Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The long-promised beauty post.

Errr, so I have promised here to recommend some beauty products that have worked for me. It has been more than 2 months since that entry!!! And it still wasn't up, despite some of you constantly reminding me to do the write-up that I promised. *looks down in shame*

I really tried! But I was waiting to compile some products to make this entry more interesting, I'll reveal it at the end of this post k. ;)

'Cause you got it right! The post is finally DONE! And it's right here, hehe.

It took so long also 'cause I was trying to compile pictures of me using the products, but it was really really difficult to do so... Most pictures that I took of myself looked like that:

Only served to emphasize how messy my room is. T__T

So I thought, fuck it, I might as well just jump right into writing the entry. Good also la, 'cause less pictures of me without make up wtf. :P

Before you read on, do read my preliminary entry here k! 'Cause it's important to understand that I was not born with naturally good skin; in fact, a few months ago, my skin was probably at its all-time low. :( I have never been much of a beauty product-person, but after suffering from bad skin-trauma, I really opened myself up to research and spend on different products for the hope of improving my skin. I feel that these products really worked for me, and I think it's beneficial for me to share with you guys, 'cause they belong to slightly more contemporary brands/products. :)

The items listed below is not an exhaustive list of my beauty regime, they simply are the more effective/interesting items that I have tried. Read on! :)

Reminder: This is NOT an ad!


Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel.

About 2 years ago, I was still using moisturisers from pharmacy brands like Loreal. I even tried Hazeline, which is this really old school brand, that cost like RM5.90 per jar! My grandma used Hazeline when she was young, and she had great skin. So do some of my friends, all whom have nice skin. But I always slap on these moisturisers as an afterthought, and have never really been religious in its application.

I never placed much importance on moisturisers, 'cause I have oily skin, and I was under the misconception that I don't need any more moisture. Nevertheless, last year, when I came back home from Melbourne (with bad skin, I might add), I did a little research, and understood that all skin types need moisturisers. So I got myself the Clinique moisturising gel, and that's when moisturisers became part of my beauty regime. Nonetheless, I still didn't really see any improvement to my skin.

Then, one day, I was introduced to Laneige. And boy, my skin really improved after I used this moisturiser! 'Cause contrary to my belief that my skin is too oily, my facial lady corrected me-- apparently my skin was actually too dry (because whole life never really used moisturiser wtf), which was why my skin constantly produces more facial oil to keep it moisturised! So what I needed was a dramatically hydrating moisturiser, yet light and gentle enough to not aggravate my pimple-prone skin. I think the Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel really does it work, because I do feel that my skin has became softer and smoother to touch, and to my surprise, my break-outs actually stopped! :)

Besides this Laneige moisturiser, I also use its cleanser (gel form as well) and eye cream/gel. :)

Price: Approximately RM110-130.


Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen.

I have something to confess. I have never used sunscreen in my life before this. :( I never really understood the importance of it, despite all the preaching and warnings by magazines and articles alike. I was lucky though, 'cause back in Melbourne, I used to use this make-up base which has SPF 50-- so that provided some protection from the sun. However, I have stopped using make-up base since I left Melbourne, and my skin has just been exposed to its worst enemy (the SUN) for the past year and more! T__T

So when I went through the 'enlightenment' phase for improving my skin, obviously I introduced sunscreen into my beauty routine. Anessa by Shishedo, is actually recommended by Audrey, who swears by it. Emm, I can't say how much it has worked for my skin-- but as long as I don't get any spots or pigmentation, I will presume it's doing its work, hehe. What I can vouch for though, is that it is very easy to apply, and very light! 'Cause I hate applying things to my face (ya, even make up!), so I don't like things that are cloying and clogging.

I was very kiasu, so I insisted on the SPF50 one, which is waterproof. The downside is that it has to be removed with makeup oil, or at least cleansers/removers which cater to waterproof make up. Else, it wouldn't be removed entirely, and we will have a big problem called clogged pores, boo. So I would recommend you to get the non-waterproof one, which comes in SPF45.

Price: RM100


Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel.

Can you tell I am quite a big fan of Laniege. :P I am sure this is no mystery to us girls, but the secret to clear skin is always exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! I used to use 'beady' scrubs (y'know, those with microbeads), 'cause I feel that they can thoroughly remove all traces of dirt, and they make my skin feel 'cleaner'. But I have come to realise that these scrubs are a tad too harsh for our skin! I don't know how it is for you girls, but whenever I scrub my skin with this type of scrubs (brands I have previously tried: Lancome, Loreal, Estee Lauder etc), my skin will feel very taut and tight, though very clean. And tightness for the skin is not necessarily a good thing!

