Monday, March 16, 2009

My room is taken over by cupboards, and I couldn't be happier.

One of the reasons why I was really excited to go back home was 'cause I couldn't wait to see my new closets!

The first sign that hit me that my room is going to look different is seeing my set of drawers downstairs near the living room! Seeing little Buddha 'patungs' placed on top of my usually accessories-strewn drawer-top sent me into a fit of giggles.

I pulled Jing's hand, and ran upstairs, letting out dramatic excited pants wtf. Jing ran after me, but kept on telling me, "Che, don't be so happy.. I am warning you.. There is not as much closet space as you think there is..."

But delirious with happiness of having a new home for my clothes, I waved her cautions away carelessly. With a big bang, I kicked the door open, and flipped the light switch with fluorish.

And the first word out of my mouth was:

"Oh. Fuck."

This was what greeted me! T___T

Jing warned me earlier that for the Ikea movers to install the wardrobes, mom and the maid just pushed all my stuff to one corner. But I didn't expect it to be so bad! T__T That's like 2/3s of my room, how to walk la.. T__T


But then I cheered up almost immediately, when I saw the new set of wardrobes! I turned around to Jing and told her with a strong face, "It can be done!"

And turned back to open my wardrobe to check out just how spacious it is.

And for the second time of the night:

"Oh. Fuck."

Freaking hell, both the cupboards already have clothes in them!!! My mom must have unpacked some of my stuff and hung them inside already!!! And that's when I really started panicking. Stricken, I asked Jing, "SHITTTT how weiii!! How to fit everything inside!!" and it took Jing half an hour to calm me down with soothing encouraging words (KAMU BOLEH!) wtff.

So there you had it, a warm bath later, at around 2am, you see Hui Wen determinedly slogging through her mountains of clothes, and Hoe Hui Jing lying on my comfy bed playing with the 72 new hangers that my mom bought for me.

It was really difficult! I couldn't decide how I wanted to categorise my clothes. Should I do it by colors? By types (skirts, dresses, tops etc)? By style (fancy, casual, emo wtf)? By ownership (mine, stolen from mom WTF)?

And the main objective of the night, besides to organise my clothes into their new homes, was to decide what I can't keep with me anymore! 'Cause face it, the only way I can get to the root of the problem for once and for all, is to just get rid of things. If I were to keep all my clothes, I think even another 2 new wardrobes might not do the trick. So I had to be TOUGH in determining what has to go!


Jing said I am very soft. T___T

Midway through organising.
Yes yes, the irony is not entirely lost on me. -_-

Remember the scene from Sex and the City the movie, where Carrie was moving out 'cause she sold her apartment, and she tried on her clothes for Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha to decide to keep 'em or trash 'em?? That was Jing's role for the night! Needless to say, I found a reason to keep almost everything. T_T Although Jing kept on telling me NO, I still clutched on to miniscule reasons ("but cargo pants could come back in style!") T__T

Then, at 5.20am I gave up. T_T (Actually at 5am I clapped my hands together, and proclaimed that almost everything is packed up, and was giving Jing a proud grin, when I noticed my red suitcase hidden amongst the plastic bags and boxes. T__T The red suitcase that was my de facto wardrobe for the past year.. T__T The moment I saw the suitcase, I was like "Fuck this shit" and promptly gave up wtf)

But I did manage to get some stuff organised! *proud*

Wardrobe 1.

Wardrobe 2.

I ended up categorising my clothes according to types! I thought I'd be able to fit at least 4-5 categories into the 2 closets, but mehh, just my jackets + cardies alone took up half of one wardrobe. And I have only unpacked from some boxes. My mom's words come back to haunt me "Mun Mun (my pet name), no single human being is meant to own so many things", HAHAHHA sorry my mom can be quite a drama queen sometimes. :P

But I comfort myself though, my wardrobe is a work-in-progress! :D

And good news everyone, these are all the things that I have decided to sell! There will be more going into this part of my closet space as I organise the rest of my things, but trust me, a lot of goodies will be going up on Boudoir-Boudoir soon! :)

And my favorite part of my new wardrobe! I have always wanted one of this compartmentalised shelves! *heart* These are just some fo my things temporarily chucked in, things which I found in my carton boxes (?), under my bed (?) and in new shopping bags (*shy*). Will definitely have fun arranging my accessories when I get to them! :D

8 doors wardrobes later, I find my life more fulfilled. :P


Anonymous said...

haha NICE ONE!

electronicfly said...



