Friday, March 13, 2009

He is just not that into you.

I smell so good now! *sniffs myself*

'Cause I was out of body soap, so I used the little Crabtree and Evelyn body wash that I took from Hilton, nyehehe. Smells heavenly! :D

Smalls challenged me today, rawrrr!! She said most of the time I only blog about M'sia, she said I am in denial that I am working in S'pore, HAHAHAH.
No choice what! I don't do much in S'pore. I only have... work. T__T

Anyway, this is my attempt to dispute her! :D Met up with Mey last weekend!

We were supposed to watch 'He is just not that into you".

Instead, we found something that we were very into WTFFF.

Singapore's Cleo's 50 Bachelors! :P

We didn't know that there was the Cleo Bachelor event in Heeren! We were damn shameless, we went on stage and administered the stripping of some hot boys, muahaha. We just had to spin some wheel to determine how many pieces of clothing they have to take off, hahaha. And we got free frappucinos and FCUK vouchers, so it was quite worth it k! :P

With 50 hot boys. :D

Then we passed time with women's biggest hobby of all time wtf: shoe shopping!

Longest legs in the world, I swear! *bitter*

Looking for work shoes!
I bought that pair of patent mary janes I was trying on in the end. ;)

Sheepish 'cause I always look mad when I am shopping wtf.

I wanna go for a haircut soon! Now I just need to compete with Jing who gets to Yen first to get our dream hair cut wtf.

Then we went to watch He's just not that into you. I personally thought it was quite an okay movie! A few 'awww' scenes. *warm* :P But I am very weary of the dating scene after the movie though wtf. I still remember, there was once when Smalls was telling me about some guy that she is interested in, and I was like, "why don't you just tell him??". And she burst out laughing and told me "HAIYOOHH! You can never break up with your boyfriend la! You won't survive in the dating scene!" Hahahhaha! What!! Am I so terrible ar, hahaha!

And oooh, girls! I am very interested to know, do you all (i.e. girls) think that Scarlet Johansson is hot? Those who think so raise a virtual hand WTF.

I never thought she was hot! But recently I think she is sizzling la wtf. And she makes voluptuous looks so good! If only voluptuous was in when I was 14 ('cause got puberty fats then) WTFF!

Enough with my nonsense, more pictures!

At the cinema's cafe, having some mini bites...

Mey and her busy hands...

Mey: Let me wear my new hairband!

And this is what her busy hands whipped out, hahaha!

Mey: Eh damn worth it! I can wear as necklace too! *bounce bounce*

Hahahha this girl too cute la. :P

And I mentioned sometime ago that I am really in the whole Spring mood! So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise...

Meet my new Spring additions! :D

Wheeee I feel so happy just looking at them!

Outfit for the day:

Mini white dress with black velvet straps and embroidered cut-out hem: Hartamas
Black opaques: Stolen from mom
Nude patent T-bars: Aldo
Cream satin bow headband: Diva
Pearl cuff: Diva
Rattan slingbag with chain strap: Forever 21

I will be selling this dress off on Boudoir-Boudoir soon, keep a lookout ya! :)


yishyene said...

Cute shoes!
That looks more like a top tsk tsk you cheeky girl
HAhaha just kidding, I do it all the time too :p

Jing said...

*runs off to Yen now, flips hair wtf* Pun intended HAHAHAHAH, i am sooo witty wtf! T______T

And omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg can you get me the same set of hair accessories you have? *puppy eyes* You know i've fetish right! T_____T

And important, hmmm i used to think Scarlet Johansson is not hawt too, i go pffftttt when people dubbed her the 'Sexiest Women on Earth' but very rarely, she surprises me.. with her boobs WTF!

melissa said...

omg omg I've been searching for that rattan bag ever since I saw it on a blog somewhere else..and it was from f21 (dunno how many seasons ago T-T)? If it ever goes on sale at Boudoir-Boudoir, do let me know! Sorry, I have a bag fetish -___-...

Anyway..I think Scarlett is okay (hot by virtue of her body) but she's definitely hotter and more sophisticated than the likes of say Miley Cyrus (eeks)

Anonymous said...

