Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pink flower earring.

I came home from work quite early today, and I thought I would have a night of just resting and chilling out. T_T Blinking my eyes in unease at the sunlight (I can't remember the last time I finish work before sunset!!), I marched off on my journey home with a bounce in my step.

Then walao! At 9pm, my colleague called me, and told me that our manager just called him and told him that she wants X document all done by tomorrow morning. WTFFFF!!! Can you just leave me in peace to edit pictures and read my Malaysian version of Cleo magazine. T__T

Btw, I buy both the Singapore and Malaysia's copy of Cleo. 'Cause nothing much to do in S'pore wtf.

But all that will end in less than 2 weeks! 'Cause everyone is coming to visit me in S'pore! *bats eyelashes invitingly wtf* The boyfriend is coming this weekend, omg I miss him so much, I can't even remember the last time we had a proper conversation; I have just been so busy! :( And Smalls is coming down on the week before my birthday!!! Then I can bring her to Chanel to pick my birthday present wtf. I mean, since you are working and all now right, dear? :P

Let me present you with some pictures of my incredibly rushed weekend back home! In the bus on the way to KL, I was really quite demoralised, 'cause I couldn't help thinking that in about 24 hours' time, I would be heading back to Singapore. T__T But you know what? I am glad I went home, albeit for 1 day! It was really the pick-me-up I needed, after 2 weeks straight of kamikaze worklife. Let the pictures do the talking. ;)



Whom I entrusted with my dear beloved white Miu Miu. That proves the extent of my love wtf.

I kept on darting nervous glances at her and barking warnings: "Watch where you put the bag!", "Are you sure your dress's coloring won't rub off on my bag!" Hahaha, paranoid wreck wtf. I am telling all of you, never ever invest in a white bag!! It will be one of the most gorgeous pieces in your collection, but it will be a white elephant! No pun intended wtf. 'Cause every moment that you carry it out, you are just stressing out when you are going to dirty it. T__T I swear, I could get a nervous breakdown from it!!

I am still trying to dissuade Jing from buying a white MJ! 'Cause I know the perils of having a white bag. T__T


Fuchsia knitted vest: MNG
Dust blue drape skirt: Topshop
Blue fabric belt with tan buckle: Thrifted (by sister, I found it in their room, nyehehe)
Beige T-bars: Aldo
Fuchsia flower earrings with pearl: Topshop
Hot pink bangle: Axcezz
Gold studded bangle: Singapore
Maroon weaved bag: Prada

Trying very hard to snap a picture of my pink flower earrings, which I concocted my whole outfit based on it wtf.

And finding out later that the only way that anyone can see the earrings is if I cocked my head at a 45 degrees.

Inner monologue:
Dammit! Why cannot see the earrings!

Err. I think the only way is if you tuck your hair behind your ears la.

Hah! But I will look like a geek wor!

Such depths of my mind. :P

We went to Sushi Groove in OU! Initially, we went to Delicious, because Jing said she has to match her tea roses dress to a English tea theme. -___- But after we sat down, we found out that Delicious was practically out of everything! Bah, so annoying. So we left (my suggestion *droops head*), and decided to try out Sushi Groove (Jing's suggestion) instead.

But not without Jing commenting "Haih, actually hor, Japanese food doesn't match our outfits today" WTFF.

Sometimes, we dress up in themes when we watch movies, so we match our clothes to the movie. Now we even have to match the food we eat to our clothes. Damn tiring wei our lives. -____-

Jing mashing up her wasabi. I always feel the pressure to match the amount of wasabi that my sisters consume. T_T Their sauce plates are always murky, thick green paste; whereas mine is like black sauce with a faint hint of green... T__T

Got possessed wtf (unfocused eyes).

Our food! Loads of it. :P

Soft shell crab sushi with chilli padi.

Salmon sashimi! Mmmm.

Mushroom and mozarella cheese wrapped in roasted beef slices, and served in a BBQ sauce.

Jing's main meal: Fried ginger chicken don.

My mains: Curried bibimbab! Which is ironic, 'cause bibimbab is Korean food. -_-

It is actually curried rice in a hotplate, and those are dried squid (or is it octopus) shavings on top! 'Cause of the heat, the shreds were moving when the plate was served to me. Very geli! It looked like an underwaterworld WTF.

Acting demure before attacking our food.

Jing eating the extremely obscene-looking beef-wrapped thingy, haha.

Which looks disgusting too! Booger alert. T___T

This is how I will look like with short hair! :O

x 10000.
'Cause I found damn a lot of pictures of Jing in the same bent-sideways pose in my camera wtf.

Determined to get at least one clear picture of my earrings!