Which is why I prefer exfoliating gels, which are gentler on the skin. :)

I used to use the exfoliating gel from Bio-Essence (available at any Guardian pharmacies), that worked pretty well too! It's about RM50 per tube.

Nevertheless, after using the Bio-Essence exfoliating gel for about 2 years, I feel that it doesn't quite cut it anymore, I needed something with more oomph! And it comes the Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. :D

Doesn't the name sound unbelievably delicious! And girlie! And in all its PINK glory. :D It was recommended by this ex-colleague of mine, who has the NICEST skin ever ever ever! She doesn't have any marks, scars, and get this, not even PORES. T___T Why is life so unfair. T____T Anyway, once I heard that she used this Strawberry product, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon too. :P

Here is how it looks like:

Really looks like yogurt wtf. The pink dots are actually the strawberry seeds (is that the correct word? =/), and will help to scrub out the dirt and impurities!

Just apply it evenly onto your face, and scrub merrily away!

See, I love you all so much that I took a picture of my bare skin under macro mode. *breaks down and cry wtf*

The gel will slowly tun into flakes-- those are actually the dirt and dry skin being exfoliated away! Super syok to see them, 'cause it feels as if you have done something purposeful, haha.

And to this day, I am still not sure whether I am paranoid, but I always feel that after using this scrub, my skin has this pinkish glow/tinge to it-- attributed from the strawberry, perhaps? :P

Price: RM99

Foundation BB Cream

Brightening Balm aka BB Cream.

I think one of the best thing I can recommend to improve your skin, is to stop using make-up. I know it's harsh and hard to do, but honestly, reducing my use of foundation is probably the largest contributor to my skin becoming better.

A few months ago when my skin was still terrible, I was caught in a rut: my skin was bad--> I used more make up to cover my imperfections--> the make up aggravated my skin more--> my skin became worse--> I use even more make up to cover it up. :( My facial lady kept on warning me to stop using make up, and I was like, Are you crazy??? Then I will have to expose my ugly skin!!!

But then I discovered BB cream. :) To cut it short, BB cream is the latest craze in Korea (and many other Asian countries now). It provides coverage, but it also works as a make-up base, sunscreen and moisturiser! And it doesn't spoil your skin. :) I use it in replacement of my foundation, and within 2 weeks of using the BB cream (I use it alone), I could see my skin drastically improve! See people, the wonders of not using so much make up! T_T Some people feel that BB creams do not provide as good coverage as foundation, but that isn't really my concern, 'cause I put it on more for a even complexion than anything. I wear my BB cream for work, and on weekends I allow myself a treat of my Chanel foundation. :P

This is how BB cream looks like when applied!

Before work. Boo, y'know what, I miss taking work outfit pictures!

Honestly, it is very similar to foundation, just that its lasting power isn't as good. But some people I know will put on some loose powder to make it stay longer, so you can consider that! But for me, applying powder will defeat my purpose of not wanting to put on too much make up la. And one more thing! BB cream has a tendency to be a bit fair-- so don't be surprised if when you first apply it, you look too white! It takes sometime for it to settle down, and be true to your skin color. Nevertheless, I would say that BB cream (or maybe it's just this brand that I bought) isn't entirely suitable for people with very tanned skin!

Price: I got mine from Sasa, it cost RM95.

Oxygen mask

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask.

This is probably one of the more interesting items that I can introduce you all to! :P If you watch Taiwanese talk shows, you might have heard of Ladies First. Well, this product was a huge hit in the show! Basically, it infuses your skin with oxgen and promises to give you clear, happy skin. :)

The most interesting part of this product is its application: it comes out of the pump as clear gel, however, after you rub it all over your face, it will slowly 'bubble up' and become this thin layer of white foam!! You will feel that your skin is all tingly while the foam continues to 'bubble'-- this is when the mask is oxidising. After about 15 minutes, the foam will disappear after all the oxygen is released, and you wash it off. I don't have a picture of me using the product, 'cause I spoiled my pump, and nothing comes out of the nozzle now! T___T

However, do watch this video to understand how it works, and to see the amazing results!

For you girls who don't understand Chinese, just watch it from minute 3.00 onwards!

