Saturday, March 07, 2009

All about wardrobes.

GUESS WHATTTT!!! My mom bought me 2 wardrobes! :D :D :D :D :D

Is it obvious that this is what made me so happy yesterday, hehe. *sheepish*

It all happened in a whirlwind!

Let me start at the very beginning wtf. It's incredibly shallow of me, but I have been feeling rather down since a few months ago. Besides the obvious causes such as being away from home, being cooped up in a job that I don't love, being fat WTF... I always find myself very troubled because I have too much clothes. -__- I know I know, it seems like such a silly, frivalous reason! But it's really quite saddening to go back home, open my bedroom door with flourish, and find myself facing mountains and mountains of mess. Even my maid has given up tidying up my room. -__-

I have blogged about the severity of the condition of my room before, but believe it or not, it has gotten worse. :( 'Cause firstly, obviously I have bought more things since then; and secondly, it's a vicious cycle-- I will go back to KL, make a mess of my room; leave my room in a mess to go back to S'pore; come back to KL and can't find anything and make a bigger mess. -__- I love dressing up, but lately I find that I don't know where all my things are! I don't even remember what I bought, and I hate that. Even my mom has given up nagging me to unpack my things from my boxes or luggage bags, simply because there is no space to unpack the things to!

So when Jing told me one day that Mommy could take it no longer, and that she is going to get us more cupboards, I literally squealed in joy! :D 'Cause I was already planning to buy myself some wardrobes as a birthday present to myself WTFF.

When I was discussing with my Mom last weekend what cupboards I want (how many wtf), she suggested getting this children wardrobe for me (in a 2 door version) which matches my room. I knew instantly which one she was talking about, 'cause it was my dream when I furnished my room a few years ago. But we simultaneously exclaimed, "But cannot la, too small", hahaha. Ya la, I have to forego my fantasy for practicality. *noble* She was quite adamant to get me a huge huge wardrobe, so I suggested removing all the furniture in my room except for my bed WTF. I also suggested putting a wardrobe in my shower area, but she ignored me, harrumph.

Anyway, surprise surprise, on a whim yesterday, my mom bought us the wardrobes! She got me two white 2-door wardrobes, which I am really happy about! But Jing, ever the bubble-popper, told me solemnly that the wardrobes wouldn't be able to fit my clothes. -___- I don't believe it! I am sure I can organise everything! *gung-ho* Now my bedroom has a total of an 8-door wardrobe! In fact, if I include my closet space in S'pore, I will have 12 doors altogether! I don't believe that my clothes cannot be fit into all these space! *ruffled* And omg, I am another step closer to my dream of a walk-in wardroom ('cause a built-in wardrobe is too small, I need a wardROOM or better yet a wardHOUSE WTFFF)!

I am such a nerd, 'cause I am really looking forward to going back home next weekend to organise my clothes and put them in their new home! :D


I have an announcement to make! But it's not that new wtf. Some of you may have known it already, but my sisters and I have opened up a site to sell our second-hand/unworn clothes. :)

Meet Boudoir-Boudoir. A collaboration between Jing, Teeny, Josh (from Lacquer and Lace) and me. :)

Boudoir-Boudoir is pronounced as 'budua-budua', and is French for dressing room/drawing room/wardrobe. :) The concept is for you girls to rummage through our wardrobe, which is the best way of treasure-hunting, I feel! :P I am sure any one of you with girlfriends or sisters can vouch to that. :P

At the moment, the site is a little dead, 'cause we didn't coordinate our 'opening act'. *glares at sisters wtf* But I have just posted my first entry, and we need you girls to keep the site alive! The more 'rummaging' that goes on there, the more of our goodies we will post. ;)

So what are you waiting for! QUICK, go to Boudoir-Boudoir !


Teeny said there was a minor earthquake in Melbourne just now. T___T

So I thought of her and hence will blog about her WTFF.

I don't have many unblogged pictures of Teeny left. :( But judging from how backlogged my entries could be sometimes, I suspect that by the time I finish posting Teeny's pre-Melbourne pictures, she'd be back for summer break already. -_-

Anyway! One of our GNOs. :) I love GNOs with my sisters, 'cause when we say dress-up, we really go all out. :P My mom always complain that we overdress! But then we would remind her that it's much better to have daughters who care about their appearance, then daughters who are sloppy; and she will grudgingly agree. :P

Teeny, my pretty baby.
Lesson #101: Always shrink behind people to make your face looks super small, and make your companion's face look 3x bigger in contrast wtf.

Jing, who looked like a french maid that day, HAHA.

We were at the Daily Grind, which I have blogged about here. I think my appetite has grown since the last time I went there! During my last visit, I found their burgers to exceedingly enormous, and I could barely finished it. This time around, I licked the last morsel off my plate and was like, "that's all?". T_T

Smiley and sultry.

Things have felt very empty since Teeny went away! T_T We are pieces of a burger-- Jing and Teeny are each a piece of bun, and I am the patty because I was born in the year of Ox and I am a Taurusean as well WTF-- we can't live without each other. T__T


Being tall has so many merits! For example, you can wear flats out for GNOs. T_T

The french maid who has never done any housework before. :P

Pale pink ruched bustier toga dress: Valleygirl
Studded belt: Zara
Studded bangle: Sister's
Nude patent pumps with wooded wedge: Space, Singapore

I got the dress for only AUD9.95! :P It's a little too big for me, so I cinched it in with the belt, and also adjusted the length so that it's longer at the back, for an assymetrical feel. I love bargains! :D

Wheeee wardrobe organising next weekend!


Anonymous said...

i always thought boudoir means dressing room/bedroom rather than wardrobe?


Jing said...

I AM THE PATTY!!! Because i am the essence of the burger! :D Remember my name means essence, you rainbow WTF!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, yaaa! But in historical times, it actually refers to the equivalent of a male cabinet (as quoted from wikipedia wtf). :P I will go edit, so that the meaning is clearer, whee!

jing: ERRR sorry to burst your bubble, my love, but your name actually means GREEN not essence HAHHAHAHHA

mustardqueen said...

if ur name is essence means ur also evil monster yiu zeng wtf i should be patty cause I'm juiciest wtf damn fat AhAHAHAHHHAA :P and hor walau now only u post about me hmmphh dun friend uuuu >=(