You might have noticed that there is quite a lot of food for 2 people (we ordered 6 dishes in total)! But no problem for us. :P

Victory sign! All cleared. *burp*
(except for a little bit of my curried rice la, I am supposed to be on a diet.. T__T)

And this is my 'What's for dessert?' face.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Blues came early.

HAIHHHHHH. Me and my smelly big mouth. :(

I said it in my previous post, and I quote myself:

More to come this weekend, if I get to go back home. I really have a phobia now! What if suddenly I need to work this weekend, and I have to forfeit my tickets yet again! *scared*

HAIHHHHHH. Guess what la. During work on Friday, my senior came up to my desk (with my little travelling bag tucked safely underneath, I might add), and told me gravely, "Hui Wen, I have bad news for you".

And of course, fate loves to play tricks on us, or more precisely, me! I could almost predict the next words out of his mouth.

"You need to work this weekend."

HAIHHHHHHHHH. Seriously, my first instinct was to slam the table and go "Fuck this shit!" wtf. But instead, I just meekly said ok, and proceeded to call Aeroline to change my bus ticket.

But! Aeroline (the bus line I usually take) doesn't allow changing of same-day departures! T_T I was really upset of having to forfeit another trip back home (it's not cheap k! T_T)... And brilliance struck me. I went to negotiate with my senior to let me go back for Saturday, and I will go back on Sunday to work!

So ya la. Today morning, I took the first bus back to Singapore. T_T Reached Singapore, and along with my luggage, caught the train straight to office to work. T_____T Everyone was like :O when they heard about it. I am amazed with my Superwoman preserverance too. T__T

Talk about Monday blues in advance hor. T_T

I really want to blog about my Saturday! We went to watch 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. *shiny eyes* But more on that another day, I need to catch some sleep now. But I have to show you some really really awesome pictures, hahahaha!

Picture of the day wtf:

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. The Might warrior and the Half-Dog wtff.

Damn funny la, 'cause BB (our dog, what a name wtf) wasn't tied up, but my mom needs to drive the BMW out of the house, and we were afraid that it will scamper out of the house!!! So mom ordered Jing to scare the dog, HAHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHH really damn chat sohai! Look at how far BB is standing away! It was really scared of the umbrella! Most timid dog in the world wtf.

HAHAHHAHAH SORRY I still think it's damn funny! Like a scene from Star Wars or something HAHAHHAHAHA!

Friday, March 27, 2009

She's so electric.

Backdated pictures of girlie time with Jing! More to come this weekend, if I get to go back home. I really have a phobia now! What if suddenly I need to work this weekend, and I have to forfeit my tickets yet again! *scared*

And we are talking about loads of girlie time awaiting me! 'Cause the boyfriend won't be in KL this weekend. Talk about bad timing to go back wtf. But fret not, I will be seeing him next weekend-- he is coming over to Singapore! :)

And guess for what!


We are going for the Oasis concert! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Ya la, that's why have to go home this weekend.. To pack a concert outfit wtf.

Anyway, girlie yumcha session with Jing! At the Apartment, 'cause we needed somewhere which open till close, but yet won't be too noisy.


White tank top: Miss Selfridge
Black tube dress with beaded bow embellishment and exposed zipper (worn as skirt): Topshop
Silver sequined beanie: Topshop
Black velvet heels: Charles & Keith
Rhinestone ring: Sister's
Black cord (tied around neck): Randomly found in sister's room
Black slingbag: Vintage

Jing, with abundance of studs! I tell you ar, when this girl has a fetish, she goes all out wtf.

Pretty pretty! I love bows and embellishments! :)

Doing our favorite things: Mid-talking and mid-eating wtf.

Drinking coffee at 11pm at night! How sad hor. But haih, no choice, I was so burnt out the week before that I really needed caffeine to sustain myself. :(

I was looking at this picture, feeling that something is amiss, when I realised that I don't see many pictures of Jing wearing blue!!
She is almost 24/7 clad in pink. :P

That reminds me, we need to catch 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' soon! *dreamy eyes*

Being a lady as usual.

Let me tell you something very funny! We were at a family dinner, and the boss of the restaurant (quite close to my parents, 'cause they dine there quite a bit) came up to us and asked whether Jing and I are twins!! Jing and I just exchanged '-_-' looks wtf. Sien wtf. Then later at the Apartment, the waiter who served us asked us the same question again! Twice in the same night! o_O And after we told him firmly that we aren't twins, he was like 'but are you girls at least sisters?', and breathed a sigh of relief when we affirmed that we are, haha.

