Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Stupids. :P

It's not too late to post up pictures from Chinese New Year right? *worried*

Just feel like posting pictures of my high school friends. :))) If you have ever wondered why I am this brash, shameless, lame, crappy, random, loud, hyper girl; this is it, the people who have made me who I am today, hehe.

It's really sad though, 'cause everyone is everywhere all over the world, and it is really rare that we can get everyone together. :'( Thank goodness we have our CNY reunion every year at Grace's!! I think there has been one every year since we left high school, and the tradition has been preserved till today. *touched*


Green retro floral print wrap-around top with flared sleeves: Gossips
Red high waisted shorts: Thrifted
Red satin bow with cream trimmings: Vintage 50's
Red rattan folder bag/clutch: Thrifted
Tan maryjanes: River Island

My outfit (top + bottom) cost me less than RM40, WAHAHAHA. Wonders of being a bargain-hound WTF. I read a Katy Perry write-up a few days before, which was why I was inspired to be a 50's pin-up girl, haha.

Though it's clear that my sisters hate the cute pair of red shorts! T___T 'Cause apparently our maid washed the red shorts with WHITES, and all their clothes became PINK. T__________T

Ok, I better change subject before they remember about this incident and start chasing me for damages WTF.

With Grace, the gracious host! Her house always has the BEST CNY goodies. *mouth waters*

And I was asked to turn my face to the side, 'cause my friends were like "hui wen, we don't want to see your face la! We want to see your bow!" -_________-

Why so coy. T___T

I was just very shy! 'Cause the moment you go in, there are giant flashes everywhere. T__T The thrauma of having photographer friends wtf. I mean, just look at the giant device that Keng Yip is holding up behind me! -_-

Then when I told my friends to stop taking pictures 'cause I am shy, they told me "YEAH RIGHT" wtff. T__T

Yummy yummy food!

And that's not all! We had ice blended coffees which Grace's dad made (I had THREE, which was why I was so hyper and loud with my eyes-rolling wtf)... We had pasta, baked chicken wings, pumpkin pie, brownies etc... Previous years we had lemang, assam laksa,assorted cakes... Food heaven, Grace's house!

CNY decorations at Grace's house. Super versatile tree, 'cause come Christmas, the same tree is used, hahaha!

And whilst eating pumpkin pie and looking at this tree, I felt as if I was in a Christmas party. -___-

Champagne time!

Grace popping the champagne, wheee!

One thing I can't complain about being an adult: when you are 5 years old, we nibble on rabbit sweets during house visits; and now we get to be tipsy, haha!

Grace's extremely fat dog, Cookie. She looks like a giant furry sausage under the table here. -_-

Grace: She is not fat! She is just fluffy!

Do you remember this episode from Friends, where Joey brought back 'The Happiest Dog in the World'?
I swear to god, Cookie IS the happiest dog in the world!! She is always running and bouncing and hopping and sniffing everywhere! And she always seem to be smiling, hahaha.

Cookie all bling-ed out. :P

Priya and Rachel, ala 'There's something about Mary', HAHA.

Rachel, Ranjitha and Jasrina on a text-frenzy. :P

My happy place. ;)

Compulsory all-girls picture, 'cause girls are so much nicer to look at! :P
From left to right: Ranjitha, me, Grace, Priya, Rachel (behind), Zahra, Jasrina.

Ranjitha, who originally wanted to wear black. And I lectured her on being 'pantang' for CNY, so she turned up in red, hahaha.

Grace and Rachel.

Rachel is seriously DAMN JOKER.

Grace: I want to go work-clothes shopping!
Rachel: YEA! You should totally get a shirt with a lot of fur in front!
Us: Errr...
Rachel: Oh, I meant fluff! A lot of fluff in front!
Us: ERRR..
Me: Err, Rach, do you mean frills??


