Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish maw and shark's fin.

Contrary to the very unromantic title of the entry, I am actually going to talk about my Valentine's day! :P

Actually I have always been kind of a V-day cynic. I always think of it as an overtly-commercialized day-- I mean, seriously, just try eating out on V-day, and it will be superbly crowded, and everywhere will most likely be fully-booked; if not, there will be no ala-carte meals-- you have to order the Valentine's set meal. -__- Flowers will be exorbitantly expensive-- like a 200% mark-up.

Of course, that's not all. Somehow the boyfriend and I, we have what I call a V-day jinx. :( Every Valentine's day, we would end up fighting and just have a really horrible day. :((( The boyfriend and I were racking our brains over how we celebrated V-day over the past few years: on the first year, V-day was good, though it was a horrible experience dining at Victoria Station, 'cause it was jam-packed, and the waiters keep on rushing you to finish your food so that they can accommodate the long queue of patrons outside! Imagine, cutting into your salmon steak with your dessert sitting in front of you. Needless to say, service sucked. But overall, it was still a good day. However, from then onwards, it kind of went downhill. T__T On our 2nd V-day, we forgot to make reservations (or something like that), and we just kept driving around and around trying to find a place to eat, but to no avail, 'cause everywhere was full, or serving horrible set dinners. By that time it was 9-plus, and I was hungry and bratty, so we fought. :( Our 3rd V-day, we were supposed to go to Aquaria KLCC, but it ended in tears (by me) and harsh words too, sigh. So for our 4th V-day last year, I told the boyfriend, nevermind, let's not celebrate V-day, what if we fight again wtf. Scarred already. :(((

But this year, somehow we were just under the understanding that we would spend the day together. :) And also, I lost a bet, so I had to pay for Valentine's dinner WTF. He was betting that he knows the full name of the MP of where I am staying in S'pore... Mr. K. Shanmugam, Minister for Law,Second Minister for Home Affairs WTFF. Is it worrying that I stay here and I don't even know the guy's name, and the boyfriend has only visited me twice in S'pore, and he knows???!!! But haihhh, ya la, I lost the bet. T___T

Our V-day started late! We only woke up around noon, after which I waved at him goodbye and went for my facial, haha. I was like, 'Valentine's day is all about love, and that includes loving myself' WTF. So by the time he came to fetch me, it was already 4pm. *sheepish*

Just when I was going to open his car door and clamber in, he told me to go to his boot to take something for him. I was grumbling under my breath whilst walking to his boot, "stupid man, think I am maid ar' *grumble grumble*.

Then I opened his boot and this flew out!!!


'Cause they were filled with helium, they came out with a huge "WHOOOOSHHHH", and at first I thought it was a flock of colorful birds flying out wtf. But immediately I was like 'AWWW'!!!. And just stood there smiling to myself, and not knowing what to do (should I stuff the balloons back into the boot first or do I ran to the boyfriend in the driver's seat and thank him first wtf). :P This is just like a Toyota (I think) ad I saw a few years ago!! The girl in the ad unknowingly opened her boyfriend's boot, and out flew many many pink balloons, and they all flew to the sky!!! So pretty!!! Back then, I saw the ad, and I thought to myself, how nice would it be if a guy does it for me. :)))

We went to Coffee Bean for coffee and retricted amounts of cake, because our dinner reservation was at 6-plus, and the boyfriend disallowed me to eat anything too filling (although I haven't eaten at all in the day T_T), in case I lose my appetite for dinner.

Jing saw my outfit for the day, and she told me, "Che, I am quite surprised you wear like this! I thought you will sure wear a slutty/romantice dress for V-day!"

Me: "Aiya, need to keep men on their toes mah" wtf.

I told the boyfriend to surprise me with any cake, and here is what he chose:

Our festive cake. -__-

Strawberry mousse cheesecake, but not nice! Boo. Lesson learnt, never be cheesy, haha. But I thought the boyfriend was very cute when he wanted to cut the pink heart-shaped chocolate into halves for us to share, but he was very adamant to do so, 'cause he said we cannot be "broken-hearted', hahaha.