To be honest, we get that quite a lot! Not only from strangers, i.e. when we go shopping together and sales assistants or waiters make such comments... But even our own friends!!! Jing's school friends have thought I was her before. -___- And my colleague saw Jing's picture on Facebook, and he asked me why am I so skimpily dressed, he scared wtf. -___-

Haiya, actually even Jing and I ourselved have gotten confused before (grudgingly admitted to each other wtf)! For example, we used to share a camera. So sometimes when I browse though the pictures quickly, I will go "EHHHHH since when I wore that/ate this/went there!!' before realising it's my sister. -__- And Jing too faced the same scenario when she goes through the 'My Pictures' folder in our computer. -_-

I geuss we can sort of understand why some people might think we look alike-- we used to have the same black (bushy) hair, the same sideway bangs... We are roughly of the same built and height, and sometimes we share clothes. But over the years, we have really tried looking different! The only time when those 'are you twins' comments cease was when Jing had her hair in a bob. T_T But since we dyed our hair, and Jing grew hers long, the comments are back on strong.

The only thing good that comes out of this whole thing is that we can never call each other ugly WTF.

I personally don't feel that we look alike! But there are certain similarities. And that's including Teeny! And that's why I think our Mommy should (and hopefully is) very proud of us! 'Cause she produced such cute daughters wtf, who each have their distinctive qualities, but yet still look like sisters. All 4 of us (Jing, Teeny, me and mom) look like sisters! *butter up* :P

Shit man, feel like singing 'We are family, I've got my sisters with me' now WTFF.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To snoop or not to snoop.

*Updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!*

I want to share with you all what I saw today:

I was in the train, sitting down (hallelujah I found a seat, I hate my heels wtf), semi-nodding off. I felt some rustling going on next to me, and natural instinct made me open my eyes and turn to my right. It was just the girl sitting next to me reaching out for her boyfriend, who was standing in front of her. I was going to get back to my catnapping, when I saw the guy hand over his mobile phone to the girl, and the girl just started going through his text messages right in front of him!!! And he didn't even bat an eyelid! He just watch his girlfriend snoop (is that even the right word, since she did it so openly) through his personal information with a slightly dejected look on his face. =/

Ok, I have some girlfriends who do go through their boyfriend's handphone-- without their boyfriends knowing, of course. Whilst I can't put it against them, I myself have never gone through the boyfriend's phone or computer or.. well, anything. I mean, I dare to speak for most guys, if a guy finds outs that you have been snooping through his stuff, he is going to get really mad, isn't it? Of course, I don't snoop not because I am scared that a boy is going to blow his temper, but because of one word: respect. Simply put, if someone goes through my phone or computer, I am going to get PISSED too. And that applies to friends too! Seriously, so many times I have people just nonchalantly 'borrow' my mobile phone, and start browsing through my texts! That is just RUDE, with a capital R, people.

Anyway, back to the issue on hand. I know the boyfriend's email passwords (he told me without a care in the world), but it has never occurred to me to go through his inbox to trace whatever that he has been doing. The boyfriend knows my bank account pass word-- he peeped wtf, but I don't have an issue with it. But if he ever runs away to Mongolia with my money, I will chase after him la wtf. My point is, isn't it better and healthier for a couple to fully trust each other? What is your take? Is it ok for the other half to snoop through your things? Or even to openly snoop?


Since I am on the subject of coupledom, I dug through my pictures and found some of the boyfriend and I, *gasp*, having breakfast! Breakfasts are a rarity for us, 'cause I never wake up before noon wtf.

It was during his trip down to Singapore (ages ago), and we went to Fullerton hotel for breakfast. :)

I was the one who suggested the place, 'cause I have went passed the place a few times, and it is so pretty and quaint! The boyfriend, being the good old sport wtf, agreed-- on one condition. We had to wake up early so that we could be at the hotel by 8-ish! That means I had to wake up at 7-plus am on a weekend ok. T____T

But it was worth it. :)

Breakfast by the river. :)

This was this view which greeted us:

Btw, the bridge in the last picture is where the cars raced for the Singapore Grand Prix last year. :P

I could get used to this whole breakfast idea! My fantasy is to cook breakfast for the boyfriend every morning. Unfortunately, this fantasy could only be realised if I could get out of bed before noon. :P

Having duck congee.

The buffet breakfast at Fullerton Hotel costs SGD45 per pax, and comes with quite a decent spread! It's definitely worth a try at least once. :)


Navy tank top: Topshop
Black slip with full cream lace trimming (worn underneath): Sungei Wang

Chanel-esque gray flare skirt with black panel detailing: Singapore
Black maryjanes with bow tie-ups: Singapore

Cream satin bow headband: Diva
Bronze bunny pendant necklace with pink satin bow and pearl: Topshop

One last happy picture of us. :D