On another note, I know how you feel about getting rid of things. Meh hatez itz. Try to think of it this way la. The more things you sell = the more new things you can buy.


Vivien said...


Eh eh! Sounds appealing not! ;D ;D


melissa said...

I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment after organising my things! I should be organising my wardrobe soon..I'm such a hoarder I refuse to throw away things that I know I wouldn't wear but can't bear to throw..

Julie Ann said...

ey i saw on oprah right,
when u declutter, u will feel lighter!

and the whole time through your post i only went "wow" haha.

mambo this coming saturday?

Anonymous said...

you have so many clothes *faint

Anonymous said...

hahaha i already guessed that your wardrobes already had clothes in them cos the bags on the floor didn't seem like that much. lol.

oh remember how i commented after your laptop crashed that i decided to backup my files? now i feel like cleaning my room too. lol you're becoming my inspiration. haha.

fareezailyana said...

One day, I'll trick your family into thinking I'm you (Eventho I dont look anything like you) Just so I can go into your room, steal your clothes and run away.

Joshua said...

Oh. My. GAWD. So much bajuuuuuu!

And Jing told me you threw/donate a lot in Melbourne before you left too right? :|

Shopping is the sweetest drug and I miss it already T.T

KITMEY said...

Cannot! Unbelievable! How do you find things in there and still wear the things i rmb you bought from melb (from ur outfit pictures). How?! I threw away everything in melb, even my towel! T__T

revel in me said...

miss hazel: Haha, the cupboards or my humorous punchlines! :P

electronicfly: You don't tempt me ar!!! :P I am a changed woman already! Shopped once since 2009 ok! *pats head* :P

vivien: HAHAHAHHAH you stole my line! /boo Then MORE CLOTHES = MOTE CLUTTER again, and we will have a vicious cycle. T___T

melissa: It's exactly the same with me!! T_T Everything I bought also has sentimental value (self-made up la wtf).. T___T We can do it! :P

julie ann: Lighter, like thinner ar! I need that feeling WTFF. And I might be going to PD! If I am not, SUREEE! :D

anonymous: I feel like fainting myself sometimes! T_T

irene: Haha why you so smart wan! I was quite irritated with my mom lor, made me lanic only.. T__T And aiyo don't say that la! *shy* We can both make our lives better.. *motivational WTF*

jaja: Can leave some for me so I don't have to go around naked ar! :P Hahaha, help me get rid of some of my clothes by buying them ok! *hard sell wtf*

joshua: Aiyaa I know you will catch up sooner or later! *encouraging smile* Yaaa I threw away a few bags in melb.. T__T And why you never eat your drug har! *kicks you out of Shopaholics Annonymous wtf*

kitmey: AHHAHAHH I remember the towel! HAHAHAHHA! Then when we went to gold coast you has no towel right! AHHAHAHA! And haih, 'cause my melb things are still in their suitcases/boxes, so very easy to trace! T_T

Jing said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH, i can see my sleeping figure in one of your pictures!!! :D I told you it's going to be a difficult job already u don't want to believe me, haih wtf!

Sue Lin said...

Ooo i like ur box drawer!

And even someone like me, who doesnt shop that much finds she has a lot of stuff! HAHAH, cant imagine ur pile of clothes! Scary!

etcetera; said...

oh. my.
my amount of clothes is PISAI(nose snot) compared to yours! *looks at pics in awe.

but yeay boudoir boudoir! hahaha damn mean right

Eunice said...

wow...that's a lot!!!!!!!!

revel in me said...

jing: HAHAHHA YAA forgot to crop you out wtf! But don't worry, you were very covered!! :P

How ar, I never go back this weekend, cannot complete my job of packing up my things.. T_T

sue lin: YAAA my favorite part! <3 And HAIHHH scary and tragic-like, to be honest! :'(

belinda: HAHAHAHHA why you like that! :P Yesshh a lot going onto Boudoir! T__T

eunice: I know..! T__T

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