Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My worst nightmare.

I was talking to the boyfriend, and he suddenly remembered that when he came down to Singapore end of last year, he saved all my pictures into his external hard disk, 'cause he wanted a copy of our pictures! So ALL my pictures (up till end 2008) are with him! :D :D :D

Of course, there is a chance that if my hard disk can't be recovered, my 2009 pictures will be gone forever. *sniff* But thank goodness I have my blog, so I still have some sort of access to little thumbnails of my original pictures. And heck, I am just too thankful that my Melbourne pictures are safe and sound! As for the 2009 pictures, I have the next 9 months to catch. :P (somemore I am such a camwhore wtf)

The boyfriend, after egged-on by me to confirm that my pictures are indeed in his external hard disk, told me that he is going to charge me RM2 for every picture that he passes to me. -_-

"Then my dad will have to sell the bungalow la."

Hahahah serious! The amount of pictures I have is astonishing. *shy*

Ok la damn happy! *jumps around*

*/end of update*

The tone for today is solemn.

The mood for today is gray.


Everyone, my worst, deepest fear has been realised! T____________________T

My deepest, darkest fear, excluding ghosts, wrinkles and car accidents wtf...



(I am usng my work laptop now T_T)

I always read about it on other people's blogs; about how one day their laptop just can't be switched on; about viruses which attack their computers and make it wonky; about the infamous blue screens or wiped-out memories. And whilst I could sympathise with them, it was always a very faraway thing to me.

Until yesterday. T__T

I switched on my laptop, and when Windows was starting up, instead of flashing up the familiar start-up window of all user accounts, just a bright blue screen came up. A bright blue screen informing me that there is a software/hardware failure. It might as well just have flashed a death certificate of my laptop wtf. I kept on restarting and restarting my laptop, but to no avail. T____T

I am most worried about my pictures! I have had my laptop since 2004, and though it has served me well over all these years, I guess deep down I always knew this day would come. 5 years IS a very long time for a laptop to leave. :( But this also means that there are 5 years worth of pictures at stake! I am especially heavy-hearted at the idea of losing Melbourne pictures. :( Pictures with my sisters, with the boyfriend, I can always catch up on. But pictures of my life, my carefree life in Melbourne, pictures of the flat hair flat, those, I can't lose. :(

I will try to get my laptop fixed, and all my pictures retrieved this weekend. But I know the best route is to source for a new laptop. Any good recommendations, anyone? Am thinking of Fujitsu or HP now, instead of Mac.

Sigh, I hate using my work laptop la. It means I have to lug it back home everyday, and it's as heavy as a brick wtf. But I guess for the (very temporary) meanwhile, it will have to do. And you guys are in luck, it's as if I could predict the future or something wtf, 'cause over the weekend I had the foresight to upload some of my newer pictures online, so I guess I can still blog if I want to.


Cross your fingers that all my pictures will be safe and sound k! :(


Unknown said...

ur laptop crashed with the hope of reviving.
my laptop was snatched, with decades worth of photos.

anyhow, hellooo new laptop!

i'm using hp at the moment, and it hasn't failed me eventho its oni a hp mini!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

ohhh, will pray for your pictures ok. No I meant will pray that your pictures can be recovered. :)

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't your internal hard disc crashed but some other components, then it should be fine. As all your memory are still storing safe inside.:)

Let's pray that it wasn't your hard disc's problem!

Anonymous said...

I love ur spec!

Anonymous said...

aiyor u scared me, i tot recession *choiiii

hope your laptop get well soon!

Anonymous said...

omg that's like my nightmare too!! i'm always worried that one day my laptop will be infected with viruses and my laptop will just die. but i never have a back up cos i'm lazy like that and i'm convinced it only happens to other people wtf.

so now i'm backing up my files now, just in case. hopefully your photos can be recovered. losing photos are the worst!! cos you can't always recover your memories :( i remember when my laptop was stolen a few years ago, i was so heartbroken cos i didn't do a backup and i had written some stories that were all gone forever. :'(

Katie ♥ said...

i experienced that before!

that mean blue screen GRRRRR.
mine was a hard disk problem, so everything crashed and I lost all my photos and college files also :( had to replace my hard disk.

but dont worry you can extract information if it is the hard disk! *reassuring*

revel in me said...

sammy: OMGG SNATCHED???? How! Where! Omgg that is terrible! I feel so bad for you.. T___T And my bf totally recommends hp too! (he is using one atm) But my work laptop is hp, and I am not too impressed with mine though! :/

siewkwan: Thank love! *prays hard too*

isabelle: I am praying real hard!! If my pictures are gone I will just DIE. I am not kidding, I will just DIEEEE. T_________T

shelyn: Thanks dear! :)

anonymous: Hahaha you thought I was made redundant ar! :P But boo, this is pretty bad too right! :'(

irene: I KNOWWW!! I have never backed up my stuff, and now I am beating myself up. :( I am just SO SO SO angry at myself!! ARGHHHHH!! T__T

katie: I don't understand, you said your hard dish crashed,and you lost everything; but it's not a problem if it's my hard disk, 'cause I can extract the info? HOWWW means my photos can be saved or not! T__T

Katie ♥ said...

hhahaha it can be saved! you can get someone to extract the info from your dead hard disk. i just havent gotten around to doing it so i consider it losing everything >.<

and if your laptop wasnt acting virus-y before the crash then you have nothing to worry about! :)

Kathryn said...

fujitsu ! : )
because it has international warranty and it's good. :)

Anonymous said...

nice to have a boyfren with a back-up function :'D

Anonymous said...

I think if you can afford it definitely go for fujitsu. My hp is a tablet PC and the screen has a ton of problems. Took it to fix once cause it was still under warranty at the time and a few months after that spoilt again =/

k said...

hui wen! i SWEAR i saw ur bf at KFC PBD last night at around 1am.
ask him whether it was him. he was wearing a yellow shirt i think..

haslihb said...

hi! please try every possible means to recover your data before resorting to the last resort u know reformat.

and its never too late to get an ext harddisk for you to do your backup.

good luck!!

Anonymous said...

thank god for your awesome boyfriend! i would be devastated too if all my pictures taken when i was in nz are gone. will remember to backup in another external hhd :) i guess there is always a bright side to all the negative things hehe...

fourfeetnine said...

EH WOMAN you can actually retrieve your files sometimes! mine was retrieved so don't let the computer guy go until he gets back all your pictures for you *menacing

Sue Lin said...

God that sucks =( I'm having the fear of my house getting broken into and losing all my memories in my laptop too =( So afraid they'll take my external as well

Sigh... need to backup monthly i guess and store in different locations =( Low yat is gonna make money from me buying my second external harddisk...