Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sitting cross-legged.

Updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!


Thank you for all the lift-me-up messages! *grateful face* I have started working since I woke up today, and only left office at about 9pm!! It's a Saturday ok. T__T But aah, I am just so happy to be finally clad in my tatty PJs, and tapping away at my laptop mindlessly (for something other than work). The past week has been intense, to say the least. I don't recall having a single moment when my mind was not on work, how sad is that! When I am commuting in the train to work, I plan about what I want to do for the day ahead of me. When I am travelling back home after work, I plot about to-do things for the next day. Even when I sleep, I dream about work!! 'Cause my brain is super wonky, my dreams usually consist of what my last activity of the day is! Which is why during exam time, I will usually dream of examinations and tutorials, haih. I told my friend about this brain condition of mine (wtf), and he asked me "eh so if you have sex before you sleep, whole night you dream of sex ar" WTFF. -__-

And just in case you think that I have become a workaholic, that is not true k! I will have you know that I am the laziest person alive wtf. Just that sometimes, a girl's gotta do what she has to do. T_T

OHHH, btw, I tried to change the date of my flight! And Tiger Airways put me on hold on the phone for half an hour, I might add. Rawr! Anyway, to change each flight (I bought return tickets), will cost me a penalty fee of SGD50 each, and that's excluding any additional fare charges for my replacement flight. Which is really expensive! So I thought, screw it, and forfeited my flights. :(

Pictures of my last weekend at home! If I have gone back this weekend, I could have shown you all new pictures *sour*

Waiting for Jing to fetch me to the boyfriend's place.

Looking quite radiant here, but in actual fact, right this moment, my eyebags can fight with Lin Hui WTFFF. *click for an extremely interesting article hahahah*

Pouting so that my lips can be the same size as his HAHAHA.

Haihh what has the world come to. Girl waiting for the guy! *tsk tsk*

I was very happy 'cause the boyfriend brought me to a new place! Solaris, Mont Kiara! :)

Err, probably almost everyone knows where the place is, heh. Sorry la, I am very out! All along I thought Solaris is just a cafe or something in Mont Kiara. I didn't know it's a whole area itself! The only reason why the name Solaris sounded vaguely familiar to me is 'cause it sounds like Solero Shots (the ice cream wtf). It's sort of a cross between Telawi and Hartamas, for those of you who have never been there. Loads of boutiques, spas and eateries can be found there! :)

We went to Ole Ole Bali, which serves Balinese food. I got a little confused at first, 'cause I mean, isn't Balinese food same as Indonesian food ar wtf.

I love the interior! Especially all the teak wood furniture and the happy yellow walls.

I want to paint the walls of my home yellow next time! I just think it will make a house look so cozy. *hugs self* But the boyfriend said no, 'cause he thinks it is a very 'hot' color. -_- Bah! *kicks boyfriend away*

Another reason why I love the interior is 'cause..

We got to sit on the floor! :D :D :D

Haha, I know, I am really weird! But I love it when I get to have 'comfy-seating' at restaurants! Such as couches, arm chairs, sitting cross-legged on the floor... :P I just prefer it to sitting on hard chairs at proper dining tables! I am not a very lady-like girl, I like to sprawl instead of sit, heh. :P

Happy 'cause the boyfriend offered to take the floor seating.

He is usually quite reluctant to! 'Cause he is quite tall, and sitting on floors or couches would put him in really akward/uncomfortable positions. But what to do, he has a girlfriend with weird fetishes (seating fetishes ar, don't make wrong assumptions! T_T)

The boyfriend's ice-blended pulut hitam.

Really nice and refreshing! I wish I was as adventurous in ordering...

.. cause I stuck with a good ol' cappucino! I was in dire need of caffeine, 'cause I was busy packing up my room till 5am the night before.

Told you I like to sprawl and be comfy! Stacks of cushions make me cheery too. :D

Playing footsie! *miang*

Our food:

Ok, I suck, 'cause I can't remember the names of the food we ordered. :(

I *think* this is the Nasi Camput Ole Ole, which the boyfriend ordered! It's like Indonesian mixed rice, with grilled squid, grilled fish, chicken rendang, grilled skewer thingy... It cost RM33, but it's heaps of food! I think 2 people can share this. *thoughtful*

My grilled/fried chicken thingamajig! At first I thought it's just deep fried chicken, but it was served with a lot of Indonesian condiments, vegetables, yellow rice! And we are talking about 1/2 chicken here! Really generous serving. Which is great for my appetite! *greedy*

The boyfriend's favorite part of his dish-- the satay-like skewer.

