Monday, February 16, 2009

It's really late...

But better late than never...

Hope you guys had a great Valentine's! :D

And BOOOOOOOOOOO I was supposed to have a Valentine's Special post!!! Aka the famous The Great Couple Meme ala pinkpau. But the boyfriend couldn't submit his homework in time, RAWRRR!! Don't worry everybody, I have already gave him a generous serving of knuckle sandwich, so the post will be coming up shortly. :P

And some of you have been asking, what the boy did! Aiya, he pulled the oldest trick in the book (but I fell for it la)! *shy*

And why ar why is he like that!

We went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and I was sniffling at the end of the show, and lamenting about how sad and deep the movie is.
He nodded his head, and agreed "Yaaa! Damn sad! The whole time I was thinking poor Banjamin, throughout the whole movie must have sex with old women!"


Pictures up soon, with more stories to tell, I promise! I am just too exhausted at the moment. :(


Jing said...

I don't understand what trick he pulled wtf!!! =P AND OWH NO, poor Brad Pitt! *sayangs wtf*

xiang yun said...


revel in me said...

jing: I forgot to tell you ar?? Brad Pitt is MINEEEE! >=(

xiang yun: WTFFF what kind of trick is that HAHHAHA! Will you marry me? NEH NEH NEH BOO BOO April's fool WTFFF! Hahaha! No he didnt! :P