Thursday, February 12, 2009

And I waved at you.

° ßäþý ďò|| says:
loveee soo sad now cos we are all in 3 separate places T________T
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
i knowww
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
it feels very surreal to me
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
to me, it's still unreal
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
coz i didnt see her go
hui wen- -I sold my soul for soles says:
° ßäþý ďò|| says:
yaaaa like she left very sudden, cos suddenly the taxi driver came then she put luggage hug me and went inside alrdy :(


It felt unreal, until I called you while you are at the airport.
Though, the casual banter about how you are going to smuggle your feathers through immigration, about orientation, about setting up your internet, about buying the Dotti skirt for me... They are all little reminders of the fact that you are going...going... gone?

You didn't cry. I didn't cry. Because it hasn't sunk in for me. And well, you are always the strong, tough one among the three of us.
Though when we said goodbye over the phone, I choked a little. Just a little.

I am sorry that I wasn't there to send you off. If I was there, I wouldn't have let you and daddy take a cab, I would fetch you all there, and sit in McD's and cry with Jing till the last second that you have to board. :(

And I know it is going to hit me hard when I go back this weekend, and you are not there.

All the best in Melbourne ok? You are going to have tonnes of fun there, just like I did. :) Give those kangaroos a kiss from me! (though I have never seen kangaroos in Aussie, only wallabies WTF)

Till June, when we meet again! And July/August, the Great Melbourne Getaway! :D Love you, baby sister!


Jing said...


I miss Ting! Wait till you come to our room..

You won't feel anything because it looks the same wtf! T_____T

revel in me said...

jing: We have to webcam together-- 3 of us soon k.. T__T

Anonymous said...

so, in fashion school, we are currently researching trends, fashion bloggers and those who get it tragically wrong.. yet somehow seem to "rock it" with such confidence. you wouldn't mind me using your outfits as an example for class, do you? thanks!

just a few tips: a) do you get 'what not to wear' in malaysia? stace & clinton could teach you a few things. b) shop elsewhere. sg wang should not be your #1 go-to for a fashion fix. and c) also, take those glasses off, they're shockingly wrong for your face shape. well, just wrong in general.

keep it sassy,

revel in me said...

jasmine: Seeing as how you are desperate enough to be leaving multiple comments, here is my clone reply! :)

a) If I need to watch a middle-aged couple teach me what I 'can' or 'cannot' wear, I would deem my life very sad indeed. And I wear whatever I want, wherever I am-- whether or not it's Malaysia, I dress however I please. So, nation is not a factor.

b)Where did you read that Sg. Wang is my No.1 fashion fix? Aah, but then again, everywhere is my fashion fix. I do not limit myself to a certain place that I can get my place, I believe that gems are everywhere. I love digging for treasures, and if I am as presumptuous and self-righteous as you are, I believe I would have missed out on a lot of good buys.

c) They are not my glasses, they are my sister's. They are lensless frames which we wear to take pictures with. You know, for FUN, but I doubt that word is in your vocabulary.

d) I am not a fashion blogger. I blog for FUN. Again, that little big word for you.

I recently read this on a Lookbook user which I adore, and I have to relay her message, 'cause it's quite applicable in this case:

"You may like other people's fashion style or not.
It's your own taste and it's totally understandable if you don't like someone's outfits or style.
But why do you tell them that what you're wearing is WRONG?
Do you think it makes you look cool by doing that?

Why do you force others to believe in and act upon your norms and standards?

We all have freewill to do whatever we want.
and sometimes it gets on my nerves when somebody tells me that.

People on the internet can be quite ludicrous."

Fashion is fun, fashion is creative, fashion is about experimenting, and just enjoying the process and not thinking too much. And if the fashion school you are in does not teach you that basic mantra, I am afraid that maybe it's time to switch school or courses. As an afterthought, what fashion school is that? I presume you are M'sian 'cause you know about sg. wang... Lim Kok Wing ar? =/ 'Cause even if St Martin in London tells me I suck, I wouldn't change.

My philosophy is simple: Fashion is about fun, style is about confidence.
Saying that, if you think that I am going to take 'tips' from a twerp who is a undergrad or diploma-holder of a un-acclaimed fashion school, you are tragically wrong. :)

Anonymous said...

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