I think the food is really quite delicious! Though I am not sure how authetically 'Balinese' it is ('cause they serve burgers and pastas as well -_-), I must say I enjoyed my meal. And though prices are rather steep (expect around RM30 for a main meal), the portions are really generous, so sharing is definitely acceptable. :)

And hey, you get to sit on floors! *whee*

Hehe, I like how the bill came in a hand-shaped container! Maybe I should get one of this, and use it to ask for money from my mom and the boyfriend, HAHAHA.


You notice that I was sitting on cushions? It's 'cause I am so short that without the cushions, I am seated real low-- chin touching the table wtf. T___T

And remember I said that there are plenty of spas in Solaris Mt Kiara?

Check this out:

Kids nowadays! *shakes head, but actually secretly jealous wtf*

I am really keen to go to one of the spas there! Like I said, there are quite a few spas there, thus the prices are quite competitive. Furthermore, I observed a lot of promotions going in those spas (such as 'bring a friend, and get one spa package for free' that sort of thing). Who wants to go with me! I need some pampering and TLC. :)

Last but not least, outfit pictures! :)

Green crotchet beanie: Forever 21
Blue plaid tube romper: Miss Selfridge
Cream knitted mini cardie: Forever New, Melbourne
Multi-layer pearls and chains: Diva
Vintage-esque tan pumps with crotchet lace trimmings: Bangsar
White nappa leather bag: Miu Miu

I miss dressing up. :(


Anonymous said...

Had the same dish the last time i went there. It is all worth it for that price. Tot it was really nice and big portion too. Btw, love your cute beanie:)

xiang yun said...

Eh is that your dog? Reminds me of Marley. And reminds me or my dog *sad*

Your beanie very cute! How come when I try on the beanie at F21 and my bf said "eh I never knew you aspire to look like Bob Marley" wtf.

revel in me said...

iris: Is it!! Quite nice right the food! :) /boo do you have anywhere else in solaris that you recommend for food! And thank you! <3

xiang yun: YAAA it's our dog! :) The name is BB WTFF. Why you sad. T_T

And HAHAHHAHAH why you so poor thing! Actually my sister too! She is very insecure about wearing beanies, hahaha. The trick is to wear it really slouchy! :P

Anonymous said...

the last time i went there i didnt sit on the floor bcuz I was wearing short skirt :( boo~

eh i also like that satay-like skewer vy much!!! ok now i know what to eat for tmr's lunch d!

mustardqueen said...

eh r u talking about me ar the "sister who dunno how to wear beanie" wtf I know how to wear wan now liao HEEEE and and I MISS BB AND CHOPPY T______T did u photoshop BB ar cos she look so thin now wtf

Food Promotions said...

Nice dining place :) will pay a visit to this restaurant.

revel in me said...

miss hazel: Ehhh so is this ole ole place very famous ar? 'Cause it seems that quite a lot of people have been there! :P And hehehe, be sure to starve yourself before lunch k, in order to finish the enormous portions! :P

teeny: I was actually talking about jing! Hhahha that woman damn funny whenever she is going to put on a beanie! And never PS leh! You forgot my laptop crashed ar, how to have PS.. T__T But hmm it never occurred to me that BB has become thinner! I will go audit her when I go back WTFF

foodpromotions: You should! :D

Anonymous said...

is that marley? hahah!

btw, scanning through your pictures, i saw that "playing footsie " picture..and your jumpsuit material looks like boxers material...and there is a lump there..for a moment there i thought...chor min....


Jing said...

You look like you a penis in the footsie picture WTFFFFFF! ;P

revel in me said...

smallswong: HAHAHHAHA YAAA I realised last night when someone commented, that my dog looks like Marley's twin, hahaha!

And OIIIIIIII why you like that! My romper was very big, a lot of excess material, hence the lump la! T________T

jing: BOOOOOOOOOOO why is everyone close to me so dirty minded wtf!

Anonymous said...

oh have you been to jackie chan's cafe in lot 10? also can sit comfortably. lots of big cushions to lean against. but the only thing is no privacy. everyone can see each other since the cafe is shaped in a circle. lol.

k said...


k said...

cb i am so fail everyone comments on trendy things like fashion i comment on e dog.

revel in me said...

irene: JACKIE CHAN RESTAURANT??? Hahahhaha why got such thing wan! *scared* Do they have a kungfu theme *hai-yah hai-yah* ar wtf! But maybe I shall go soon! *adventurous* :P

skim: Haha we pretend my dog is my fashion accessory la! *ala paris hilton WTF*

jeanchristie said...

omg i wanted to get taht beanie too! but my bf kept asking "so when u gonna wear it ah?" -___-

revel in me said...

jean: From F21 as well? :) Just get only la! :)

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