Monday, February 23, 2009

Want to share, but I am not allowed to. :(


Ok, I got my USB modem today!! So I am in a much more relaxed mode now, 'cause at least I know I won't be cut off from the world at the strike of midnight on 1st March WTF. Yaa, I am that dependent on internet wtf. On the other hand though, I had to sign on a contract for 2 years for the modem, and should I terminate the contract anytime before 2 years, I will have to pay a penalty of SGD500! OUCHHH!! I mean, I don't foresee myself to stay in S'pore for that long, if you get my drift. OUCHHH again! (and if you are wondering why didn't I just sign on the modem service without a contract basis, I tabulated the costs if I were to do so, the cost comes up to about the same, BOOO)

My boyfriend is the cutest cutest boy. He just told me a hilarious story about him when he was in Std 5, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I typed it all out, ready to blog about it, then he told me to not post it up. T_T He said he is shy. T_________T

Haihhhh sadness, cannot share with you. Really damn funny HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Since I die die also want to blog, here are some pictures from last weekend! Our first weekend without Teeny. /boo


Me, looking like Sun Wukong with the feathers poking straight up WTF.

Gray satin top with black bow embroidery: Topshop
Light gray paperbag miniskirt: Topshop
Cream and black maryjanes: Singapore
Light gray corsage with feathers: Portman, Australia

EH looking at Jing and I, we were like day and night! Sun and er dusk wtf.

Squinty eyes under the sun. :)

Halfway walking out of the gate, we looked at each other as realisation dawn on us:"Eh we are both wearing flowers on our heads leh!" -__-

Since we looked so garden-y, Jing suggested for us to go to the newly opened Gardens in OU. Gardens the cafe, not Gardens the shopping mall wtf. 'Cause as its name suggests, it has a garden theme! I have been there once with Jac, and it really has a gorgeous interior. :)

Little women. :P

Pretty stirrer.

My aglio olio. Reminded me so much of the aglio olio I used to cook in Melbourne! Accompanied me on so many pre-exam nights. T___T

Jing, being semi ladylike. :P

And our respective camwhore pictures! :P Can you tell we are sisters ar (fro the camwhoring gene wtf).

Ok, the end.

Aiya, I have no mood to blog! 'Cause I am so so so pissed now! To cut the story short, I am staying with my cousin now, and I share the internet with her tenants. And these 2 jokers suddenly told me that they are cutting the internet by the end of this month!!! 'Cause they decided to switch to those USB modems instead. End of this month is essentially 4 days away! WTF MANN. I am already so busy, I don't have time to go apply for internet, or to get myself one of those USB modem thingies!! ARGHHH. What more I am going back to KL this weekend, so I wouldn't even have the weekend to go settle this internet issue. And I can't live without the internet, I am not afraid to admit it! HOW LAAAA. I will just DIE if I don't have the internet!!!

ARGHHH. I am just so pissed 'cause they see me all the time! Why couldn't they just tell me earlier??? Instead of dropping the bomb 4 days before? RAWRRRR.

Ok finished already.

Oh ya one good news! I finished up the beauty product entry already! Will post it up within this week. If they don't cut my internet before that. *grumble grumble*

One more joke before I go!

One day, char siew pau was walking down the road.

suddenly, he felt hungry.

so, he ate himself.

*the end*



Anonymous said...

OMG WHERE IS GARDENS IN ONE UTAMA? It looks like a very nice place to chill and minum kopi! :D I haven't been to OU in AGES! The last time I was there was when I was forced to walk FROM MY HOUSE TO THE MALL (IN HEELS FOR LIKE 2-3KM) just cos I can't get a cab ANYWHERE *GRRRRRRR

You and Jing look so pretty! <3

jeanchristie said...

haha u guys remind me of melbourne cup ;p

.. ur sense of humour ar ... work too much ah?

i wanted to meet u yday along with jacQQ but but .. i was already at LPS and she didn't tell me she was seeing you right there and then T________T

lets catch up la okay!!!

Anonymous said...

you and your bf still find out stuff about each other, after 5 years? WAHHH :D

love your outfit!

revel in me said...

joyce: It's at the new wing, LG, near Reebok! You won't miss it, it has a lot of foliage WTF. Haha minum kopi! My favorite activity. :P

jean: Haha, if it's melbourne cup, we will be more OTT! :P FUNNY WHAT.. T_____T Ya ya, let me know when you are free or near office area! :) I am working near outram/bkt merah now.. occasionally go back to office in the evenings.. Hopefully I might be in office next week! :)

smalls: HAHAHAH you are really an idiot!! Actually no, more like my bf is the idiot, haha!

I wear for you when I see you ok! *shy* I think I am occupied this weekend when I am back, but I will be back 2 weeks from this weekend (what's new haha), MEET UP! :)

Anonymous said...

aiya why your bf so shy wan?! now i'm just DYING to know what the story is! lol.

i don't think i can survive without internet too!! oh die die i just realised i probably won't have internet connection when i go over to sg. i'm only there for 6 months, so don't know if there's some sort of plan i can subscribe to or not.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! I actually laughed at the joke, and why the tenants so last minute one. So evil...

The Faux Fashionista said...

Eiyer why your housemates so bad one! You and your bf are damn sweet la...*jealous* I saw your sister Jing at Zara KLCC last Sunday, hehe, ohhh and Topshop sale...WHEEE!

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHA sorry for the random comments :P

RG said...

I love your char siew pau joke! It got me lol-ing, haha! I am easily amused :/

KITMEY said...

What a stupid char siew pao.

revel in me said...

irene: Haha you all egg him on so that I can share! :P He insisted that my readers will laugh at him. -__- OHHHHH you are coming to s'pore???!! WHENN!! FOR WHATTT!! :D :D :D

siewkwan: I knew we share the same sense of humor! *tears* <3

faux fashionista: You sound like you're on SUGAR RUUUSHHH!! :P *starts munching on my stash of famous amos cookies wtf* :P

RG: HEEHEEE! I actually got it from pinkpau's blog! PinkPAU HAHAHAHHAHAHA


Anonymous said...

i'm going over in april to work for 6 months as part of the work holiday programme over there. then i'm gonna travel around southeast asia for 3-4 months before coming back to nz.

tell your boyfriend that we will laugh WITH him, not AT him ;)

effortlessly chic said...

OMG! i got the same top as yours! from topshop right? mmmm, you gave me some idea wat to wear with it. LOL

revel in me said...

irene: Oooh, that's awesome! :) Hahaha I think with that joke hor, it's more like laugh AT him HAHAHAHHA

effortlessly chic: Haha, yayy!