Monday, March 23, 2009


This is an email sent to me recently:


You see my name as an addressee in the email, but you don't see it in the cost tabulation table right??!! 'Cause I am Princess Fiona. -_______________-

I have mentioned here why my colleagues call me Fiona! To recap: someone commented that I look like Fiona Xie (a Singaporean celebrity), and my colleagues found it SO funny that they call me Fiona... and the name stuck on. T___T

At first it was just two of my colleagues, Calvin and Shenton, who are total idiots, who started the name-calling wtf. But soon, the whole department knows about it, and everyone refers to me as Fiona! -__- And the best part is, I am so used to it, I actually respond to the name. T__T

In fact, once my manager overheard a colleague calling me Fiona, and she asked me, "Hmm, your English name is Fiona? I didn't know about that! Should I call you Fiona from now onwards?"
And I had to come up with some lame excuse about her hearing wrongly and quickly run away. T_T

And of course, there are many versions of 'Fiona'-esque names that came about. There was once I was sitting quietly doing my work, when my colleague next to us dialled the extension of another guy just sitting across us to ask him for lunch. And they said, right in front of me, "Eh, ask Shrek's wife whether she wants to come along too!" -______-

But I am super sporting la. Accepted my fate already WTF. For instance, there was once I nearly got banged by a car whilst crossing the road (due to my low agility and acute blurness wtf), and my colleague nagged me, "Fiona!! Don't know how to cross roads is it!"
To which I mumbled, "Sorry la, they never teach in ogre school". And everyone threw their heads back in delight wtf.
Haiihh why do I always attract people to laugh at me. T_T

In fact, 'Fiona' has became somewhat a legend WTF. Whenever I say something blonde, or trip over a step, or something idiotic like that, my colleagues will go "That's so Fiona!" or "Eh, don't Fiona me la!" hahahahahah.

During our department lunch in this cozy Italian restaurant, we had awesome chocolate chip cookies along with our coffee. And somehow, the boss came over and gave me a small plate of extra cookies! *shy* And someone went: That's the Fiona charm. Hahahha.

Haihhhh, how la people. I am always not that keen to get an English name (despite countless people egging me on to get one), 'cause I feel that Hui Wen embodies ME. But now apparently Fiona does as well. -__-

The only thing I can do is to make sure that the the Princess Fiona reference to me is before her transformation into an ogre WTF.


yishyene said...

Your colleage's name is Powell POO???!! HA HA ha ha haha!!

Anonymous said...

fiona is nice wtf

Anonymous said...

that's funnier than fiona ok! poor boy. *pats powell poo's head*

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha u're so sporting and funny la HuiWen!!! U're not afraid to laugh at yourself. That's one of the reasons why i love reading your blog. =)

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHAHA your readers are hilarious! :D Its prolly just me but I think its kinda mean of them to refer to you as Princess Fiona. Like there's some underlying sarcasm behind it. *shrugs*

mustardqueen said...

hello ogre sister wtf i once photoshopped myself green on princess fiona's body wtf u want me to do that for u wtf i swear i'll do a good job AHAHAHAHAHAA

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the total for service charge be 8 instead of 6? And grand total 72 instead of 71? :P

N erm.. i've never heard of the surname Poo.. :S

revel in me said...

Y: Hahaha don't be mean!

anonymous: Thank you! wtf

anonymous: Hahahahah yerrrr why you so bad! :P

gwencws: Hahhahaha ya la I am damn thick-skinned and shameless la!
But I take what you said as a compliment! <3

faux fashionista: Hahaha, what, are you trying to say I look like an ogre now??!! No la, you have to know them! It's just all in good humor, don't worry!

mustardqueen: HAHAHAHHA OMG I remember that picture! *gets nightmares wtf wtf* :P

joce: HAHAHHAH YAA!! When I was cropping the image, I realised the miscalculation!! Somemore we are accountants, the irony! :P

Jing said...


I've an Ogre ears at homeeeee, you want you want? :D :D :D

Joshua said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA. WTFFFF. *agrees with Powell Poo comment*

Eh, you eat so little only ah? Cannot be friends WTF.

I expected your food tally to be more than 2 items because we all eat a lot :/

revel in me said...

jing: Okies! Camwhore session this weekend wtf!

joshua: HAHAHAHAH WTFFFFF! Err actually I was still hungry wann! But my colleagues always say I eat a lot wtf. T__T I had pasta and brownies, got 2 items what! =p