Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To snoop or not to snoop.

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I want to share with you all what I saw today:

I was in the train, sitting down (hallelujah I found a seat, I hate my heels wtf), semi-nodding off. I felt some rustling going on next to me, and natural instinct made me open my eyes and turn to my right. It was just the girl sitting next to me reaching out for her boyfriend, who was standing in front of her. I was going to get back to my catnapping, when I saw the guy hand over his mobile phone to the girl, and the girl just started going through his text messages right in front of him!!! And he didn't even bat an eyelid! He just watch his girlfriend snoop (is that even the right word, since she did it so openly) through his personal information with a slightly dejected look on his face. =/

Ok, I have some girlfriends who do go through their boyfriend's handphone-- without their boyfriends knowing, of course. Whilst I can't put it against them, I myself have never gone through the boyfriend's phone or computer or.. well, anything. I mean, I dare to speak for most guys, if a guy finds outs that you have been snooping through his stuff, he is going to get really mad, isn't it? Of course, I don't snoop not because I am scared that a boy is going to blow his temper, but because of one word: respect. Simply put, if someone goes through my phone or computer, I am going to get PISSED too. And that applies to friends too! Seriously, so many times I have people just nonchalantly 'borrow' my mobile phone, and start browsing through my texts! That is just RUDE, with a capital R, people.

Anyway, back to the issue on hand. I know the boyfriend's email passwords (he told me without a care in the world), but it has never occurred to me to go through his inbox to trace whatever that he has been doing. The boyfriend knows my bank account pass word-- he peeped wtf, but I don't have an issue with it. But if he ever runs away to Mongolia with my money, I will chase after him la wtf. My point is, isn't it better and healthier for a couple to fully trust each other? What is your take? Is it ok for the other half to snoop through your things? Or even to openly snoop?


Since I am on the subject of coupledom, I dug through my pictures and found some of the boyfriend and I, *gasp*, having breakfast! Breakfasts are a rarity for us, 'cause I never wake up before noon wtf.

It was during his trip down to Singapore (ages ago), and we went to Fullerton hotel for breakfast. :)

I was the one who suggested the place, 'cause I have went passed the place a few times, and it is so pretty and quaint! The boyfriend, being the good old sport wtf, agreed-- on one condition. We had to wake up early so that we could be at the hotel by 8-ish! That means I had to wake up at 7-plus am on a weekend ok. T____T

But it was worth it. :)

Breakfast by the river. :)

This was this view which greeted us:

Btw, the bridge in the last picture is where the cars raced for the Singapore Grand Prix last year. :P

I could get used to this whole breakfast idea! My fantasy is to cook breakfast for the boyfriend every morning. Unfortunately, this fantasy could only be realised if I could get out of bed before noon. :P

Having duck congee.

The buffet breakfast at Fullerton Hotel costs SGD45 per pax, and comes with quite a decent spread! It's definitely worth a try at least once. :)


Navy tank top: Topshop
Black slip with full cream lace trimming (worn underneath): Sungei Wang

Chanel-esque gray flare skirt with black panel detailing: Singapore
Black maryjanes with bow tie-ups: Singapore

Cream satin bow headband: Diva
Bronze bunny pendant necklace with pink satin bow and pearl: Topshop

One last happy picture of us. :D


Joshua said...

I completely agree, if you've reached the stage to trust someone, then you can decide what you want to tell them.

But browsing messages is just weird! Like opening your partner's letters, why would you do that :/

Your pictures remind me of Penang!

Very picturesque breakfast, :D

Anonymous said...

i admit that i did snoop at his phone's inbox when i was suspcious.

i guess i was just not confident with myself. I always thought that he deserves someone better than me :(

but ill never let him browse my phone!!

Anonymous said...

I have openly snooped thru my ex's phone during the first year we were together bcos i've caught him doing things he shouldnt be doing before and didnt trust him just yet. I know its not right to snoop but I'm glad i did it...because i found lotsa shit in the phone.

Anonymous said...

I am a silent reader but just feel like commenting on this topic.
I think it's ok to browse through his inbox ONCE IN AWHILE without really suspecting, just for fun wtf and also PROVIDED that the gf has been given the permission to do so.
Bcos if there's nthg fishy going on, why not just show your gf yr phone right? Moreover she's not doing it everyday. You can do the same too if you want. And if either one of them feel uneasy then talk through it and STOP lorrr, right?

Anonymous said...

One thing I have learnt...don't snoop, you wont like what you see anyway...but very basically...I fully trust my girlfriend without a doubt in ma heart...

vss3t said...

I totally agree with you, hui wen!! snooping (either openly or snooping wtf) is just SO WRONG! and yeah, i HATE HATE HATE ppl who just borrowed my camera/hp/lappie then start browsing wadever picture/texts/emails. ppl who snoop definately have ZERO confidence in themselves. seriously.

My man and i shared our password frm emails to bank accounts to credit cards, but we dont do such thing to each other because it's just not respecting and trusting each other.

and i do believe i am way too good for him to choose over other girls or his ex. gotta have confidence in yourself girls!

p.s: sorry if im blunt, but it boils me up wif ppl 'opening other's letters'.