My skin really became very very soft and smooth, and noticeably fairer after using this! Unfortunately, I can't say whether the effects are lasting, 'cause after using it for about 1 month (I used it once a week), the pump broke. :(((

Price: RM198, which is really quite steep, for such a small bottle (50ml). The sales assistant told me that 1 bottle can last about 3 months. It is only available at Sasa outlets.

Sebum gel

Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel.

Among all my beauty products, I would say that this is the most seemingly 'no-function' item-- it doesn't moisturise, tone, nor clean, nor is it a scrub or a serum of any type. In fact, my facial lady (I have my facials done at Cellnique) has been pestering me since forever to get a bottle, and I always just pacify her with a half-hearted smile, "maybe next time". However, in my quest to be open-minded and experimental with beauty products, I got myself one bottle; I can honestly say that this product works the best among all the new products I have bought and tried.

This is how it works: the Sebum Gel promises to control your secretion of the sebum oil (cause of oily shine on your face, and evil root of pimples/blackheads/whiteheads), and reduces the size of your pores. Well, I can't say that my pores have reduced drastically, or that I don't have any blackheads anymore. However, I can say that my skin has become much clearer after using this.

Just pump a small dollop, and spread evenly all over your face, morning and night.

Among all the products that I have recommended, this is one of the very first item that I incorporated into my daily regime. And whilst I think that my skin became better partly 'cause I stopped using foundation, I think I stopped have breakouts because of the sebum gel. I am not kidding, I used to get pimples all the time, whether or not it's that time of the month. But since I started using the sebum gel, I don't even get a zit before my period! :O

Of course, I still do get the occasional zit once in awhile (one or two max, as compared to my previous zit patch wtf). And then I came to realise that applying sebum gel on my existing zits actually make them disappear by the next day! I really did put this to test: y'know how when a zit is going to pop out, the area is a little red and sore? Well, I rubbed a little sebum gel on it, and the next day, there is NO sign of any zit! I have also rubbed this gel on pimples which angry and red, and the next day it reduced to almost nothing! AMAZING. So amazing that I have finished my first bottle, and almost 3/4 into my 2nd bottle now. :)))

Price: RM159 for 30ml. A tad too pricey though. :( 30ml lasts about 2months plus, 3months plus if used sparingly. :)

I have also recently started using this serum from Juju (haha, what a name right). Missy Addie, who is the most beautiful person on earth (T_T) uses the moisturiser from Juju!!! So maybe there is hope for me to have flawless skin! Will let you all know how this product work after I used it for a little longer. :)

Anyway, there you go, some sincere, deep-from-my-heart recommendations from me. :) As you can see, I do have a slight affinity for skincare that is catered for Asian skin. 'Cause previously I have tried products from Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Biotherm... and somehow they didn't work for me. :( I am also quite revelling in the fact that I am actually a semi-beauty junkie now, 'cause I realised that your skin is your asset-- you can change clothes that don't flatter you, but you can't take off you skin! Unless you are a snake WTF.

So people, to make this entry more interesting, I am hoping that all of you can join in and make this a girlie support thing! Share an interesting beauty-related story, or recommend a good product that works! We girls should stick up for each other. :D Best comment wins some beauty samples that I have been compiling!!! The samples include Laneige products, lipstick, masks, and yes, the sebum gel! :D Samples are good, 'cause I can't repeat how many times I have splurged on a beauty item, only to find that it didn't work-- and I have a whole bottle to finish. :( So come on, girls, SHARE! :D

Monday, February 23, 2009

Want to share, but I am not allowed to. :(


Ok, I got my USB modem today!! So I am in a much more relaxed mode now, 'cause at least I know I won't be cut off from the world at the strike of midnight on 1st March WTF. Yaa, I am that dependent on internet wtf. On the other hand though, I had to sign on a contract for 2 years for the modem, and should I terminate the contract anytime before 2 years, I will have to pay a penalty of SGD500! OUCHHH!! I mean, I don't foresee myself to stay in S'pore for that long, if you get my drift. OUCHHH again! (and if you are wondering why didn't I just sign on the modem service without a contract basis, I tabulated the costs if I were to do so, the cost comes up to about the same, BOOO)

My boyfriend is the cutest cutest boy. He just told me a hilarious story about him when he was in Std 5, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I typed it all out, ready to blog about it, then he told me to not post it up. T_T He said he is shy. T_________T

Haihhhh sadness, cannot share with you. Really damn funny HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Since I die die also want to blog, here are some pictures from last weekend! Our first weekend without Teeny. /boo


Me, looking like Sun Wukong with the feathers poking straight up WTF.

