Thursday, February 19, 2009

That's my boy!

I am here, watching old ANTM episodes on Youtube, and eating my dry pork noodle out of the transparent take-away box. Reason being, I was working till quite late, and had no time for dinner.

But believe it or not, I am actually feeling the most lighthearted I have been in this week. :)

Aah, what a drastic change of my mood from this morning to now.

I walked out of the door this morning, feeling really low... It's one of those days, just weighed down by the blues. You can't blame me, I guess, I have been really busy for the past week, every day it's the same routine: work till late, reach home, have take-out, sleep, and wake up grumpy and tired, and go to work, and work till late again. And all in all, I am just exhausted-- since January, if you can believe it. I am partly at fault, in this case, 'cause I have been commuting home so often for the past 2 months, as I wanted to spend as much time with my sister before she goes off, as well as see my friends who are back from Aussie for the summer break. Couple that with travelling to China and Penang in the last month, working OT during those business trips; and still didn't have the weekends to recuperate ('cause I would go back to KL), I am just really exhausted physically, and to a certain extent, mentally.

But like I said, I am feeling rather happy now! Firstly, HELLO TOMORROW IS FRIDAY and everyone knows Friday is my favorite day right! Well, second favorite, 'cause Saturday is my actual favorite day (don't have to work + no work next day + can sleep in and sleep late) wtf. I am just welcoming the weekend with widespread open arms! Aah, sleep. Aah, to finally catch up with my sisters and friends (can you believe I haven't had a proper conversation with Teeny since she touched down in Melbourne???). Aah, to have long phone chats with the boyfriend, I have missed him so much! And can I say it again, aaah sleeeeep. :D

But a bigger factor is 'cause something truly wonderful happened to the boyfriend today!!! Something he has been wanting for a long time, something long overdue, something he really deserves. :))) When I heard the news, it was like "POWWW!" and straightaway I was in a good mood, haha. :)))))

Mmm, enough about me dissecting my mood. :) Let me show you all some lighthearted picture instead. :P

As usual, just some everyday pictures of my sisters and I. :)

At Delicious, our default hangout:

The Pesto Spaghetti with grilled chicken. Green is a really unappetising color for food, don't you think!!! *wrinkles nose*

But I love green vegetables though! *contradicts*

And a random trivia about me: do you know before I was 12, I don't eat any type of vegetables!!! No wonder I am so short now, not enough nutrients during my growing phase wtf. T___T

Spicy crab linguine. Mine!

Random trivia #2: Before I was 12, I didn't eat any type of seafood as well. T_________T

Top-down. :D

Jing! With the unappetising (looking) pasta. But it was really yummy though!

Trying to take a picture of the beaded detailing on my top, but instead accentuates the fact that my nose is humongous wtf.

Teeny, who ran to Melbourne, and conveniently 'forgot' to pay me back for the money she owed me. -___-



Tiptoe-ing Jing!

Metallic silver/gray mesh top with underbust beaded detailing: Valleygirl
White tulip skirt with front slit: Bettina Liano
Gemstone headband: Diva
Gemstone bangle: Diva
Nude wooded wedge pumps: Space, Singapore

Allow me to say this before I go off, IT'S OFFICIALLY FRIDAY!! :D :D :D


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday! and Saturday too!

Good Night!

ps: where is your post on your amazing skin care prods! >.<

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chor Min!


*hen night hen night*

Anonymous said...

I am guessing your boyfriend got a job promotion, yes? :D

on another note, i really love jing's prada bag sigh. may i know how much is it? shall start saving up T_T

revel in me said...

miss hazel: POWWWW! Your first phrase, makes me SUPER BER-GEMBIRAAA!! Hahahaha!

ps: Ooops! HMMM maybe I should do it up this weekend! :) GAMBATEHHH!!! (can you tell I am super hyper nowwww)

smalls: Sometimes you are such an idiot!!! Hahahah! But STRIPPERRRRRRR!! Haha!

I want to see you soon! Lots to talk to you about! :(

joy: Ya damn nice right! But it's really huge, that's our only mini-complain!! 'Cause it's really long (height-wise), so when you put it down it reaches our waist WTFFF. Wait for sales!! It's more worth it to get it then! GAMBATEHHHHH!! :D

Anonymous said...

HUGE? even better! hahahahaa :D emm i never buy any designer bag before so i have no idea at all! T_T do they ever have sales? is prada store the only place i can get the bag?

anyways huiwen can you please tell me the model name for the bag? thanks heaps :D i wanna google it up and have a good look :D thanks again!

Anonymous said...

He got promoted?

Vivien Dumpangol said...
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revel in me said...

joy: Whee this is so exciting, first designer bag! :D Hmm, I think the design is only available from Prada, though you might be able to find rip-offs... =/ But my sister said she isn't sure of the model name! But it is from last season though.. But YESS love, prada does go on sale!! :))) The sale notice usually is very small, at the corner of the window, haha, so you must keep a lookout k! :)))

anonymous: All I can say is, it's a happy thing! :)

Ben Lee said...

Hoitz girl...
gonna get some t-shirts running soon