Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She reigns today.

Today is a very special day!

But before I go on to how special this day is... Let me present you all with some happy-clappy pictures of us! :D

Because pictures of the three of us never fail to pick me up. :)

Teeny, ala tai tai!

Teeny, whom I missed so much. :( As mentioned in my earlier post, the impact that she was gone didn't really struck me, simply 'cause I am in S'pore, and I didn't actually get to see her leave. But on Friday night, the moment I reached KL, whilst the boyfriend was bringing me home and whizzing through the familiar KL streets, it really hit me. And I just started crying then and there in the car. :(((
And the boyfriend thought I was crazy wtf.

Jing, wearing an entirely sheer top! I kept on wanting to throw a guni sack to cover up her chest wtf.

Teehee, my legs looked so Agent Provocateur here! :P

Pink tee with ball gown design and err 3D bow: Kuala Lumpur
Satin pleated miniskirt: Times Square
Pearl strands: Sister's
Nerd glasses: Thrifted
Sheer black knee-highs: Macao
Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

We were at Sushi Zanmai, and the OCD streak in me kept on thinking that there is dirt on the cup, and couldn't resist taking the napkin to rub it off. -__-

"Che, it's the design la!"

"... I know! But it just looks so DIRTY!" *rub rub*

"Che, I tell you, after you rub off the clay design, they make you pay for the cup ar!!!"

"Oh." *stops abruptly*


Candid picture!

And candid pictures of me. Why so ugly. T__T

Jing and woman with no face wtf.

Two blind mice.

Entertaining ourselves 'cause Teeny rather do the following than to pay attention to us...

Playing Sudoku on her handphone!!! Boooo NERD wtf.

I miss my sister so much, how ar. :((((

On a more selfish note wtf, I am praying that she will buy a lot of things for me, and pass it to my dad (who went to Melbourne with her) to bring to me, wheee!

Doing Wing Chun with Jing HAHAHAHHAHAH.

'Cause I watched Ip Man recently, and I was *sort of* obsessed with the martial arts! Actually it's 'cause of Donnie Yen, the lead actor la. *shy* He is so man, le sigh. After I watched the show, I just kept on doing Wing Chun moves (complete with 'haiyah! haiyah!' sounds) to irritate my sisters, hahaha.

Close up of my outfit! That's a ball-gown print on my tee. :P

HAHAHAHA damn stupid! Jing lost one side of her false eyelashes, and started acting shifty and dodgy wtf. 'Cause a true lady never reveals her vulnerable side WTF.

Anyway everyone, today is a very very special day, because it's Jing's birthday! I DEMAND everyone of you to wish her a very very very very HAPPY BITHDAY!!! Because I am a bad sister, I couldn't be home to celebrate her birthday with her, and just be with her. :( I have also been very very very bad, because I haven't had time to do up a proper b'day post for this special person in my life. And I am even more of a bad sister 'cause I didn't teman her to get her birthday present for herself. -___-

Now everyone GOOOO, wish her! It's one more hour till her birthday ends, but knowing how self-absorbed Jing is, it's birth-year to her anyway WTF, so all your wishes will still count! :D

Happy birthday my love!! Hope your high from your shoes last till next weekend, when I will accompany you to get THE wallet! :P There is nothing more in the world that I wish for than to have been with you today!

Love you, with or without falsies, haha!


Jing said...

I'm first i'm first, Happy Birthday Jing!!! :D

Owh, it's MY birthday WTF! T________T

Anonymous said...

I'm second i'm second, Happy Birthday Jing!!! LOLLL

Anonymous said...

so, in fashion school, we are currently researching trends, fashion bloggers and those who get it tragically wrong.. yet somehow seem to "rock it" with such confidence. you wouldn't mind me using your outfits as an example for class, do you? thanks!

just a few tips: a) do you get 'what not to wear' in malaysia? stace & clinton could teach you a few things. b) shop elsewhere. sg wang should not be your #1 go-to for a fashion fix. and c) also, take those glasses off, they're shockingly wrong for your face shape. well, just wrong in general.

keep it sassy,

Anonymous said...

Jasmine: from your comment, I can tell that you're a pretentious bitch. You are a perfect example of what we call an exhibit A. Never heard of it, well, I'll describe it to you.

Exhibit A bitches are one of those who thinks that they are far superior than others just because (s)he is overseas studying. The comment has a classic example of someone who holds the characteristics of example A. As such:

"Just a few tips: a) do you get 'what not to wear' in malaysia? stace & clinton could teach you a few things. b) shop elsewhere. sg wang should not be your #1 go-to for a fashion fix."

