Monday, February 09, 2009

Chap Goh Mei.

It's only apt that I blog about my Chinese New Year pictures today! :)

Before barricading downstairs to claim rightful ownership of angpaos!
My eyes looked so big /boo, but so does my face wtf.

On CNY eve, I was getting really grouchy 'cause I couldn't find anything to wear for the first day of CNY. Everything was not 'red' or 'festive enough'. Then suddenly the boyfriend pointed and told me, "NEHHH that's your perfect outfit!!!" Excited, I turned and saw this:


Teeny wishes you a Happy Ox year HAHAHAH.

Our Chinese New Clothes wtf:


Teeny, getting cozy with our dog wtf.

And you all thought I was kidding about having trouble finding a suitable CNY first day outfit is it! I really couldn't find a red one.. T___T So I ended up wearing...

Yellow! Yellow is an 'ong' color too right. *reassuring* And I heard that gold is a lucky color for Oxes this year!

Dress with sheer chiffon drape sleeves and royal purple skirt: Times Square
Electric blue suede heels with cut-outs: Macao
Headband with gemstones: Contessa
Mustard yellow patent bag: Topshop

Errr the only pictures I have of us visiting are pictures of us in the car! *sheepish* We couldn't very well be camwhoring in front of our conservative relatives right!

Tale of the increasingly pouting mouth wtf.

Eh, tell you all a crap thing ok, I feel quite proud to go see our relatives. When we were younger, all our relatives will tell us is "wah you grew taller" or "you are very smart" or " put on weight already ar" or "going through puberty now?", 'cause let's face it, the three of us went through some nasty Dark Ages wtf. But thank god for evolution! For example, this time around, our relatives kept on telling us we look like movie stars. -_- But jokes aside, I do think that our mom and us make a pretty fetching picture, 'cause we were in such pretty festive colors! Aaah, I wish I took a picture of my mom in her deep purple shift dress and fuchsia stockings. :P

Jing being annoyed (look at the second picture hahahaha) at me 'cause I can't take a sane picture.

Sneakily taking an extremely unflattering picture of Teeny, HEHEHE.

Oh no, the lion awakens from its slumber wtf.

More silly pictures. :)

Teeny's giant big bow! Can use as helipad WTF.

Scaring my grandmother, hahaha.

Boo, I really should be home having dinner with the family, and err do things that you are supposed to do on Chap Goh Mei (last day of the 15-days CNY celebration). I think back of the time we had a Chinese New Year open house, and we wanted to throw oranges into the river, like the tradition. We couldn't find oranges, neither could we find a river, so we ended up throwing pomelo (stolen from the altar) into the drain outside my house.


vss3t said...

hi hui wen!
I need your advice on how to take care designers leather bags. Coz i'm a klutz at it. Seriously. I'm planning to get myself some new ones but with my smart ass techniques in using them (im the type who use that particular bag everyday, instead of buying and ended up keeping them in their dust bags for good, you know what i mean. heh!), my bags wont have any good life with me.

And have you got any remedies to clean white leather bag as well? My poor white DKNY which is only 350 days old is now er.......let's say, collected the dirt from unknown sources, and the dye from my bloody topshop trench coat (not leather). so it's now practically white + grey + black.



electronicfly said...

the three of you always have the most cantik shoes, and know how to pull them off!

jeles jeles..

oh, the pamelo into drain thing, I donno whether to -.-" or to LOL... haha

Anonymous said...

haha although its not red but i liked ur outfit the most! and teeny looked funny in the sleeping lion awaken pic haha :D
ps: yea im going to take CFA *scared* is there any tips from him? since he failed before he shud know where he went wrong or.. didnt put stress to hor?

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHAHA throw pomelo into drain, too funny! Sigh I love your hair laa babe, but no $$$ already :( And then hor, I might be extending my stay in Singapore by another day. My boss rocks!

revel in me said...

vss3t: I emailed you back! :)

electronicfly: Hehe, thank you! And HAHAHHAHA we are damn sohai la! :P

lily: I think all he can tell you is to study damn damn damn damn damn hard! T____T I had friends who studied day and night for a month, and still failed! Really smart friend somemore. :( Fingers crossed for you! :)

faux fashionista: Why everyone likes my hair! I feel like look the same only!! And wheee let me know k, I will pack nice clothes to meet up. :D

mustardqueen said...

shittt why am i in such a errr awkward position!!! T_______T stupid bb -_- oh hai im leaving soon T_____________T

etcetera; said...

lol your pictures in the car remind me of the ones i took with my sisters. in the car. 1st day cny. and we all swore not to put it online! :P

Anonymous said...

@ lily: Bring an extra calculator. my friend cried when writing his SOA exam and his battery went flat. He had to calculate interest rates by hand. and of course, he faild. Haha

xiang yun said...

Wah I wore the same top as Jing for the second day of CNY!! So happy and flattered cos have the same piece of clothing as one of you wtf sound like some obsessed fangirl. Well maybe I am wtf. Love your outfit!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I was emoing in the train thinking of what you are feeling now.. T___T I have been in your shoes... T___T I love you.. T____T

belinda: Haha is it!!! Haiya even if we swear to put it up we will still put 'em up, 'cause we like to embarrass each other wtf. :P

sam dang: That is like the WORST thing to happen! Fated to fail la, haha.

xiang yun: HAHHAHA you damn cute la! /boo such a big compliment! Mwah mwah! <3