Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kiss.. A Ten?

Yesterday, the boyfriend said that since I was on MC, I had to take an exam. -__-

insidious embodiment: go read and learn football since u are on MC

insidious embodiment: its your footballing education bee.

insidious embodiment: very important.

insidious embodiment: tonight when we talk, got test

insidious embodiment: i shall ask u questions..

insidious embodiment: better go study

insidious embodiment: if fail ur cross-exam tonite.. you are punished to watch 40 action movies of my choice with me.

insidious embodiment: boom.!!! bang bang.!!! kill.!! slash slash slash.!!!! hiyaaakkkk.!!! flying kick.!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sometimes I am speechless when it comes to the boyfriend. :P


Haven't done this with the boyfriend for some time-- going around trying new places for food. :P

We went to Kissaten at Jaya 1!

Couldn't resist-- implication of sitting right next to a mirror wall. :P

Localised drinks for us:

Iced royal milk tea for me.

Iced white coffee for the boy.

Spot the buttock! -_-

Our food:

Cream sauce pasta with roast chicken, for the boyfriend, who is the biggest Italian food fan.

A soupy Ramen for me! 'Cause I already felt I was falling sick then. :(

I thought the egg was really cool-- it was like 1/3 boiled? The yolk was still runny, and the whites were wobbly (yet solid)! I had fun playing with it, haha.

A really unique dish: stuffed gyoza wings!

Mmm, this comes highly recommended!

For more reviews on Kissaten, go to here. Our food was so-so, but the snack (the stuffed wings) were terrific! So were our drinks. :) We were too full to tackle desserts, but the boyfriend and I made a pact to go back there for coffee and desserts one of these days, which is what Kissaten is quite renown for as well. If you didn't know, Kissaten means Cafe! :)
And I am dying to try their Char Siew pizza. :P

If you happy and you know it, clap your hands... :P

Greedy grubby girl!

Haha, actually, the iced white coffee was a little too thick, whereas my iced milk tea was slightly flat; so I came up with the perfect remedy! Drink 'em together wtf. Yin Yong wtf.

And look what the boyfriend got me! T____________T

A sunflower as big as my head wtf. T_________T

I am the most unromantic girl in the world. We were at a newsstand, and I was looking at cheap old issues of magazines to buy. Engrossed, suddenly I found a bouquet of bright yellow flowers poked right in my face.

"Surprise!" The boyfriend said.

Then I don't know why, but I just assumed that he took it from the shop (like one of the book racks or something), and told him "why you so cheapo wann!"
I really thought he just took a deco or something and was playing with me! T___T

Then he got super emo. T___T Then I had to persuade him and made him understand that I really am that stupid wtf.
Why am I such a bad girlfriend ar.

The boyfriend said that he got me yellow sunflowers 'cause it matches my black dress! Does he think I am a bee WTF. He also said that I am the sunshine of his life la. :D


Black dress with sheer lace front and trimmings: Collins St, Melbourne
Hairband with white felt camellia corsage: Singapore
Pearl cuff with diamante: Forever 21

Gray patent pumps with black bows: Macao

I still remember, years ago wtf, there was once the boyfriend and I fought in KLCC, and I stormed off into the toilet. After steaming over in anger and splashing water on my face in an attempt to 'cool off', I stepped out of the washroom and saw my boyfriend standing there, holding a bouqet of sunflowers, waiting for me. :P


I am very very happy now!!! GUESS WHYYYY!!!
Clue: It's something quite out of the norm. ;)

Winner gets a virtual polka dot dress wtf.


mustardqueen said...

Should be cause u got ANOTHER sore throat/MC wtf is that correct?? sister should get real 3D polka dot dress wtf

Joshua said...

I don't want polka dot dress, don't wanna guess wtf.

(But am still curious, someone guess please wtf)

You know that pancake/scone/breakfast place you mentioned before in Bukit Damansara or Damansara Heights? Until now I still haven't eaten there because my partner in crime for binging doesn't wake up before 3pm *looks at Jing* -.-

Jing said...

Josh: HELLOOOOO, it's 11.07pm that's why i'm awake WTF! ;P

HAHAHHAHAHA I THINK I KNOW WHY! :D It involved something with 4 doors right? :D

I want 3d Studded dress pls, polka dot sien! ;P

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I still have sore throat, but no MC, BOOOO!! T_T

joshua: HAHAHAHA! Maybe you can slash the dress to be something else. :P And haihhh you might as well give up hope on having brekkie with her! I can't even remember the last time we had breakfast together! -__-

jing: HUSHHH! :P You have too many studded things already ok! But since it's virtual... *gives you virtual chanel 2.55 wtf*

Katie ♥ said...

your eyes are damn nice! is that your natural eye colour *envy*

and do you line your whole lid when using liner? i'm such a lazy slob nowadays that my eyeliners are growing mold on them already wtf T____T

Anonymous said...

i spot no buttock cuz all i can see is ur cleavage. LOL

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

erm u got a promotion? I really hope so. hmmm, what else... I dunno la, quite hard to guess haha

Anonymous said...

awww...those flowers are the sweetest :)

flowers, just because he loves you.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm,something with 4 doors.. Your dad bought u a car in Sg :D:D

revel in me said...

katie!: I wear brown contacts! :) And no la, I don't line my whole lids! Just that my eyelids too small wtf.

miss hazel: HEEHEE! *shy wtf* Shake it like a polaroid pictureeee!! wtfff

siewkwan: Haha, if promotion means more workload worr! :P NOPEEE wrong, haha! :P

smalls: Haiya you never see the times he throw his dirty clothes at me! T___T

angie: Haha, I WISH! :P But you got part of it right! :P

Anonymous said...

that means you drove one of your dad's car to Sg :D now u can go anywhere for shopping :D

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I know I know new wardrobe???

revel in me said...

angie: Hahaha, no la! I am horrible with driving in new places anyway. :P

siewkwan: Why you so clever ar! :P

etcetera; said...

i love your black dresssssssss /wishes really hard u put on budua budua. HAHAHA buddha

revel in me said...

belinda: Hahaha you damn bad! *omitofo WTF* I don't mind selling it actually, email me if you are interested! :)

etcetera; said...

serious ah! *prayers answered. whats ur email wtf. hahaha