With my bestie, Ranjitha, future hot doctor to be in the making. :)
And WHY THE HELL am I making a VICTORY SIGN. -____________-

Can we say AWWWWWWWWWWWW in unison!!!
The cutest dogs in the world, I swear. *heart*

Picture of a picture-- I found this photo in Rachel's camera (the dogs are her friend's), and I fell in love with them. DAMN CUTEEEEE.

Group picture.
Back: Rachel, Grace, Keng Yip.
Front: Ranjitha, me, Priya, Athirah, Jasrina.
Ultimate front wtf: Zahra, Tse Yuen.

I love love love Zahra's new boy crop! And the best part is? She cut it herself! :O Can you believe it, funky Zahra was our head prefect. :P

I love my friends, we are such a diverse bunch! Amongst the group of people that day, we had a future marine biologist, animator, designer, interior architect, film-maker, scripwriter, theatre actress, doctor, finance analyst... (and me the accountant wtf -_-).

We were all prefects back in high school! :P

And us girls used to call overselves 'The Stupids', OMG those days, hahahaha. But that was a really long time ago ok! Back in form 2 or something. *shy*

Photoframe on Grace's mantelpiece-- circa 2008. :)

Somethings never change. :)


Jing said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, those two dogs damn chat cute!!! :D The pug (Is it a pug wtf) is smiling, and flashing his teeth AHAHAHAHAH! ;P

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oooo cute doggie! How on earth did you manage to buy something from Gossips for less than RM50 much less a whole outfit costing less than RM40 including shoes and bag.....*respect*

I feel so sad looking at your CNY pics cos yours looks like so much fine. Mine is damn boring! Its not even called a 'celebration' cos the only thing I get to be happy about are ang paus....T__T

The Faux Fashionista said...

Eh, its fun* not fine...sorry! :P

revel in me said...

jing: HAHAHHAHAHAH I KNOWWWW why are our dogs not as cute ar! Instead BB always try to pretend it has only one ear WTF.

faux fashionista: Haha, no la no la, RM40 for the top and bottom, not inclusive of shoes and bag!! My shoes are from River Island, it would be impossible to even find anything less than RM100 from there.. T____T And I didn't get much ang paos from CNY! 'Cause I was mostly in s'pore.. T__T

Anonymous said...

You used a lot of my pics! And you took a really hot picture of me....wohoo.....Hehehe :)

I miss you guys...

Anonymous said...

EH Rachel is your friend!? omg i love her performances and i thought she was damn hot the first time i saw her on stage. im her fan- see wtf. omg so hot okay <3

Unknown said...

who are the filmmaker/scriptwriters!!

R. said...

eh i have a fan,haha.
"FRILLS" frills.
yes yes,i must remember.
lovee the post,i emo-ed a bit :)
i totally forgot about THE STUPIDS okay..

revel in me said...

ran: Hehe, that's me, the ever fantastic phtographer! :P No la, I needed a hot model too.. ;) Come back from Penang soon la, woman!

waifon: YESHHHH she is damn damn damn damn hot! <333 FAN SEE WTF. And OIIII woman, I am SO SO SO sorry I haven't replied your email! I saw your email since some time ago, but never got around to replying, 'cause I felt like I need to do your long email justice, hehe. FORGIVE ME PLEASE! T__T

skyler: Scriptwriter is priya, the most talented write ever! And the film-maker is benji, though I think only his foot was featured in the pictures. :P

R.: Hahahahah I KNOWWW I almost forgot about the 'Stupids' too! Brain pushed embarrassing memories out, haha. :P

Anonymous said...

oh hahaha i thought it went to your spam or sth wtf. it's okay but if you could come up with an express reply soon (or anytime before all my hair fals out) then it's fine wtf. ya now extreme hair fall okay i dnt knw wht to do anymore sigh.

ya ya she damn hot right. hot is an understatement, she's blistering WTF. scorching also can. okay the rest look in thesaurus ive got no time to go look up for words to describe someone else' physical perfections. sebenarnya jealous wtf.

Grace Tham said...

the stupids... hahah i remember now! hehe whoo Rachel has a fan! i like.. sigh you're making me all emo hui wen ;p