WTF i fucking hate scarlett johansson la especially in that movie she so fucking bitchy ok HE IS MARRIED MAHAI HOW CAN!!!!!! i hate her i hate her i hate her she is not pretty la some more quite fat wtf i don't understand this craze about her! the only reason guys think she is hot is because she has like enormous boobs aih if u think she is pretty please go watch lost in translation i swear you will lose all erection wtf

Anonymous said...

*raises hand* i think scarlet johansson is really hot too! she's kinda tiny and voluptuous at the same time, and somehow reminds me of marilyn monroe with her red lips. but i hate her character in the movie tho. she didn't seem all that likeable, as opposed to her other films.

Adeline said...

kit mey is so tall! haha you look really cute next to her =D

xiang yun said...

Scarlett is so not hot. I dislike her more after she married Ryan Reynolds!!! MY RYAN REYNOLDS WTF.

I want that dressssssss. Sell it please.

mustardqueen said...

my friend fell asleep thrh out the movie leh dman potong stim... -_- its the first movie i watch in melb so i have err, good impression bout it HEE but a bit too draggy though but erm... the married man very hot *salivatesss

revel in me said...

Y: I super regret getting these shoes! T_T 'Cause damn ex and damn uncomfortable.. T_T And HAHHAHA ya la inner sluts 'R' us.. :P

jing: EH YOU DON'T ARR!! You know I booked the hairstyle first.. T__T And teehee damn nice right the hair accessories! So happy.. <3

And I think scarlet is quite hot when she is without make-up/demure!

Unforth I can't say the same for us without make up WTF. T_T

choco said...

My hairdresser has the same name hahaha. Which salon do you go to?

KITMEY said...

I have turned a complete Scarlett fan after watching this movie! The casual sexiness she oozes is beyond believable. It's her over Angelina Jolie for me in terms of sexiness!

Anonymous said...

And you blogged about Singapore! :)
Now, can you please come back and hang out with me, so that my used-to-appear-in-the-blog daily face can be back up there?

And as usual, you and mey look simply gorgeous! And those bachelors! Did you tapau one for me?

revel in me said...

melissa: Omggg are you serious!! Such a coincedence! <333 I absolutely fell in love with the bag the first time I saw it too! <333 Hsha, ok, if I ever sell it, I will let you know! *bag fetish lovers unite* :P

And YAA miley cyrus is SO unclassy, even more so than lindsay!! (and that's saying a lot wtf)

tzeching: HAHAHHA I couldn't stop laughing reading your comment hahahha.. I used to not think she is hot! But nowadays I can see her appeal la... But I AGREE, I don't like her character in the movie, RAWRRR

irene: Yeaaa now that you mention it, she DOES have a bit of the marilyn vibe! I don't understand lor, 'cause I think in certain scenes she was brinking of being... big? But somehoe the whole voluptuous thing still works for her! (coz you know hwo guys usually prefer stick thin girls)

adeline: Hahhaha thank you! Haihhh it's my fate to have tall friends.. T_T

xiang yun: OMGGGGGGGGG I LOVE RYAN REYNOLDS TOO! *slurp* MY ryan reynolds wtf. :P I am selling it next week, keep a lookout ya! :D

mustardqueen: Why she slept! Not enough sex scenes is it WTF. And how can you like the married man! He is a bastard! But I thought ben affleck was kinda hot (although I have never had a thing for him before) <3

choco: Wenawave in times square, omg omg do we go to the same one!! :D

kitmey: YAAAA the sexiness just OOZES out of her! Why we not like that ar.. *sad* Angelina is a little overpowering for me, is there a thing as TOO sexy? :/

smallswong: T_____________T OF COURSE! T_________T Somemore now my laptop crashed, I don't even have the old pictures of us.. T_____________T

ps: You ask mey la, I thinkshe tapao-ed a few guys, HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Hun, I saw u with lots of headbands and flower accessories..Been looking for them for a very long time...Mind telling me where u got yours?

revel in me said...

jolin: I got them in Heeren, Singapore! :) F21, Diva are good bets as well! <3

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot! :)