Monday, February 02, 2009

I must be crazy.

Why on earth did I think I could do this???

I just reached Singapore, it's midnight.

I have an 8am flight to catch tomorrow. That's right people, 8am flight, means I have to be up by 5am.

I will be going to Penang for a week, for another business trip, busy busy week ahead of me. Busy busy week with not enough rest? Very very bad. :/

I need a miracle to survive tomorrow, if not the whole of next week. Or maybe just a very big carton of Red Bull.


Kathryn said...

all the best babe <3

Sue Lin said...

All the best! If anyone can do it, its u Hui Wen! =)

Hey how come didnt just fly straight to Penang instead of to Spore and then to Penang? I mean u are already paying for that airfare to Spore... might as well just pay to Penang, meet colleagues there, save urself some stress? Just a thought

mustardqueen said...

Your momma she is crazy wtf EH not crazy ok, you're sacrificing sleep for MEEEEE :D:D:D:D:D Aren't you happy?? HEEEEE

Joshua said...


Good luck! Happy Ox Year by the way!

revel in me said...

baby kat: Thankssss love.. T__T

sue lin: Oh, 'cause it was a last minute decision to go home.. And all my tickets to/fro Penang is already pre-booked. I didn't want to kick up a fuss! Easy to work with mah wtf. :P

mustardqueen: Why is my momma crazy wtff. Not happy, I cried! And the bf laughed! :(

joshua: Hahaha thank you! <3

Sue Lin said...

Oooh, i see, must be the dam peak (festive) season when u had to report back to work. So hows it going? Still alive is good =)

Unknown said...

hey babe, do you think there is anyway i can happen to bump into you? hehe. cause im staying in penang. =)

revel in me said...

sue lin: Sigh, peak is no fun! And severely lacking in sleep. T__T What about you? :)

karyn: Haha, I dunno! 'Cause I am stuck in the industrial area, and I don't get to roam around! :'( Fate? :P