Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just wondering.

If you can say such things so nonchalantly about your alleged best friend, can I trust you? How do I know you won't turn around and stab me at the back too?

Friends who are not loyal are the scariest things ever. Is she just spiteful and bitter, or she just didn't think before talking? Friend or foe?

You tell me.


I hate you.

Is it normal to dislike someone that you have never met before? There is this girl whom I know, I haven't met her in real life before, but I read her blog, and we have some mutual friends. You can say it's unfair of me to judge her from what she says in her blog, but mind you, like I said, we have quite a few of mutual friends, and none of them have anything nice to say about her. In fact, they have told me quite a bit of her, including her childhood, background etc. And whilst I can understand why she is such a bitter, self-centered snob now, it doesn't make her any more likeable. Everything is about putting down people-- everyone is not as good as her. She is better than everyone in every aspect, be it taste, class, culinary skills, even reading choices. Like wtf? And I am so weary of people like this, people who only get close to you when they deem you to be worthy. Like, when you can afford a designer bag, for instance. Omg, seriously, how shallow can a person be.

She used to be someone whom I am indifferent about, but lately, reading her blog gets on my nerves, I am finding her intolerable now, meh. Is this ok? Do you all feel like this about people that you don't know?

When I was younger, I saw the good in everyone. It was something that my boyfriend commended me on. Snobbish? She is just confident. Plump? She is voluptuous. Irritating? She is just eager to please. Unfriendly? She is just shy. But as I grow older, I find that sometimes, there are no excuses for certain people. Some people are just... nasty.


Is imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

If someone copies you in everything she can, buying the same things as you, buying the things that you want, reciting the jokes that you made up, claiming credit for punchlines... Is it a form of compliment..? Really?


I went shopping with my female colleagues sometime ago. It has been quite sometime since I have shopped with new people, and I have forgotten how strange it could be initially. I have always shopped with my sisters, and the Flat Hair Flat. They have gotten used to my eclectic sense of dressing, and wouldn't bat an eyelid at me trying on a bright red garden hat or placing a bunny print dress on the counter. But when I squealed in delight at that cute plastic clutch with toys embedded in the plastic or held up the bright yellow bow against my hair, my colleagues gave me weird looks. Oh, they are lovely girls, but I do comprehend why normal girls might think my dressing is strange, or over the top. Especially when we are talking about my colleagues who dress in lady-like shift dresses and buttoned-down shirts. They also made some digs about me, like holding up really hideous colorful clothings and asking me whether I am interested. -_- I don't think they were being malicious, just that.. the plastic clutch really is a little out there, I guess, haha.


My senior just called me on my room phone, giggling like a school boy, I might add, telling me that to reward me for my hard work, him and our manager are going to award me with one cup noodle. -__________-

So I guess that's all with my pondering for today, I have a chilli crab cup noodle to claim! :P


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wow, nice thoughts. I read every single thing! *Proud

About your friends holding weird things and ask if you like it, trust me, I get that soooo often. And they often misjudged if I liked some clothing or some style, which sometimes I dun like at all.

Oh and I bought these very kiddish looking bow hair pins, that my friend claimed it's fit for kindergarten students. T_T

Anonymous said...

hey babe, one word of advice: avoid people who talk shit about their 'alleged' best friends. i learnt it the hard way.
eyy the one whos imitating your style- not me right? we really just happen to have same stuff :(
and dont get so worked up over comments made by ppl whos opinions dont matter. if you asked me- not everyone has style. but if you told me to put it in a nice way- they just have different tastes in clothes (read: boring). theres a reason why birds of a feather flock together, cause only they understand and complement each other (:

etcetera; said...

very well put. i felt like you read it off my mind -_-".

well, i guess a lot of things dont turn out the way we think/hope it should turn out to be. of course we always think otherwise "nah, im sure she wont do/say that" or find some justification to it. sometimes it works, but sometimes it hits you right back like super hard, then we go "now why did i even think of her that way hmpf"

its like thinking the sea is blue but it really isnt cos its some reflection from the skyblablabla geddit wtf. haha

i love your eccentric sense of style. i used to go shopping and once i saw cute little grey cropped cardigan with a felt-cloth sheep and cute flowers on it, i thought "hey maybe i should get this from huiwen. oh wait, she doesnt know you dumbo"

lol. eh, very long comment. :{

Anonymous said...

OMG,things like this happens all the time okay.Whatever it is,you should never turn your back against your best friend.Probably that chick you're talking about is all empty on the inside.