Observe the bolded words. This person shows that she is high and up above every single malaysians by pointing out the fact that Malaysia might not get the TV Show, "What not to wear". But in the subsequent sentence, she showed such apt knowledge about the shopping scene in Malaysia. Coincidence? You decide.

Well, then again, she might just be a pretentious bitch who's from Singapore.

Who am I to judge?

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, I made a little boo-boo while typing it out. Second paragraph, last sentence should say "Exhibit A" instead of "example A"

I just got too carried away because I finally found someone who has Exhibit A. Ohmeegosh

mustardqueen said...

we rock, and rocked it harder than you could think off... What fashion school ur from JASMINE? Aren't fashion students suppose to create their OWN TRENDS instead of telling ppl what's wrong judging on what they wear?? Ahhh I guess you're one of them who'll rip designers off and call it your own no? :) Hmm maybe you're just not fast forward enough, maybe in a coupla years you would think that "hey those glasses are so in" what era your in now?? last century? haha

Jing said...

Jasmine, find yourself a new school, obviously this one is not working! ;)

If the next one gives the same results, then we know you need to buy some taste! :D Owh wait, that can't be bought, awwwwwwwwww poor Jasmine!!!! ='(

revel in me said...

jing: Why are you like that! -____- Boo, your canadian-time birthday is over now too, haha! Mwahhh!

miss hazel: Don't encourage her lameness ar! :P

a) If I need to watch a middle-aged couple teach me what I 'can' or 'cannot' wear, I would deem my life very sad indeed. And I wear whatever I want, wherever I am-- whether or not it's Malaysia, I dress however I please. So, nation is not a factor.

b)Where did you read that Sg. Wang is my No.1 fashion fix? Aah, but then again, everywhere is my fashion fix. I do not limit myself to a certain place that I can get my place, I believe that gems are everywhere. I love digging for treasures, and if I am as presumptuous and self-righteous as you are, I believe I would have missed out on a lot of good buys.

c) They are not my glasses, they are my sister's. They are lensless frames which we wear to take pictures with. You know, for FUN, but I doubt that word is in your vocabulary.

d) I am not a fashion blogger. I blog for FUN. Again, that little big word for you.

I recently read this on a Lookbook user which I adore, and I have to relay her message, 'cause it's quite applicable in this case:

"You may like other people's fashion style or not.
It's your own taste and it's totally understandable if you don't like someone's outfits or style.
But why do you tell them that what you're wearing is WRONG?
Do you think it makes you look cool by doing that?

Why do you force others to believe in and act upon your norms and standards?

We all have freewill to do whatever we want.
and sometimes it gets on my nerves when somebody tells me that.

People on the internet can be quite ludicrous."

Fashion is fun, fashion is creative, fashion is about experimenting, and just enjoying the process and not thinking too much. And if the fashion school you are in does not teach you that basic mantra, I am afraid that maybe it's time to switch school or courses. As an afterthought, what fashion school is that? I presume you are M'sian 'cause you know about sg. wang... Lim Kok Wing ar? =/ 'Cause even if St Martin in London tells me I suck, I wouldn't change.

My philosophy is simple: Fashion is about fun, style is about confidence.
Saying that, if you think that I am going to take 'tips' from a twerp who is a undergrad or diploma-holder of a un-acclaimed fashion school, you are tragically wrong. :)

sam dang: Haha, exhibit A! You took social sciences before ar. :P

mustardqueen: /boo I miss you! So happy you have internet! <333

jing: Thank you my love! <3

Unknown said...

Hehehe, Hui Wen...Donnie Yen is verrrry man! :)

Anonymous said...

aww i really cannot stress how much i love your posts about your sisters. you three are so impossibly tight knit... it's just heartwarming!!

hope you and your sisters are coping well with the separation. you guys may not be together in person, but you are in spirit!! (so lame hahaha)

erm.. happy belated birthday jing!! and don't wear a sheer top in front of your sister.. because it is very disturbing indeed, no matter how cute you look. ;)

revel in me said...

alhuie: YAAAAAAAAAA!! He is so hot I just can't keep my eyes off him!! <333

irene: Aww, your message is really heartwarming too!! :))) 'Cause I didn't think people will enjoy the 3 of us together.. *tears* :P Aaah, I am not coping atm, sort of in denial, 'cause I am away most of the time... But when I am back in KL, it's quite sad. T_T