Suet Li said...

I WANNA COMMENT!! *raises hand. pick me pick me wtf i'm so annoying!

anyway *clears throat
i'm one of those people who look through everything my bf has. and he does the same too so we're even haha. we check each other's emails when we get bored and sometimes he'll reply my readers' emails for me WTF. he's my PA wtf.
and sometimes he'll go eh bee i got this email but i lazy wanna tell u what it's about u go read la wtf
and we check each other's text msgs too when we get bored in the train/bus etc

omg is this even healthy!!?
that's why it was so hard for me to plan the surprise trip to see him! cause our rship got no privacy one. but i'm actually ok with it being this way and so is he too so i guess it's ok kua...
haih dunnolah now i feel bad about it also wtf

Anonymous said...

been single for ages, so i don't know :( if i have a bf, don't think i will check his phone/computer without/with his concern

Anonymous said...


I think it is highly dependent on the couple's situations. If either one has been disloyal before, then I guess..this is ( a weird way) of compensating. Because some couples may not have that trust, but they still love each other and to each its own :)


revel in me said...

joshua: Omgg do you know my parents open my letters!! I get so freaking pissed, arghhh. And why Penang!! :P

anonymous: You should never feel that you don't deserve him! We are all loveable women. :P

gwencws: Yaaaa... Actually most of my friends who went through the bf's hp is 'cause they have reached a stage where they really feel that there is something wrong. In that case, like you said, it's better that you found it out your way, and early too. :(

joanne: Haha, ya, I guess if both parties are ok with it, then it's not a problem! But I know of some guys who will get very touchy if they find out that their privacy was invaded. -_-

chari: Why so bleak wann! T_T But heh, great that you trust your gf! :)

vss3t: YAAAA I super super super hate it when people snoop through my stuff. And these people are really shameless about it! Even when I tell them off, they just give me a blank look, and shrug to other people, 'what's her problem?', RAWRRR!

HAHAHAH omg I agree with you!
'and i do believe i am way too good for him to choose over other girls or his ex.' :D

suetli: Hhahahah why so cute wan both of you!! The replying for each other thing is seriously damn cute la! But then hor, you both check each other's mail and inbox 'cause you both genuinely want to share (and also lazy to reiterate the story hahaha), so I guess it's healthy! But wahh I am amazed you can pull off the surprise trip with such conditions! :P

anonymous: I won't too! Unless he asked to la, hehehe! :P

revel in me said...

smalls: I agree! In a (warped) way, it makes sense. But that's too deep a story to delve into! :P Wheee april! *bounce*

Anonymous said...

wow i love ur outfit today~ especially the skirt~ so cutE! haha i m browsing ur working outfit posts as my references for my internship in JUNE ha~ cz i really no idea on formal clothes~ ha n i think all ur formal clothes r nice :p

KITMEY said...

not all couple relationships are as perfect and careless(to the point of complete trust) as yours :( u r a lucky girl!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I really dun know about this, but of cuz I dun like my privacy invaded and I'll do the same. I cannot say so early right, cuz talking is always easier than done. Btw, your pictures are sooooo pretty! :D

Anonymous said...

Hui Wen, you are GORGEOUS! :)

On the snooping issue, well my bf knows my passwords (yes I have a few sets of passwords!) to EVERYTHING! Facebook, email, ebay, forums, bank accounts, virtually anything, so much that he could easily destroy my life if he wanted to! We are both fairly young (19 this year, we got together when we were 16, still going strong!), but we act like a married couple (not in that way k! but in terms of like, we share almost everything, even the root of all evil - money) HAHA!

Oh yes and I HATED it (still do) when people come up to me and say "HEY can I try out your new phone?" and then the first thing they proceed to see are my MESSAGES. Frack!

etcetera; said...

Well, I personally think that its not that good of a thing to snoop. then again our womanly instincts so "hiong" it always pushes us (not to mention justifies) to snoop just for a bit. like "aiyah what harm could it do, right?"

i think its all to cure that paranoia of whether he's doing the dirty behind our backs.

then again, i believe that some things will happen, in their own course. if you don't find it out your way (eg. snooping), it'll eventually appear to you in another way am i making sense? haha

revel in me said...

sherlyn: Hee, thank you! I love the skirt too! <3 And thank youuu also for the compliments on my work outfits! Haven't posted pics in quite a bit.. =/ Good luck for your internship then though! :)

kitmey: Truee.. :(

siewkwan: Haha, true la, when temptation comes, maybe I will snoop too, haha! :P Thank you dear! :)

claire: WOWW!! That's too sweet of you la dear! *shy* And double WOWW, you guys are so cute! I think it's awesome for you all to reach such a stable stage! I think my bf scared I use his credit card to shop online, HAHAHA. And I totally share your wrath for those people who don't respect privacy, rawrr!

belinda: I think you totally hit it on the nail! I couldn't have said it better. *admiring* True ehh, it does appear that women are more prone to snoop!

Anonymous said...

but i wouldn't have found out that he's cheating on me if I didn't snoop. =(

revel in me said...

anonymous: I am so sorry to hear that! :((( He doesn't deserve you anyway!! *hugs*