Monday, March 02, 2009

When girls get together...

I am on MC today! Thanks to the bag of Smith's potato chips (that dad brought back from Melbourne) which Jing and I shared at 4am in the morning while sharing about shopping mantra and ambitions to take over the world, I have a bad sore throat (green phlegm!) and slight fever.

Being sick is a glorious thing when you are working wtf. *weeps in joy*

I had a lot of (shopping) fun back home this weekend! So much so that the moment I reached Singapore last night, I started clicking on budget airline sites to sought for cheap tickets to go home this weekend. T_T But the cheapest tickets I could find was SGD200 for one way. T_T

Jing and I went shopping on Saturday, a much welcomed reprieve after my self-imposed shopping ban which lasted for an eternity wtf.

Jing, with her new fierce studded heels!

When she showed me the shoes in real life (she has shown me the shoes countless time online, to get my approval and blessing wtf), she held up the shoes to my face and went "Roarrr Roarr Roarrr". 'Cause fierce wtf. -___-


I have never been one to follow seasonal trends per se, I dress based on my whims and fancies. BUT, all those spring ads and catwalk shows have made me have a very deep yearning for colors and floral prints! :D

Black floral corser with hooked back and assymetrical hem (tucked in): Miss Selfridge Gold/marigold yellow poofy skirt: Tea & Sympathy
Tan mary janes: River Island
Peach lace bow and cameo brooch hair clips: Singapore

Pearl headband (worn around wrist): Accesorize

Peach vintage rope bracelet with charms: Thrifted

It's the first time that I was wearing this Miss Selfridge corset, but imagine, I actually bought it a good whole 2-3 years ago! :O I still remember, back then I was so in love with this top then I always go into Miss Selfrige just to look at it longingly... and then go back home to cast joss sticks for it to go on sale WTF. In the end, I took the plunge and bought the top, though it's way more pricier than what I am usually willing to pay for clothes. Then I went to Melbourne and saw the same top selling for AUD10 (about RM30). -_____- So I bore a grudge against the top and never wore it WTF.

We went to Pavilion, 'cause Jing wanted to do some designer window shopping with me.

Us at Dome, with really bright lighting so it made us look so fair. /boo

I was starving when we reached Pavilion (at about 2pm), 'cause work has conditioned me to have lunch at 12pm everyday wtf. But Jing didn't let me eat, and insisted that we go to Topshop (sale!) first. T_T According to her, "shop before anything and everything!" -_-

Dome in Pavilion had this old fashioned high back armchairs which I really like! :)

And which were really useful too. *eyes dart left and right*
The skirt that I was wearing was really really tight, and I kept on feeling that the button at the back will burst out anytime. -_- So the high back armchair came in handy! 'Cause at least if I burst out of the skirt, the button won't pop out and hit the guy sitting behind him and kill him instaneously wtf.

Not breathing in the skirt.
During the day, I kept on thinking how nice it would be if I was a frog, then I could just breath through my skin instead of having to heave breaths WTF.

Jing and I had identical meals: iced honey green tea and chicken sandwiches (avocado, chicken and cheese for me, and cajun chicken for her).
Btw, the iced honey green tea in Dome is really, really good!

Gluttons at work. :)

I went quite crazy in Topshop! =/ Jing looked at me in envy, 'cause she is on a 'shopping ban'; of course, I use that term loosely for her, haha.
She also gave me disapproving looks, to which I defended myself, "I haven't shopped since new year!" She was just going to reply me that how could I not have shopped since Chinese New Year, when I nodded at her seriously, "I haven't shopped since NEW YEAR, as in, 2009!!" Haha, the look of horror at her face! :P After that she gave me a reassuring hug and said I am strong wtf. :P

And hahahah something super silly happened in Topshop! Y'see, the skirt I was wearing was really short, so I wore a pair of boy-cut shorts underneath. But when we left the changing room, I forgot to put it back on, hahaha! Luckily while Jing was bundling all the clothes we tried on to return to the SA,she found it! I was already halfway out of the changing room when she dangled it in front of me, barely containing her spurt of giggles! I let out a gasp of horror, and we quickly collapsed into the changing room, shaking with laughter, hahaha. Imagine if I just walked out of Topshop without wearing back the shorts!!! The following scenarios would occur:

1) During the day I would be complacent and simply bend and squat and cross my legs, 'cause I would have thought I had my safety shorts underneath, when I actually didn't, so everyone will get to see my undies. T_T
2) The Topshop SA will hold up my shorts and bewilderingly ask all the other SAs which collection does the shorts belong to HAHHAHAHHA.

We also had emergency tea sessions, for us to cool down, and decide whether or not to buy those things we were eyeing. :P

The Olive Tree, right outside the huge-ass F21 outlet in Pavilion.

Pick-me-up coffee time! I am addicted to caffeine, me thinks. :(

Super bimbo Jing.