Gray satin top with black bow embroidery: Topshop
Light gray paperbag miniskirt: Topshop
Cream and black maryjanes: Singapore
Light gray corsage with feathers: Portman, Australia

EH looking at Jing and I, we were like day and night! Sun and er dusk wtf.

Squinty eyes under the sun. :)

Halfway walking out of the gate, we looked at each other as realisation dawn on us:"Eh we are both wearing flowers on our heads leh!" -__-

Since we looked so garden-y, Jing suggested for us to go to the newly opened Gardens in OU. Gardens the cafe, not Gardens the shopping mall wtf. 'Cause as its name suggests, it has a garden theme! I have been there once with Jac, and it really has a gorgeous interior. :)

Little women. :P

Pretty stirrer.

My aglio olio. Reminded me so much of the aglio olio I used to cook in Melbourne! Accompanied me on so many pre-exam nights. T___T

Jing, being semi ladylike. :P

And our respective camwhore pictures! :P Can you tell we are sisters ar (fro the camwhoring gene wtf).

Ok, the end.

Aiya, I have no mood to blog! 'Cause I am so so so pissed now! To cut the story short, I am staying with my cousin now, and I share the internet with her tenants. And these 2 jokers suddenly told me that they are cutting the internet by the end of this month!!! 'Cause they decided to switch to those USB modems instead. End of this month is essentially 4 days away! WTF MANN. I am already so busy, I don't have time to go apply for internet, or to get myself one of those USB modem thingies!! ARGHHH. What more I am going back to KL this weekend, so I wouldn't even have the weekend to go settle this internet issue. And I can't live without the internet, I am not afraid to admit it! HOW LAAAA. I will just DIE if I don't have the internet!!!

ARGHHH. I am just so pissed 'cause they see me all the time! Why couldn't they just tell me earlier??? Instead of dropping the bomb 4 days before? RAWRRRR.

Ok finished already.

Oh ya one good news! I finished up the beauty product entry already! Will post it up within this week. If they don't cut my internet before that. *grumble grumble*

One more joke before I go!

One day, char siew pau was walking down the road.

suddenly, he felt hungry.

so, he ate himself.

*the end*


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish maw and shark's fin.

Contrary to the very unromantic title of the entry, I am actually going to talk about my Valentine's day! :P

Actually I have always been kind of a V-day cynic. I always think of it as an overtly-commercialized day-- I mean, seriously, just try eating out on V-day, and it will be superbly crowded, and everywhere will most likely be fully-booked; if not, there will be no ala-carte meals-- you have to order the Valentine's set meal. -__- Flowers will be exorbitantly expensive-- like a 200% mark-up.

Of course, that's not all. Somehow the boyfriend and I, we have what I call a V-day jinx. :( Every Valentine's day, we would end up fighting and just have a really horrible day. :((( The boyfriend and I were racking our brains over how we celebrated V-day over the past few years: on the first year, V-day was good, though it was a horrible experience dining at Victoria Station, 'cause it was jam-packed, and the waiters keep on rushing you to finish your food so that they can accommodate the long queue of patrons outside! Imagine, cutting into your salmon steak with your dessert sitting in front of you. Needless to say, service sucked. But overall, it was still a good day. However, from then onwards, it kind of went downhill. T__T On our 2nd V-day, we forgot to make reservations (or something like that), and we just kept driving around and around trying to find a place to eat, but to no avail, 'cause everywhere was full, or serving horrible set dinners. By that time it was 9-plus, and I was hungry and bratty, so we fought. :( Our 3rd V-day, we were supposed to go to Aquaria KLCC, but it ended in tears (by me) and harsh words too, sigh. So for our 4th V-day last year, I told the boyfriend, nevermind, let's not celebrate V-day, what if we fight again wtf. Scarred already. :(((

But this year, somehow we were just under the understanding that we would spend the day together. :) And also, I lost a bet, so I had to pay for Valentine's dinner WTF. He was betting that he knows the full name of the MP of where I am staying in S'pore... Mr. K. Shanmugam, Minister for Law,Second Minister for Home Affairs WTFF. Is it worrying that I stay here and I don't even know the guy's name, and the boyfriend has only visited me twice in S'pore, and he knows???!!! But haihhh, ya la, I lost the bet. T___T

Our V-day started late! We only woke up around noon, after which I waved at him goodbye and went for my facial, haha. I was like, 'Valentine's day is all about love, and that includes loving myself' WTF. So by the time he came to fetch me, it was already 4pm. *sheepish*

Just when I was going to open his car door and clamber in, he told me to go to his boot to take something for him. I was grumbling under my breath whilst walking to his boot, "stupid man, think I am maid ar' *grumble grumble*.