And now to reveal why my entry is titled so! 'Cause we went for Chinese food for V-day! Damn off right, haha. But I am a non-conformist like that wtf. I told the boyfriend sometime ago that I was craving for shark's fin, so we decided that on V-day we shall satiate my craving. :P

We went to Pak Loh Chiu Chow, in Starhill Gallery.

When the boyfriend first told me that he was thinking of going to Pak Loh, I was like "huh isn't that a tokoh kebangsaan" HAHAHA.

The interior:

Btw, the 'Chiu Chow' was referring to Teochew! So yeap, Pak Lok serves authentic Teochew cuisine. :)

Reading through the Teochew 'manual' along with the menu. It tells you all about the Teochew people-- their history, their dialect, and of course, their food. :)

Kung Fu tea (really, that's what it's called!), served before the meal.

We had a face-off to see who can emulate Kung Fu masters more, haha.

Hahahah cannot make it, damn kaku (stiff)!

/boo quite like a kung fu hero right! All those TVB dramas paid off wtf.

Our food:

Braised shark's fin with bamboo piths and crabmeat.

What I was craving for!

It looked pretty unappetising, actually. T_T But it was really good! It tasted different from the usual braised soup, instead it's more like the 'Buddha Jumped over the Wall' soup! Ok, I do realise that this part will only make sense to Chinese. T_T

Very very rich and flavorful soup, you can tell that they put in alot of ingredients to make the soup so tasty and thick!

Stewed superior abalone in oyster sauce.

I have something to admit, I don't really like abalone! Don't know why I don't know how to appreciate fine and expensive food. T_T Did you know that there are abalones which cost about 1 grand for a piece!! :O I can't imagine eating something so dreadfully expensive. T__T

Chiu Chow special soyed duck.

One of the Teochew specialties! Very tender, and I like the herb-tasting sauce. :)

Steamed freshwater prawn on a bed of glutinous rice.

Roasted pork.

Thinly sliced, and roasted to perfection! But of course, it takes 30 minutes of prepration time for this dish. :/

Double boiled ginseng tea with white fungus.

I love my ginseng soups, but to me, ginseng is better for savoury soups, and NOT as desserts! Boo. Give me my Chinese pancakes!

All the dishes listed above (sans the roasted pork) came in a set dinner (not their V-day set), for RM128 per pax. Each dish is served ala-carte for the respective individuals, so it feels a bit like eating Western food, haha. 'Cause you know Chinese food is always about fighting for food from the Lazy Susan, haha. The boyfriend thinks the food is really good, so much so that he is planning to bring his parents there! :)

And I say, Chinese food is a great idea for V-day! 'Cause the restaurant was relatively quiet (not many couples), so we really got to talk and enjoy each other's company. :) So you know where to go right for your future V'day right! Esquire Kitchen wtf. :P


Star print blouse with ruffled front and pearl buttons: Thrifted
Denim shorts with gold threading: Valleygirl
Tan mary janes: River Island
Happy Svarovski earrings: Chanel

He got me a box filled with imported magazines. How frivalous, and perfect for me, haha. :P

We watched Benjamin Button after that, which I mentioned here. Before the movie, I told the boyfriend, "wah, you quite brave ar, to watch such a sad, tear-inducing movie with me on V'day!" To which he replied with a stricken look, "HAH?? It's a sad movie?? I thought it''s a happy love movie" HAIHHH men. -_-

But yay, our V-day jinx is broken! We can have happy Valentine's days. :D

The day ended with him blowdrying my hair, whilst I sat there and flipped through an imported copy of Cosmopolitan. :)


Anonymous said...

i love seeing photos of what you eat :)

it shows that you're genuine, in a way.

live to eat, not eat to live!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Hahahaha. yalor the way u wear is non-romantic, looks very cute! And he knows how to blow your hair, wah not bad!! And Chinese food for V-day, good idea, maybe next time chinese food restaurant will be full on V-day, cuz they all read your blog...-_-

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

N my cousin brother in law used the same car boot way to propose! haha

Anonymous said...