We were talking about bags, and debating what to buy, when to buy etc. I told her, "Imagine, you buy this bag now, and 20 years later, it is a gorgeous vintage bag for your daughter. Imagine how proud she would be, to be able to borrow such a beautiful collectible, a vintage collectible!" Then the woman started getting teary-eyed and told me that then she should get the bag right now "for her daughter's sake" WTFFF. HAHAHHAHAHA.

Sisters. :)
And that is not my boy shorts! It is the lining of my skirt. *shy*

Something we haven't done in sometime-- camwhore shots in the restroom. :)

Besides the things I got from Topshop, I also got a mini-mini haul from F21-- just some accessories. But my favorite buy of the day would be this:

On impulse. :)

It's a hairclip! I just can't resist the classy bow. :P

A small purchase to brighten up my gray working days. A little pick-me-up during peak period. :P And I think there are many ways to wear this, so I foresee that I can get a pretty good mileage out of this item. No regrets! :)


mustardqueen said...


Jing said...

HAHAHAHAAH, you chose to wear spring colours cos i told everyone you're BORING after you started working, always in grey & black, so you peer pressure wtf! ;P

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHA so funny the second scenario (bewildered Topshop SA), it would've been fun to watch! *sigh* As usual I am envious of your relationship with your sisters. I've never really had a BFF :( LOOOVE your skirt (and your colorful outfit)! I should really go check out Tea and Sympathy. Never really visited their store before...The Ferragamo clip is nice..but so expensive! :( Why didn't you get the red one?

Anonymous said...

I happen to think that you look great almost at anytime. For me when i dress down i really go really down wTF. Make up less in fact so much so i look like i just woke up and ran 10 miles. You look great even whenever. Oh and i love your corset. Lovely! Hmmm when ar you guys gonna update on your preloved site? Can't waittttt. Love love love your stuff.<3

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: It's too sad.. T___T

jing: YOU WAIT LA! More bright colors the next time I am back! *determined* :P

faux fashionista: I love tea & sympathy stuff! And it's not that ex actually! I chose the black one 'cause it's more subtle and classic! I figured I can always get the red one another time. :P

nana: Aww, thank you! :) Oooh I really want to update my stuff on it, but I am too lazy to get measurements etc! :(

xiang yun said...

Omg how come I didn't bump into you guys? I went to Pavillion too!
Btw, do you use any hair serum/styling product? Your hair looks real nice =]]]

Anonymous said...

hello there!

may i ask how much did the hairclip costs and how many colours is it available in? im tinking of getting it as a pressie for someone dear!

thanks huiwen! i really enjoy ur blog btw! :)

Suet Li said...

for her daughter's sake hahahahha and the shorts hhahahha. why so fun one can i shop with u all but i dont shop i stand and tell u how much u;ve already spent WTF

i got a dress from tea and sympathy! my first impulse buy wtf. i wore it once only T_T

Xen ♥ said...

the hairclip is so pretty!! im going to check it out (: btw, when are you coming back for a visit??

Anonymous said...

retail therapy works ! :D

Joshua said...


And yes, I agree that the SF bow will have good milleage ;)

Viva les bows! Haha wtf.

Suet: It's better to wear things just once, and wait for the right time to wear it again then randomly wearing it frequently! Haha, anyway, you're in good hands, the Hoe sisters can probably tell you how to restyle it as a top or skirt :P

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, are you serious! What time were you there! Maybe 'cause we were hiding at eateries all the time, haha. :P And ooh, I don't use anything on my hair! I don't even blowdry my hair! But a good haircut makes all the difference! :P Go to yen, my hairstylist! :P

anonymous: AWWWW, that's so sweet of you, I think it's a GREAT present to give someone! <3 It's really affordable, less than rm300!! They only have it in red or black! Thank you love! :D

suet li: HAHHAHA not fun more like we are sohai! /boo when you come back we go shop together k! I promise you I'll leave my shorts behind WTFFF. And ooh, tea & sympathy! Their stuff are lovely, so it's considered an investment! :P

*xen: Hairclip sisters! :P I am coming in july/august, OMGGG CAN'T WAITT! :D

elaine: It sure does! *contented* :P

joshua: Topshop misses you too!! And I miss Topshop too, despite only being apart from it for 2 days WTFF. I knew you will approve of the bow! <3 And josh, you are too kind! :D

Anonymous said...

emergency tea break


woman, you are hilarious
and for a while whilst reading the entry, i thought that the boy shorts were your underwear!

and you left it behind!

Anonymous said...

u look great on tis style!!!wau love it :p

k said...

very clever! i never knew ferragamo made hairclips!
how much was it?

revel in me said...

smallswong: I miss our tea breaks! And HAAHHAHA you think I so brave (and carefree) to go around commando ar HAHHAH!

sherlyn: Hee THANK YOUUU! *muah*

skim: What is clever! The clip is less than rm300! :)