Chill,enjoy the nooodles.

mustardqueen said...

I know who you're talking about~~~ (got tone wan ar wtf) I'm sure when **I*** hold up something it would be something interesting wtf like comic blazer WTF! =D in one week's time I'm in Melbourne already =(

The Faux Fashionista said...

*Applauds* wtf. Haha, I ruined a "friendship" because I couldn't stand how she wanted things that I wanted, blablabla. Its annoying.

I'm coming to SG! But on business. Prolly no time to meet up but gimme your digits just in case ;)

Anonymous said...

it's even more scary when you find out that you actually don't really know the friends you've known for yearsssss, haih...sad hor?

sorry to be honest, i used to find your liking for clothes is kinda special being compared to plain jane like me. let me stress this again, that was when i first started to read your blog. but now, i really admire the way you dress lor :) guess we don't really need to care how others judge us based on our fashion sense, we can wear anything we like as long as we think we look good and feel happy :)

Jing said...

This is like our conversations all of these years summarized into an entry wtf! ;D YESLAH, this is what we ever talk about + shopping talks, why are we like that! ;P AND I THINK I KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT TO! ... ME WTF! ;D

Rileen Aya said...

you had me re-read at "seeing the good in everyone". i used to see it in everyone. until reality struck. and things never looked the same again, ever.

i still try to, but that one tiny event, made me doubt the world till this day. *sigh*

i say screw the bitches, they're not worth it. settle for the ones that are still around. :)

revel in me said...

siewkwan: It's quite a short entry, so you *should* read everything! :P

Yaaa I so get you! Just because I like bright colors doesn't mean I like neon-highlighter yellow for goodness sake! -_- And that kiddish bow hairpins sounds very adorable indeed! <3

*xen: Sigh, it's actually quite complicated, 'cause we are quite close... and she is quite a nice girl! But I am cautious of her now.

And HAHA silly girl, of course it's you! You are my chanel buddy yo! <333 I don't really care about what they said la, like you said we just have different styles. But will you be my bird!! (to flock together) hahaha! <3

belinda: Hahaha you are damn cute la! Reflection of the sky hahahahahha! Deep yo wtf. :P Sigh, but you hit the nail on the head! I didn't mention this in my entry, but yaaa, I am quite afraid to judge too quickly, 'cause it will hit me back in the face if it was all my one-sided assumptions. :(

EHHHHH that's the sweetest thing!!! To even THINK of buying it for me.. T___T Of course if you really bought it, lagi sweet la, HAHAHA. The cardie sounds absolutely cute! <3

missycheerio: Scary, isn't it? I am just really really REALLY big on loyalty. Boo. I enjoyed my noodles though, haha!

mustardqueen: Yaaa you should know who I am talking about! For all the situations wtf. But what do you mean by tone.. -___-

Boo, gone so soon. :(((

Have you found out which day is your flight wtf.

faux fashionista: YAAA!!! It's really annoying! Especially when she doesn't do it in the open, she just 'happens' to do so. BAHHH.

Wheeee, sure! MSN k! :)

anonymous: I feel that sometimes. :( I think I am too idealistic, and sometimes I get a smack in my face when I realised not everyone puts everything into a friendship/relationship (not the romantic type la wtf) like I do. :(

Aww, thanks dear, that's a really sweet thing to say about my dressing! :) And boo, I wasn't affected by what they said, though it does take getting used to when shopping with new people!

jing: Hahahah can you try to pretend that our daily conversations has more substance please!! wtf And HHAHHAH YA HORRR all the types of people are applicable to you wtf HAHHAHHAHAH

rileen aya: Oh no, whatever that little incident was, it seems like it was a nasty one! :( But don't lose all your faith k, sweetie! I am still keeping a little bit of my faith with me too! :)

Accyee said...

TOXIC FRIEND! I know what you're talking about, or at least bits of it because it seems like we're all fated to meet people like this in our lives! I've met a few but they've all been kicked out of my life, either by me or by them. anyhow, i try to boycott toxic blogs that 'shoot' and target people anonymously... i used to do that until i realized how bad it is, but anyway cheer up! ignore the nuclear waste people hehehe.. man this is my longest comment ever

Anonymous said...

be wary of disloyal friends. not only can they ruin your life, they can also ruin your relationships. trust me, i've been there.

as for disliking someone you've never met, it's not unusual. you can know so many things about someone from the way they write and present themselves. and like you said, some people can be plain nasty.

your blogging style is a bit different from usual this time (i.e. not full of colourful pics haha), but i like it a lot. *shy*