"I don't really like abalone! Don't know why I don't know how to appreciate fine and expensive food" me too!!! abalone tastes yucky just like oyster. mehhhhh. I only like cheap food like..fishballs. LOL

PS: ur starry shirt is so cutee! XD

revel in me said...

kim braceface: I love taking pictures of the things I eat too! :P /boo live to eat is SO my motto in life! :D

siewkwan: Hahaha really so unromantic ar! You all made it sound like I dressed up like Xena the warrior princess WTF. :P HAHAHHA won't la! I think most people will still choose to have candlelit dinners on V'day!!

And HAHHAHA does this mean my bf has to up his game come proposal time! TEEHEE

miss hazel: HAHAHAHHAHA damn funny la you FISHBALLS! Hahahahha! I don't like oysters, but I like oh chien though! :P The top is damn cheap only! <333

KITMEY said...

ur bf is soo sweeeet! you guys r meant to be for life la :) happy belated valentines love! xox

Anonymous said...

awww so sweet :)

i am teochew! so what do you know about me wtf

Anonymous said...

aww what a great valentine's! i love the fact that he blowdries your hair while you read cosmo. that's like ultimate romance for me haha.

i spent v-day by going on a double date with my parents lol. i'm not complaining cos i love that my parents get along with my boyfriend :D and anyway in the past we never really make a deal out of v-day cos it's also the bf's birthday so birthday trumps v-day haha.

i hate the taste of abalone but i love paua and apparently it's the same thing.. but maybe it's the way it's cooked?? who knows la. i miss fatt thiu cheong when i read this :( i miss going to tai thong and eating pigeon. sounds gross but tastes so good!!

k said...

huhu i dont wanna lecture but eating sharks fin is evilll. they cut off e sharks fin and then throw dem back into the ocean and they cant swim hence cant eat and they just sink to the bottom of the ocean and die. T___T true story.

anyway morbid things aside i honestly was waiting for ur vday post cause you guys are just the cutest.

The Faux Fashionista said...

All I can say is AWWWWWWWW! Damn sweeeet! I must make my bf read your blog :P

revel in me said...

kitmey: Hahaha why your prediction so severe wan! :P I miss you love, when can I see you! T_T

jiameei: Happy belated Vday!!!<3 Did you bully Tat on that day too HAHAHA.

Err you guys fish a lot WTF.

irene: Heee that's my ultimate romance too! Why are we so old-fashioned ar. :P I think it's wonderful that your parents and your bf get along so well though! :) My dad is still in denial that I have a bf wtf. And what is paua!!
I don't really like fat tiu chiong though, I am born to be cheapskate. T_T

skim: I KNOWWW!! I was actually thinking of going somewhere cheap for shark's fin, coz then it's most likely vermicelli WTFFF.
Thank you love! Your comment made me so fuzzy and warm. :P

faux fashionista: Haha don't la SHYYYYY!

Anonymous said...

haha actually my parents were the one who went, "eh, is he your boyfriend ah? tell us the truth la!" i think they were a bit desperate cos i once told them i might just end up being a lesbian hahaha.

paua is apparently the same as abalone. but i think abalone when cooked chinese style is always brownish yellow, whereas paua is white/silver. and over here in nz, paua shell is often used in jewellery so you practically see it in every souvenir store.

p/s: i only eat fatt thiu cheong when it's paid by others haha

pj said...

pretty top <3

Anonymous said...

You may not know this.....but eating shark fin soup and supporting places that sell it is really killing our oceans. Would you want to go to a resturaunt and eat dolphin fin soup? How about Kitten paw soup? Please don't eat sharks.

Anonymous said...

Good article Thank you so much