Then I opened his boot and this flew out!!!


'Cause they were filled with helium, they came out with a huge "WHOOOOSHHHH", and at first I thought it was a flock of colorful birds flying out wtf. But immediately I was like 'AWWW'!!!. And just stood there smiling to myself, and not knowing what to do (should I stuff the balloons back into the boot first or do I ran to the boyfriend in the driver's seat and thank him first wtf). :P This is just like a Toyota (I think) ad I saw a few years ago!! The girl in the ad unknowingly opened her boyfriend's boot, and out flew many many pink balloons, and they all flew to the sky!!! So pretty!!! Back then, I saw the ad, and I thought to myself, how nice would it be if a guy does it for me. :)))

We went to Coffee Bean for coffee and retricted amounts of cake, because our dinner reservation was at 6-plus, and the boyfriend disallowed me to eat anything too filling (although I haven't eaten at all in the day T_T), in case I lose my appetite for dinner.

Jing saw my outfit for the day, and she told me, "Che, I am quite surprised you wear like this! I thought you will sure wear a slutty/romantice dress for V-day!"

Me: "Aiya, need to keep men on their toes mah" wtf.

I told the boyfriend to surprise me with any cake, and here is what he chose:

Our festive cake. -__-

Strawberry mousse cheesecake, but not nice! Boo. Lesson learnt, never be cheesy, haha. But I thought the boyfriend was very cute when he wanted to cut the pink heart-shaped chocolate into halves for us to share, but he was very adamant to do so, 'cause he said we cannot be "broken-hearted', hahaha.

And now to reveal why my entry is titled so! 'Cause we went for Chinese food for V-day! Damn off right, haha. But I am a non-conformist like that wtf. I told the boyfriend sometime ago that I was craving for shark's fin, so we decided that on V-day we shall satiate my craving. :P

We went to Pak Loh Chiu Chow, in Starhill Gallery.

When the boyfriend first told me that he was thinking of going to Pak Loh, I was like "huh isn't that a tokoh kebangsaan" HAHAHA.

The interior:

Btw, the 'Chiu Chow' was referring to Teochew! So yeap, Pak Lok serves authentic Teochew cuisine. :)

Reading through the Teochew 'manual' along with the menu. It tells you all about the Teochew people-- their history, their dialect, and of course, their food. :)

Kung Fu tea (really, that's what it's called!), served before the meal.

We had a face-off to see who can emulate Kung Fu masters more, haha.

Hahahah cannot make it, damn kaku (stiff)!

/boo quite like a kung fu hero right! All those TVB dramas paid off wtf.

Our food:

Braised shark's fin with bamboo piths and crabmeat.

What I was craving for!

It looked pretty unappetising, actually. T_T But it was really good! It tasted different from the usual braised soup, instead it's more like the 'Buddha Jumped over the Wall' soup! Ok, I do realise that this part will only make sense to Chinese. T_T

Very very rich and flavorful soup, you can tell that they put in alot of ingredients to make the soup so tasty and thick!

Stewed superior abalone in oyster sauce.

I have something to admit, I don't really like abalone! Don't know why I don't know how to appreciate fine and expensive food. T_T Did you know that there are abalones which cost about 1 grand for a piece!! :O I can't imagine eating something so dreadfully expensive. T__T

Chiu Chow special soyed duck.

One of the Teochew specialties! Very tender, and I like the herb-tasting sauce. :)

Steamed freshwater prawn on a bed of glutinous rice.

Roasted pork.

Thinly sliced, and roasted to perfection! But of course, it takes 30 minutes of prepration time for this dish. :/

Double boiled ginseng tea with white fungus.

I love my ginseng soups, but to me, ginseng is better for savoury soups, and NOT as desserts! Boo. Give me my Chinese pancakes!

