Saturday, January 10, 2009

Viva la Diva.

Ok, I need to shop!
BUT, I am on a shopping ban.

Unless I don't shop with my own money! That doesn't really count right. *excited*

So I came up with this ingenious plan! Y'see, there is this contest organised by Tongue In Chic, and the prize? RM200 worth of Diva goodies!! That can really ease my shopping itch. :D

And all I have to do is talk about my most diva moment!

Except that... I don't really have one.

I think the only times when I can act 'diva' and get away with it is with the boyfriend...

Y'know... Like being late, throwing tantrums, unreasonable demands...
All ala Mariah Carey, deemed the most diva of them all, hehe.

If I really have to come up with a diva moment, I guess it'd be during my birthdays, 'cause that's about the only time I can be bratty and get away with it. :P

One of the more diva-ish birthdays would be my birthday last year-- with a pretty apt theme of 'Luxurious'!

Of satin, pearls and fur...

Being hidung tinggi (snotty), I reckon that's a diva trait? :P

Being an alcoholic.

Check out the abundance of furs! No animals were hurt in the process of producing this picture, HAHAHA.

I even had little 'luxurious' cupcakes, with dollar signs, heels and gemstone designs!
More pictures here.

And if you don't think that what I just talked about constitutes as 'diva', well, I will have you know that:


a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star [syn: prima donna]

Female operatic singer at her best.

You can't say that I am not a diva, HAHA!


mustardqueen said...

eh i wanted to join also but whatevs la, I already had my diva moment wtf, rmbr to share ur 200 bucks goodies k!!! I contributed quite a lot to ur Diva-ness wtf bossy sister AHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, drop by sometimes ok =))

Anonymous said...

Harlows. :)
Chor Min was with Alvin last night right?Aiya,just do it tonight only lah!Not so soon about Melbourne.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: When is your diva moment!!! Is it when you dive the Saga WTFFF. Boo don't know whether will win or not! But god knows I need to shop, my preserverance is wearing thin wtf!

qiuting: Omg, you are so pretty it's insane! :O :O :O

misscheerio: Haha, YAAA they were! Macho talk wtf. I am in Spore (and China) this weekend! :(

Anonymous said...

Dropping by your amazing blog...

wat a diva!!! hehehe

have a great 2009 ahead!

Myra said...

Hey thanks for dropping by! I want to buy the boots in both colors, really. Zara has the best shoes! :-)

BlueBlurryBerry said...
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revel in me said...

desmond-t: Thanks! :)

myra: YAA I couldn't decide between the gray and black ones too! But Zara shoes aren't very comfortable though. :(