Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Blues came early.

HAIHHHHHH. Me and my smelly big mouth. :(

I said it in my previous post, and I quote myself:

More to come this weekend, if I get to go back home. I really have a phobia now! What if suddenly I need to work this weekend, and I have to forfeit my tickets yet again! *scared*

HAIHHHHHH. Guess what la. During work on Friday, my senior came up to my desk (with my little travelling bag tucked safely underneath, I might add), and told me gravely, "Hui Wen, I have bad news for you".

And of course, fate loves to play tricks on us, or more precisely, me! I could almost predict the next words out of his mouth.

"You need to work this weekend."

HAIHHHHHHHHH. Seriously, my first instinct was to slam the table and go "Fuck this shit!" wtf. But instead, I just meekly said ok, and proceeded to call Aeroline to change my bus ticket.

But! Aeroline (the bus line I usually take) doesn't allow changing of same-day departures! T_T I was really upset of having to forfeit another trip back home (it's not cheap k! T_T)... And brilliance struck me. I went to negotiate with my senior to let me go back for Saturday, and I will go back on Sunday to work!

So ya la. Today morning, I took the first bus back to Singapore. T_T Reached Singapore, and along with my luggage, caught the train straight to office to work. T_____T Everyone was like :O when they heard about it. I am amazed with my Superwoman preserverance too. T__T

Talk about Monday blues in advance hor. T_T

I really want to blog about my Saturday! We went to watch 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. *shiny eyes* But more on that another day, I need to catch some sleep now. But I have to show you some really really awesome pictures, hahahaha!

Picture of the day wtf:

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. The Might warrior and the Half-Dog wtff.

Damn funny la, 'cause BB (our dog, what a name wtf) wasn't tied up, but my mom needs to drive the BMW out of the house, and we were afraid that it will scamper out of the house!!! So mom ordered Jing to scare the dog, HAHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHH really damn chat sohai! Look at how far BB is standing away! It was really scared of the umbrella! Most timid dog in the world wtf.

HAHAHHAHAH SORRY I still think it's damn funny! Like a scene from Star Wars or something HAHAHHAHAHA!


PVB said...

why always ask ppl work last minute one lah. i feel like wanna whack your senior on your behalf keke!

xiang yun said...

WTF your dog's name -- BB so cute

jeanchristie said...

sucks rightt....!!! its as if we've got nothing else better to do than to WAIT and let them say you gotta work this weekend. Tell us at the beginning of the week also not so geram cis -_-

i usually try to negotiate to work from home esp if they are softcopies..

mustardqueen said...

ehhh why scared BB -__- u can jst say "come" and she'll go to you and just chain her up la -___- and jing looks like you in the picture wtf u sure not u AHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

when is the oasis concert? do u mind giving me the dates, venue ( the details ) please? :)

Joshua said...


I thought the dog is scary not scardey cat wtf.

24/7 barking at people T.T

But this Jing damn funny lor. Why you watch and take pictures, don't want to be Obi Wan ar? wtf hahahaha

revel in me said...

PVB: YA LAA!! But it's not my senior's fault la, it's orders from above! :(

xiangyun: HAHAHHAHA we didn't name it!! We got her from the dog shelter.. :)

jean: YA LA damn pissed! Usually also I prefer to work from home! But that weekend had to tidy up file, so have to go to office, grr!

mustardqueen: WAHHH so easy!! Like summoning wtf! No la not me!! Why you can't recognise your own sister.. T__T

anonymous: It's this Sunday! Not sure where it is though, hahaha damn. My bf has the details! Maybe you can google for Oasis concert in S'pore for the details? :)

joshua: HAHAHHA YAA always bark at everyone.. Not to mention try to take a bite out of them too WTF. HAHAHAHA I love seeing Jing get terrorised!! :P