Friday, March 20, 2009

The saddest girl.


Current location: Singapore

At this time, I should be back home, either eating supper with the boyfriend, or gossiping with Jing on her bed.

Tomorrow, I should be on my way to Port Dickson with the boyfriend and his friends.

But I am not. Boo.

Blog properly tomorrow k. Need to sleep now! 'Cause need to work too tomorrow! T___T

*/end of update*

If not the saddest, at least very very sad. And very very tired. :(

I have been working so much! Work late, work too much, sleep too little.

In fact, I got dropped a bomb today-- I have to work the weekend too.

So guess what.
I will have to forfeit on my flight back to KL this weekend. :(

So so so so sad.
But I am actually too tired to feel anything now. How contradictory.


Anonymous said...


now i'm sad too!


Anonymous said...

hey, do take care ya :p

Anonymous said...

kesian betul..

Anonymous said...

Get your company to compensate your air ticket la..

Vivien said...

huiwen, i am going to send you a bucket of choc chip cookie dough ice cream to help brighten up yr week! :) faster email me yr address wtf!

i hope everything goes well fr you. <3

ps: ya, i stole yr line wtf! nevermind, i help you get rid of the clothes since my wardrobe still quite empty wtf! :D

fourfeetnine said...

awwwww its okay when this is over you can relax...and use your pent up salary to shop WTF

jeanchristie said...

that sucks.

if u intend to go back for labour day, i might just have bus tickets for you ;)

Julie Ann said...

owh nooos.

nvm the next round u come back,
i will go velvet again just for you?

if not we can go hang out somewhere and camwhore. shit. i feel like taking vain pictures of myself. wth. haha.
cheerup k

Sue Lin said...

Awwwwww! Hope they better give u some damn OT for this!

This is an article thats been circulating at work:

To anonymous 9.41am, in this line of work, we work for accountants, there is no way in heaven or hell they wud be so kind as to compensate her for her airfare! If they even give her meal allowance for working on weekends, its already fantastic

Anonymous said...

*big virtual hug*

Christian Girl in Harrods said...


revel in me said...

miss hazel: Sorry to make you sad! T_T Thank you lovee! T_T

sherlyn: Thankss.. *touched*

anonymous: Quite! :'(

anonymous: Haha, that is highly highly highly unlikely!

vivien: OMGGGG why you so sweet! T__________T And how you remember my favorite ice cream flavor!! T____T Make me happy back ler! *shy*

(btw, really got ice cream wan ar :P)

fourfeetnine: But this will only be over in 3 months' time.. T_____________T

jean: I will be back then! Back for 1 week! *whee*

julie: I wanna take vain pictures too!! Miss you la. :(

suelin: You forgot ar, they abolished OT! So I don't get any OT for working.. T___T

anonymous: *teary grateful virtual smile* :)))

siewkwan: *hugs back* Thanks dear!

Jing said...


I wanted to bring u to MJ this weekend! T____________________T

Anonymous said...

jia you cousin.. =) the peak season would be over soon before u know it.. drink more chicken essense and take gd care as the weather is real bad now...

Vivien said...

HAHAH :D i'd be happy to post the ice-cream but i don't think it would survive the trip from msia to sg! all you will receive would probably be a whole lot of errr ice-cream mush and juice? o_o nevermind, i will send you a card with pictures of ice-cream on it wtf! :) i hope your week will brighten up!

Sue Lin said...

Oh shit! I did forget! So angry at them for u! So so angry! =(

revel in me said...

jing: OMGGG YA HORR!! Then how ar! Are you going to make a decision.. T_T

yan ping: Thank you dear! T__T How are you! How is the baby!! :)))) I haven't had the chance to congratulate you yet! :)))))) I really want to come visit you, but I am just freaking busy! T____T I think dad and mom is coming over soon, we will come see you and the baby, yay! :D

vivien: Haahhahah, all slosh with a bit of chocolate chips wtf! My email is crescent_masquerade[at] I am expecting that card ar, HAAHHA! Kidding la, thank you love, really appreciate you cheering me up! <3

sue lin: YAAA damn suck right! T__________T I am like a slave! Free labor! T___T

Anonymous said...

hee...its ok.. I understand the life of an auditor fully... =p

Baby is fine... now just resting with some help from the auntie... old neighbour of our mothers... hee..u can drop by facebook or friendster to see his pics if curious... hope to see u and ur parents soon ! hee...