut cookies for parents wtf

xiang yun said...

HAHAHAHAH at mustardqueen's comment!!

Good luck Hui Wen! You can do it because if you can't, why would they send you there in the first place right? =]

Anonymous said...

hi there!

if u r gonna shop at h&M, you would love UNIQLo even more!

Anonymous said...

Hey love,

Do take care of yourself and have a safe trip.

Always count your change when you buy something (they have a tendency of shortchanging you), don't go into those karaoke joints (i heard that they initially tell you it is only so and so renimbi, but then when the actual bill comes out, they add on thousands with items like membership fee, yearly payment etc..).

Just be careful. I also heard that since china has a shortage of women ( the one child policy ), they kidnap women in the city, to be sold to marry farmers.


revel in me said...

jess: WAHHH so soon! What job are you in? And where do you stay! But do you get travelling allowance? You can do it love! <333

Rain: Is it!!! I just arrived, and it's all dark, and all the shops are closed wtf. Any places/food to recommend in wuxi? :)

mustardqueen: Ya la you idiot.. T__T Damn drama k, while I walked back.. Tell you another day so you feel guilty.. T___T H & M sucks! Nothing there, BOO! And why peanut cookies??!!

xiang yun: Aww, thanks love! But I think they sent me 'cause I can speak Chinese WTF, hahaha! Thanks again! <3

evan: Where can I find uniqlo? :)))

smalls: My dad said thaty they will catch me to be ghost bride!! For their sons who passed away.. T____T Thank you love! And yes you can have the earrings if anything happens to me.. T__T

PS: Please don't arrange for something to happen to me T___T

Jing said...

HAHAHAHAHAH, GHOST BRIDE WTF!!! I'll pray for your safe return so you can bring me back H&M goodies WTF! ;P

P/s: OMG, i shopped ALOT again! Thank god i'm being shipped to Sg Buloh tomorrow wtf, cos i've been shopping non-stop these days, going to bankrupt WTF!

Joshua said...



I've never heard of ghost brides, why so scary wan. T.T

Take care and happy layering!

Anonymous said...

Had been to wuxi, it's not really that bad. Speaking the truth, China's toilets are far cleaner than some of the toilets in malaysia.

Jess said...

I'm in the accounting field as well. I am staying in a cheap shit motel where you can rent rooms by the hour *so you know lah* OMGOMGOMGTOTALLY SHIT!

I don't get travelling allowance >.< Just allowance for meals. I just can't wait till the end of the week so that I can go home!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Wow! U get to travel overseas for work, u must be good thats why they picked you, someone who can meet those deadline etc!

Have a good time shopping!

revel in me said...

jing: Ya and you killed someone in sg buluh too right WTFFF. I am safe home! Didn't meet any ghost bride kidnappers.. or any ghosts for that matter WTF.

joshua: H & M is overrated I think! :( Either that, or they send ugly clothes to china, BOO.

ting: Haha, I suck at using squatting toilets! And do you know that they don't flush away soiled toilet paper, you are supposed to throw them in a bin next to you. T___T

jess: Eee motel! But the 'hotel' I stayed in China is more of a motel too, actually! :/ But yayyy, I would guess you are home now already! :D

sue lin: I am lucky 'cause my department has overseas job! :P