All the dishes listed above (sans the roasted pork) came in a set dinner (not their V-day set), for RM128 per pax. Each dish is served ala-carte for the respective individuals, so it feels a bit like eating Western food, haha. 'Cause you know Chinese food is always about fighting for food from the Lazy Susan, haha. The boyfriend thinks the food is really good, so much so that he is planning to bring his parents there! :)

And I say, Chinese food is a great idea for V-day! 'Cause the restaurant was relatively quiet (not many couples), so we really got to talk and enjoy each other's company. :) So you know where to go right for your future V'day right! Esquire Kitchen wtf. :P


Star print blouse with ruffled front and pearl buttons: Thrifted
Denim shorts with gold threading: Valleygirl
Tan mary janes: River Island
Happy Svarovski earrings: Chanel

He got me a box filled with imported magazines. How frivalous, and perfect for me, haha. :P

We watched Benjamin Button after that, which I mentioned here. Before the movie, I told the boyfriend, "wah, you quite brave ar, to watch such a sad, tear-inducing movie with me on V'day!" To which he replied with a stricken look, "HAH?? It's a sad movie?? I thought it''s a happy love movie" HAIHHH men. -_-

But yay, our V-day jinx is broken! We can have happy Valentine's days. :D

The day ended with him blowdrying my hair, whilst I sat there and flipped through an imported copy of Cosmopolitan. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

That's my boy!

I am here, watching old ANTM episodes on Youtube, and eating my dry pork noodle out of the transparent take-away box. Reason being, I was working till quite late, and had no time for dinner.

But believe it or not, I am actually feeling the most lighthearted I have been in this week. :)

Aah, what a drastic change of my mood from this morning to now.

I walked out of the door this morning, feeling really low... It's one of those days, just weighed down by the blues. You can't blame me, I guess, I have been really busy for the past week, every day it's the same routine: work till late, reach home, have take-out, sleep, and wake up grumpy and tired, and go to work, and work till late again. And all in all, I am just exhausted-- since January, if you can believe it. I am partly at fault, in this case, 'cause I have been commuting home so often for the past 2 months, as I wanted to spend as much time with my sister before she goes off, as well as see my friends who are back from Aussie for the summer break. Couple that with travelling to China and Penang in the last month, working OT during those business trips; and still didn't have the weekends to recuperate ('cause I would go back to KL), I am just really exhausted physically, and to a certain extent, mentally.

But like I said, I am feeling rather happy now! Firstly, HELLO TOMORROW IS FRIDAY and everyone knows Friday is my favorite day right! Well, second favorite, 'cause Saturday is my actual favorite day (don't have to work + no work next day + can sleep in and sleep late) wtf. I am just welcoming the weekend with widespread open arms! Aah, sleep. Aah, to finally catch up with my sisters and friends (can you believe I haven't had a proper conversation with Teeny since she touched down in Melbourne???). Aah, to have long phone chats with the boyfriend, I have missed him so much! And can I say it again, aaah sleeeeep. :D

But a bigger factor is 'cause something truly wonderful happened to the boyfriend today!!! Something he has been wanting for a long time, something long overdue, something he really deserves. :))) When I heard the news, it was like "POWWW!" and straightaway I was in a good mood, haha. :)))))

Mmm, enough about me dissecting my mood. :) Let me show you all some lighthearted picture instead. :P

As usual, just some everyday pictures of my sisters and I. :)

At Delicious, our default hangout:

The Pesto Spaghetti with grilled chicken. Green is a really unappetising color for food, don't you think!!! *wrinkles nose*

But I love green vegetables though! *contradicts*

And a random trivia about me: do you know before I was 12, I don't eat any type of vegetables!!! No wonder I am so short now, not enough nutrients during my growing phase wtf. T___T

Spicy crab linguine. Mine!

Random trivia #2: Before I was 12, I didn't eat any type of seafood as well. T_________T

Top-down. :D

Jing! With the unappetising (looking) pasta. But it was really yummy though!

Trying to take a picture of the beaded detailing on my top, but instead accentuates the fact that my nose is humongous wtf.

Teeny, who ran to Melbourne, and conveniently 'forgot' to pay me back for the money she owed me. -___-



Tiptoe-ing Jing!

Metallic silver/gray mesh top with underbust beaded detailing: Valleygirl
White tulip skirt with front slit: Bettina Liano
Gemstone headband: Diva
Gemstone bangle: Diva
Nude wooded wedge pumps: Space, Singapore

Allow me to say this before I go off, IT'S OFFICIALLY FRIDAY!! :D :D :D