Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Harmonica melodies.

Hi everyone, I am in Penang now! And for you people who have been asking me "how is the beach?", "have you put on weight from all the Penang food" etc, I am stuck at Bayan Lepas, the industrial area (where my client is), so needless to say, I haven't been going around in Penang. T__T

For the first time in this week, I am actually relatively free-er tonight! Feel like blogging, but I don't have any pictures with me now, boo. And I have so many of them in my camera/laptop in S'pore! Boo. Wait till this weekeend when I am back k.

I am staying in my own apartment unit now! Perks of being the only girl on the engagement team. :P Whereas my senior has to share an apartment with our manager, nyehehe. The apartment is really huge! Like, I could do 5 cartweels from the front door to the end of the living room... if I could do cartwheels la wtf. You would think I am afraid of staying all alone (I initially was of course wtf), but heck, I have been so tired the past few days that ghosts are the last thing on my mind wtf. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to this Saturday! I can't wait to get back to Singapore and just sleeeeeeep the day away. I am seriously lacking in rest. :(

Err, ok, as much as I said I am 'free-er', I still have work to do, so let me post up this stupid video of me!

We all know how much musical talent I am born with right...

So here is me teaching my sister how to play the harmonica WTFFF.


And please don't boycott me after watching the video wtf.


L.I.N said...

the video's not playing. anyway, you look like a doll la!

Anonymous said...

hi dear,still rmb d skincare product review u promised?i noe u're kinda buzy these days,jz find some free time to do it yea..i'll b vry much appreciative.

revel in me said...

eleh: YAA it isn't playing on my lappie too! Boo I think it's a good thing in disguise, 'cause it really it is too embarrassing a video, haha! Thanks love, that's a compliment right! :P

anonymous: YESHHHH I know! Still coming up, I promise!!! *crosses heart* :P

Anonymous said...

mind telling where u get d pearl bangle?diva again?how long ago?

Eve said...

u need a food guide while u r here? hahaha

KITMEY said...

Take care in penang!
hugs :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: Do you mean the pearl bracelet I am wearing in the trumpet pic? It's actually a pearl necklace which I wore around my wrist! :)

eve: I WAAAANTTTT!!! But I am going back on saturday morning already! :(

allison: Thanks love! :))) We have GOT to meet up soon, lots to catch up! :)